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9 Best Tips to Survive During the Current Heat Wave

9 Best Tips to Survive During the Current Heat Wave

A deadly heat wave has been hitting nearly one in every eight people on the planet for the past three weeks. Temperatures in the triple digits continue to burn large parts of Pakistan, a country with a population of 1.5 billion people. It was the warmest April in Pakistan in 61 years. Day-to-day weather fluctuations include extremely hot days and multi-day heat waves. Hotter-than-normal days and nights are growing more regular as the Earth's temperature warms, and heat waves are anticipated to become more common and more severe.  Increases in high heat events may lead to an increase in high - temperature illnesses and mortality, particularly if people and communities do not adapt. Higher mortality and illnesses can come from even minor increases in high temperatures. In this extreme heat, you need to be aware of tips to survive during the current heat waves. To make your research easier we have provided the most essential details that will help you to stay dehydrated and active in this scorching heat.

Keeping Cool in the summer

Remember these tips during excessive heat, whether it's a single hot day or a heatwave this will help you stay cool in this summer. First of all, drink water in bulk amount to stay dehydrated. This will help you to remain fresh, and active in summer. Secondly, try avoiding going outside, the heat waves nowadays are really strong and might cause skin infections, rashes, heart problems, and the hot breeze all around is worst of all. Use sunscreen to protect your skin, shades to protect your eyes, and a cap to protect your face. Try to take shower with cold water regularly.


Look after your Clothes

In his extreme heat waves, you must be aware of the type of clothes you are wearing. The main purpose of this article is to prevent you from the heat waves, if you are going to wear tight, skin fitted clothes you have the chance of trapping this heat in your body. Dark color clothes also absorb heat and make you feel warm. As advice try to wear lightweight, be careful about the fabric, loose and breathable clothes. 


Avoid Sweat!

Sweating is most common in summer. What sweating does to you is cause illness. Sweating is a natural part of life that occurs on a regular basis. Sweating can be caused by a variety of circumstances. One of the really crucial factors is temperature variation and avoiding sweat is one of the major to survive during heat waves. Heat waves cause more sweating which results in chest pain, dizziness, nausea and much more diseases. Excessive workouts or exercises should also be avoided.


Nutritious Food

Dehydration, dyspepsia, food poisoning, and vitamin and mineral shortages are all more likely in the summer. As a result, eat fresh, easy-to-digest meals that keep your body cooled. Sunlight protection is provided by fresh fruits and vegetables, which include massive quantities of water and nutrients. Eat smaller meals more frequently. Consume nutrient-dense foods as well as those with greater water content. Fresh juices also help you avoid heat waves and stay hydrated.


Use of Air Conditioners / Air Cooler

Reduce the temperature of your air conditioning systems and block direct sunlight using blinds or shutters. Stay inside on the bottom floor in a well-ventilated space with fans if A/C is not accessible. Close the drapes and windows. Put a tray or dish of ice in front of a fan to assist chill your space rapidly if you don't have air conditioning. You can also use air coolers if air conditioner is not available.


Stay Hydrated!

To keep your body working properly, you must stay hydrated every day. Your body demands more water when you're in a warm environment, healthy and active, have a headache, or have diarrhea or nausea. The method to stay hydrated during these heat waves is to drink plenty of water, you must be aware of the signs of dehydration and keep a check on it, and eat food with higher water content. If you don’t like to have a large amount of water you can add a few easy items to your water to make it taste better. Without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, limes, lemons, mint, oranges, berries, cucumbers, and other fruits enhance the flavor. This can also assist you in drinking more water than usual. You might also try coconut water.


Avoid Heat Cramps

Dehydration and electrolyte depletion produce heat cramps, which are painful muscle spasms. Strenuous exertion, hot weather, and other factors can all contribute to them. Heat cramps are the first sign of heart disorders such as heatstroke, which is a potentially fatal reaction to the body overheating. How can you avoid getting heat cramps? So, the best way to survive during the current heat waves. And avoid cramps is that first of all, stop heavy workouts, try to move during cold areas. Stop your activities until and unless the cramps are not gone. Lastly, stay Hydrated.


Kids and Heat Waves

Toddlers and tiny children must be closely supervised in excessive heat. Sweating causes them to lose body fluids rapidly, which can cause dehydration. They must drink water often, dress in loose, light clothing, and maintain a cool body temperature. Never leave small children or babies in automobiles. Within minutes, the heat inside stopped vehicles can double.


Remove Additional Heat Sources.

Laptops and gadgets left on can generate unwanted heat, as can incandescent  bulbs. Organic foods that don't involve the use of a stove or oven should be consumed. All switches and outlets should have foam or latex receptacle covers installed.

In conclusion, heat waves are becoming more intense, lasting longer, and occurring more frequently as a result of global warming. Heat waves are predicted to have a greater impact on human health as temperatures continue to rise. Many medical problems and deaths caused by heat waves can be avoided. People can, for example, study the symptoms of heat illness, drink extra water when it's hot outside, and stay cool with loose clothing, baths, and air - conditioners, if available. All these tips to survive during the current heat waves are mentioned above. Do give it a read and stay hydrated.

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