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FDA Request Opinion From Public To Master plan

FDA  Request Opinion From Public To Master plan

Faisalabad: A team of experts developed a plan, which provided all the necessary information and identified future development projects. FDA Master Plan A town developer told that he was surprised to learn that the FDA had invited the public to raise objections and suggestions on the plan. He said that although he knew he was a major urban developer who invested 1 billion rupees here, no FDA official had contacted him. He said that the last time FDA officials were surprised by the developers, they were preparing for the Urban Peri plan, which was also implemented without a foundation.  A trader stated that when the FDA issued the Peri-Urban Plan, they did not discuss with stakeholders, and repeated the same approach this time. He said that in the past, the FDA established a committee to investigate the objections raised by developers [opposition to Peri-Urban Plan]. And this time, he said that he has done nothing so far. According to the FDA project coordinator, the Faisalabad Development Agency (FDA) has requested suggestions from the public on the proposed Faisalabad 2021-41 master plan, and if deemed worthwhile, these suggestions will be included in the plan. The meeting will complete the proposed master plan at the FDA complex on August 17, 2021.

Human rights activist Hammad Ahmed said in an interview that after reading a pamphlet about the invitation to the master plan proposal, he asked FDA officials for a copy. In order to make his suggestions after reading. He said that despite multiple contacts, the FDA did not provide him with a copy of the plan, and said that people would submit proposals without reading anything. He has previously stated that a 20-year plan called "Faisalabad Surrounding City Structure Plan 2035". has been formulated and implemented throughout the region. The plan was approved in 2014 at a meeting chaired by then-Commissioner Naseem Nawaz and notified in 2015. At the time Noorul Ameen Mengal was the Faisalabad District Coordinator. The brochure urges people to attend a meeting at the FDA compound on August 17 and make written recommendations to complete the Faisalabad master plan for 2021-2041. The master plan considers the city’s industrial, commercial, economic, and agricultural development, and also establishes a network of roads, transportation, energy, sanitation, waste management, landscaping, and other infrastructure through the development of principles for use of land.

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The FDA Director General stated that the master plan will be a significant milestone in the organized and advanced development of the industry, agriculture, and socio-economic sectors, and the FDA is taking concrete actions in this regard. He reported that according to the Naya-Pakistan Housing Plan, plans are underway to build two thousand houses on the available land in the city. He believes that the Transportation Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA) has also been activated by the FDA to solve traffic flow and parking problems through scientific planning. He thanked APTPMA for the invitation, which provided an opportunity to exchange views on urban and development issues. He guarantees that industrialists will continue to participate in the development process, and his suggestions in this regard will be welcomed. He said that businessmen and industrialists are the backbone of the economy and have played a key role in increasing foreign exchange.


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