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Simple Ways To Clean Sofas At Home Effortlessly

Simple Ways To Clean Sofas At Home Effortlessly

Simple Ways To Clean All Kind Of Sofas At Home

Sofa in the house is of great importance as it serves multi-purposes like bringing everyone together for a cup of tea to being your work-from-home partner. This piece of furniture holds memories of a lifetime and adds an aesthetic element to the overall look of the house. It welcomes your guests and it is where you take naps as a kid, spend vacations watching television as a teenager or have family get-togethers as an adult. Given all these important tasks of the sofa in the house, it needs to be spic-and-span. However, with the number of drinks and food being consumed on it, it is very possible to be dirty easily. Therefore, we have brought you today some of the Best Ways To Clean Your Sofa At Home.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa At Home

There are no two opinions about fabric sofas being chic and with an element of comfort and style to spruce up your home with. In order to add further coziness, add some cushions, a throw blanket, and you will have it. Yet, on the contrary, they stain easily and require regular cleaning. To start with the cleaning, you need to check the upholstery fabric and interpret the codes mentioned by the manufacturer as these tags will help you identify the best way to clean a couch. It will enlighten you whether you can use water-based detergents for cleaning or does it suggest otherwise.

Make sure that you read the tags closely because a wrong reading or usage of the wrong material would damage the sofa set altogether. Some tags, in this regard, would indicate that you must use solvents and water-based cleaners for sofa and loveseat cleaning and others might suggest that you only need to use solvent-based cleaning chemicals.

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Cleaning Sofa Stains

  • Having checked the cleaning tags, take a thick brush with natural bristles and rub the entire sofa down gently. This will bring dirt and impurities to the surface. Also, you may use a dry cloth for this purpose.
  • Make use of a hand-held vacuum cleaner to get rid of tiny particles like food crumbs, pet hair, glitter, etc.
  • Sofas tend to develop a mildly stinking scent which can get worse with time. To get rid of that you can either use an upholstery deodorizer or go for a natural cleaning agent like baking soda. It will also help in loosening the stains. Sprinkle baking soda on your sofa lightly and let it rest for 20 minutes. Now, vacuum it with a brush attachment. It is advisable to spot test a portion of the couch first.
  • If you want to clean the sofa naturally and keep it safe from those stubborn stains, then solutions like baking soda and white vinegar from your kitchen will work best. Mix washing up liquid with baking soda and white vinegar to result in a lathering solution. Apply it directly to the stains and leave it for nearly 10 minutes. Afterward, wipe it with a soft cloth for best results. Make sure to check the manufacturing instructions and spot test for discoloration.
  • Make use of a dry towel to absorb extra moisture and let the sofa air-dry overnight.

Steam Cleaning

Follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, make sure that your upholstery Steam Cleaner is safe to be used on a fabric sofa by reading the manufacturer’s instructions. It is necessary because your sofa could be water-safe but not heat-safe. Also, read the user’s manual for the steam cleaner.
  • Remove the noticeable dirt particles with the help of a vacuum. It will enable you to focus on actual cleaning without picking up spilled food crumbs for an entire hour. In addition, now your steamer will be able to work efficiently.
  • Make sure to open the windows and turn on the fan to maintain air circulation and avoid moisture buildup.
  • Leave the sofa untouched overnight to air dry.
  • Vacuum again in the morning once it is completely dry in order to get rid of leftover dirt particles.

How to Clean A Leather Sofa At Home

Who would not want a well-maintained and tidy leather sofa to ramp up the outlook of a space? Of course, everyone would love this. Leather sofas are the epitome of luxury and comfort and also a classic option that never goes out of fashion. Leather Furniture Cleaning At Home is one of the most difficult cleaning tasks and the leather sofa comes on top in this matter, leather couches get dirty, stained, and even gain scratches with time. Nevertheless, with the right amount of precaution and care, you make it work longer.

Here are some of the best tricks that will help you clean a leather sofa at home:

  • For the restoration of the shine, take a muslin cloth and dip it in the solution formed by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water. Clean the sofa surface with a light hand, and then use a dry towel to rub it down gently and absorb any residue. Once again wipe it with a muslin cloth for better results.
  • For fungus and molds, take a muslin cloth and put some rubbing alcohol on it. Clean the sofa with this cloth to remove any mold and extra dirt particles. It is recommended to do a spot test at the corner or inside of your couch.
  • To get rid of dirt and dust, use some olive oil and vinegar to eliminate the dust from a sofa. Apply some vinegar to the sofa’s surface, and then wipe it down with a soft cloth dipped in olive oil. Also, you can use a solution of dish or hand soap in warm water.

Importantly, make sure to keep the leather couch away from the large windows as the sunlight can cause fading over time. Additionally, keep it away from the AC unit as the drop in temperature can cause dehydration, thus leading to cracks in the sofa.

Lastly, this is an article that reflects a lot about your personality and living standards, so try to keep it spic and span all the time!

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