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Top Tourist Destinations in Murree

Top Tourist Destinations in Murree

Among Pakistan's most visited hill stations is Murree. For those who dwell in downward areas, Murree is a utopian city. Travellers seeking relief from the intense heat flock to this picturesque hillside resort from all over the world. On the other hand, mountains are covered in verdant foliage, picturesque valleys, crisp air, a chilly environment, and, most importantly, clouds that make you smile when they pass over roads. The most popular tourist destinations in Murree are notable locations like Kashmir Point, Pindi Point, Mall Road, Patriata and New Murree, Ayubia, Nathiagali, etc. The following is a list of Murree's most well-liked attractions. These are all the most well-known and lovely places in Murree, Pakistan. The top tourist destinations in Murree are listed below for visitors.

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The Mall Road

First and foremost is Murree's most well-known bazaar, Mall Road. You may find all of Murree's distinctive products here. At 3 am, the road opens. People usually enjoy taking walks there to take advantage of the nice weather and delicious culinary options. It is a street, after all, full of people, hotels, restaurants, handicrafts, and smiling faces.

Kashmir Point

The serene Kashmir Point is the next location on the list. It's closer to GPO, and Kashmir Point is fifteen minutes walk away. Peace can be found at a stunning location in Murree, far from the bustle of the main town. Tourists are always enthralled by the picturesque vista of the Kashmir Mountains and their warm environment. 
In addition, a Murree Safari Train travels by the Government House (GPO) to guide visitors and offer amusement to both adults and children. The German-imported train tours Kashmir Point in its entirety. The cost of tickets is 200 PKR for each person. Students and senior adults are eligible for additional benefits. The safari train travels through the GPO, where other cars are prohibited, and typically takes 20 minutes.

Pindi Point

Pindi Point, which can be reached from Mall Road by foot in around fifteen minutes, comes in second on the list of attractions in Murree. Travellers enjoy riding the chairlift from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali, which is 1.5 kilometres away. In addition, the chairlift's scenery is a wonderful experience. Views of the zigzag road and lush green mountains are breathtaking from the summit. 
Murree uses the Pindi post as a surveillance post. The reason it's called Pindi Point is that from the summit, you can see the stunning Murree Hills and pine trees, in addition to the two towns of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. From Mall Road, Pindi Point can be reached in just fifteen minutes. Numerous cafes and restaurants are suitable for families.

Patriata (New Murree)

Indeed! The new Murree, like in Patriata, is getting more and more well-known every day. It is about 15 km from the well-known Murree hills on the Lower Topa side. The hill station was built recently to accommodate more tourists visiting the Murree. From New Murree, take a 7-kilometre ride on a top-notch chairlift and cable car system to Patriata. In addition, couples and families will love this area's magnificent hills and rising trees for their vacation. 
It is recommended to schedule your trip for the summer to escape the throng of tourists that Patriata attracts. You can feel secure when riding the cable car.

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Bhurban's verdant scenery and peaceful atmosphere have made it a popular tourist destination in Murree. Additionally, the treatment is doubled if you decide to remain in PC Bhurban. For the guest, opulent amenities combined with picturesque scenery are always desirable. Moreover, Bhurban is located 13 kilometres away from Murree, which is on one of the primary routes that leads to Azad Kashmir.

Upper Topa and Lower Topa

At a height of 7000 feet, the Upper and Lower Topa are yet another amazing sight in Murree that is well worth seeing. In addition, the Upper and Lower Topa provide visitors with a cool retreat during the sweltering summer months. In addition, the area was covered in a thick layer of white snow during the winter.


In the entire Murree District, the Galliyat is indispensable, with Nathiagali being the most frequented Gali in the area. For example, Nathiagali is located 35 km apart from Abbottabad and Murree. Situated at an elevation of 8,400 feet. In addition, the Nathiagali provides breathtaking views of Kashmir's and Kohistan's snow-capped peaks. The climate makes the massive mountains of Nanga Parbat evident.


Ayubia, the location most frequented after Nathiagali, comes next on the list. Due to the presence of the 1,050-meter-high Ayubia National Park, it is the greatest picnic location in Murree. It also spans 3,027 metres at the peaks of the mountains inside the valleys in the lush, green mountains of Murree, where hundreds of tourists visit and enjoy the nice climate.

Ghora Gali

The Ghora Gali is the last but certainly not least location on the list of sites seen in Murree. To accommodate the numerous tourists that come to Ghora Gali, there are numerous hotels and resorts. Enjoying the delicious meals and breathtaking scenery together is a once-in-a-lifetime event that must be missed. 


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