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Ali Shahzad Multan DC Ordered To Pull Down All Unlawful Buildings

Ali Shahzad Multan DC Ordered To Pull Down All Unlawful Buildings

Multan:The meeting was given the start-up and renovation of multiple projects and discussed for commercial buildings, industrial parks, and highway projects.



Multan DC Against Illegal Building DC instructs the Multan Development Agency (MDA), municipal companies and other departments to develop joint strategies to promote business activities. When presiding over a meeting of the District Planning and Design Committee the deputy commissioner stated that a No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be issued to buildings that meet legal standards. Ali Shahzad ordered a severe crackdown on illegal commercial buildings without maps. In order to promote business activities, the Multan Development Agency (MDA), municipal companies, and other related departments are required to develop joint strategies. During the appointment, various cases of commercial buildings and industrial parks were reviewed. The arrangement of commercial roads will take into account the urban population.

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The Multan Judge of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday asked the Multan Deputy Commissioner to provide a detailed report on whether the property demolished by Javed Hashmi was public or private. The court approved its statement that it is recommended that the petitioner move as it is, and move the deputy commissioner's office first. The court ordered the deputy commissioner to submit a detailed report stating whether the demolished building was installed on government land or privately owned. Before LHC Judge Ali Baqar Najafi, challenged the regional government's order to demolish his property. The petitioner argued that the district government demolished a property owned by her father Javed Hashmi, which was actually private property. The Auqaf department does not own the property. No notice was issued before the house demolition. Judge Najafi asked Zamir Sandhal, Deputy Minister of Justice, about this matter. He argued that the petitioner should relocate the deputy commissioner’s office instead of appearing in court. Has the management complied with the regulations on property demolition? Challenged to the court.


The district government launched an offensive against the owners of illegal colonies built on agricultural land. He said that due to the negligence of building inspectors and failure to take appropriate measures, the number of illegal colonies has increased. The commissioner also set up a committee to resolve the issue of registered colonies. The district government launched an offensive against the owners of illegal colonies built on agricultural land. According to the instructions of Imran Sikandar Baloch, Chief Executive Officer of Multan Development Agency (MDA), he is also the commissioner of the Multan Department, and 214 homeowners did not pay the required fees And map. Baloch also recently met with a delegation of real estate developers and assured them of their full cooperation. Baloch said that no government official is allowed to participate in corrupt activities. He said that all government employees should serve the people honestly. Similarly, the Director also notified six-building inspectors of the reasons for the demonstration due to their negligence on duty. During the suppression of the land mafia, no more citizens will be expelled from their homes, he added. All information related to illegal colonies can be found on the MDA website.


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