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PM Approved Projects For Tourism Industry In Lasbela Gwadar

PM Approved Projects For Tourism Industry In Lasbela Gwadar

Lasbela: He told that the development of Balochistan is vital to the prosperity of Pakistan, for which the government has allocated 1 trillion PKR for various development plans.

PM Grants Gwadar Tourism projects The development of tourism will bring wealth, create jobs, and expand health and education facilities. In addition, the Prime Minister praised the people’s efforts to participate in the reforestation campaign, which he believes is important to combat global warming. He said that after the development of the area, tourists from Muslim countries will come to the beech trees to enjoy the beauty of the coastal area.

The Prime Minister said that these policies have led to an increase in remittances. He said that measures are also being taken to curb money laundering activities. He said that the government has been working hard to build the country in accordance with the principles of Riyasat-e-Madina, and these principles have taught us to stand firm. He said the dependence on foreign support hurts the entire country, the rupee. Imran Khan said that without pursuing technological progress in the past, we could not achieve our true potential in all areas. He said that as the government has guided the economy in the right direction with effective and lasting policies, Pakistan has gradually become prosperous. A recent report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) composed of a team of scientists believes that human activities are changing the world's temperature in unprecedented ways, the prime minister said. He said and warned that if the international community does not take immediate action, rising temperatures will make the planet uninhabitable.

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DG BCDA Babar Khan issued a report stating that the PC 1 of 10.75 billion rupees has been exhibited in P & D. By developing resorts in coastal areas such as Balochistan, domestic tourists can gain attention. Given the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, the province must develop its own resources, including the development of tourism. In the next Code 19 years, foreign tourism and tourist facilities will be reduced. BCDA is launching plans for seven tourist destinations along the coast of the Gwadar and Lasbela regions. Approval of these projects will attract tourists. It has been informed and decided that it will also plan to open restaurants and other facilities on the coastal highway. A beach park costs Rs. The coastal area will also set up 250 million to implement the overall plan for the coastal area. According to the decision of the meeting, the ownership of the construction project of the coastal tourism resort will be transferred to BCDA. In addition, afforestation projects are also being carried out in coastal areas. The meeting also gave a detailed introduction to wind and solar power projects and other development projects in coastal areas. It has been decided to use public-private partnerships in plans to establish and develop resorts. Through the provision of hotels, marina, and water sports facilities in the coastal areas of Gwadar, Pasni, Kundamaril, Damm and Gadani. Baber Khan said that BCDA is using available resources to promote eco-tourism.



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