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PWD Islamabad Underpass Work Is On Hold

PWD Islamabad Underpass Work Is On Hold

Islamabad: Due to continuous rainfall  the official said that 80% of the construction on the site has been completed, but the remaining works, including road works, have been on hold , which has repeatedly interrupt activities.

PWD Underpass To open underground passages and bridges it is planned before July 31. It will be difficult to complete construction activities even later this month an official related to the project said that. Most of the development costs will be paid for  commercial land elsewhere in Islamabad through auctions. At the end of last year began construction of the PWD underground passage to facilitate traffic flow on the Islamabad highway the Capital Development Authority (CDA), through its contractors. The project will cost 432 million rupees and will be raised by CDA's own resources. For various projects in the federal capital the CDA approved a development budget of 40 billion rupees. The expressway is one of the rushy  and traffic jams are commonplace, especially from Koral to G.T. Road. However, CDA officials believe that after the success completion of the two projects, the traffic congestion problem until the Korang Bridge will be resolved so far as possible.

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He said that in addition to the two ongoing projects, CDA also plans to review and expand the Faizabad to Khanapul service road (toward the Sohan side) highway. Now, the government plans to initiate the third and final phase through public-private cooperation's both cases, whether through public-private partnerships or through government financing, we must implement the final phase of the expressway because this highway is a major inter-provincial highway CDA official said. Previously, the PML-N government had allocated 7 billion rupees in its latest budget to expand the Koral Expressway to G.T. However, the PTI government later abandoned the project and decided to build the PWD underground passage and Korang Bridge expansion project.

CDA officials said that it’s okay to be one month late, and it’s okay if the project is completed in July, but it shouldn’t be delayed any longer. A CDA engineer said that the work is in full swing and is working hard to complete it within the specified time. He confirmed that the scope of the project has been expanded, and the Korang Bridge expansion project on the highway is also in progress. According to the CDA, the project will be completed in December 2021. The main projects planned for this budget year are the Farash Town Rawal Chowk Unmarked Corridor Low-Income Housing Project, Margalla Avenue, I J Principal, PWD underpass on the Islamabad highway, women’s clubs and slaughterhouses. Just last week, CDA auctioned 24 commercial plots in the blue area and commercial center, raising more than 370 crore rupees, accounting for more than 90% of the development budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year. Final approval by the CDA Committee. It is worth noting that the highest bid for one of the auctioned plots was 80 billion rupees. CDA has approved a development budget of Rs 40 billion for various projects in the Federal Capital. However, they will pay most of the development costs through commercial real estate auctions elsewhere in Islamabad.

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