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Prime Minister Khan Initiates Pak-China Business Investment Forum

Prime Minister Khan Initiates Pak-China Business Investment Forum

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated Pak-China Business Investment Forum here on Monday which is aimed at the promotion of information exchange and communication between the two friendly nations. The forum consisting of 18 Chinese and 19 Pakistani companies is expected to usher in a new era of development for Pakistan by promoting investment, industrialization, exports, and modern technology in the country. The PM Khan while addressing the launching ceremony stressed the need of promoting industrial development and exports promotion and said that a nation cannot prosper without promoting industrialization which is also supplemented by growing exports. Previously Pak China friendship is bringing fruits by true meanings in the form of the CPEC Gwadar Project, and now this business forum will also be so helpful in the progress of both countries.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the government was on the way to making progress towards industrialization and promotion of exports but unfortunately the covid-19 pandemic hit the world and also stalled the progress of Pakistan. He said despite the overall crisis his government took several steps towards IT promotion which resulted in improving IT exports to almost double. He also lauded the efforts made by NCOC for controlling corona and saving masses from the deadly disease. He said, “Pakistan coped with the coronavirus, while our neighboring countries including India and Iran were badly affected with the disease.” He said a country cannot make progress by selling agricultural products and that we have to produce and export something more than agricultural goods. He continued, that the nations do not make progress by just selling vegetables.

Speaking on the occasion the PM said that China and Turkey have progressed by promoting industrialization and exports lamented that Pakistan was also making tremendous progress in the 1960s but unfortunate nationalization of the institutions really stalled the progress of the country. He said that he often takes feedback from foreign investors who complain about the intricate process of investment materialization in Pakistan. He said, “ It takes a lot of time from an agreement to its implementation here, and the time is money for investors. He will turn away if no measures are taken for his facilitation”.He highlighted that the incumbent government is striving hard to promote industry and exports. The PM also said that Pakistan would also focus on vertical developments like China which would not only increase industrial development but also save green areas to avert possible shortage of food. He said, “ Our cities are expanding so rapidly, which will eventually lead to the food crisis and a gradual decrease in green areas. China switched to vertical development and saved their land for food development”. The Chinese ambassador while speaking on the occasion said that CPEC would prove to be a game-changer for the progress of Pakistan.

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