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Best Heat Resistant Roofing Material in Pakistan

Best Heat Resistant Roofing Material in Pakistan

Summer comes with one speciality which is the scorching heat of the sun. The heat radiation we crave in winter seems intolerable at the peak of summer days. This starts right after April and with the changing climatic conditions, now, even the month of April is in its shackle. However, all this occurs because Pakistan somehow is not very far away from the equator. Due to this sole reason, the southern part of Pakistan is way too hot. The people living in these areas are first-hand victims of the summer atrocities. They are mostly dependent upon the electric cooling system ranging from room coolers to air conditioners. Both of them are very costly. Moreover, electric bills have made life further miserable for the people. The middle class cannot afford these perks and Pakistan has more ratio of middle-class society to the upper-class society. To end all these miseries of normal people, we came up with a solution, the best heatproof roofing materials that are available at cheap prices and ensure less absorption of heat radiation. Following are the details of the four best heat Poofing Materials in Pakistan at your service. 

Use Heat Resistant Chemical or Paint

It is one of the cheapest and oldest methods of cooling roofs and saving people from the blazing heat of the sun. The paint is applied to the roof and this process must be repeated several times for more coating of the desired chemical or paint. Paint can be applied to a roof by several methods e.g., it can be done by using a mop, paintbrush, spray machine or a roller brush. Moreover, this type of heat proofing is perfect for any type of roof. Mainly, it is best for the flat and pitched roofs as both support the chemical or paint. This type of heatproof roofing material has several advantages. Mainly, it reflects much of the heat of the sun that falls on the roof. The other advantage is it brings the temperature of the roof down by increasing the reflectivity of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Hence, it avoids the absorption of heat which helps in making the house cool, calm and peaceful. 

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Adopt Build Up Roofing 

Building up roofing is another stunning heatproof roofing technique. It is commonly-known as BUR. It is a bit expensive from the technique of heat resisting chemicals but it is a long-lasting technique. In this technique, the base sheet is attached to the roof with the help of nails (roof nails). After that, the top of the base is attached to it by using glues or adhesives. In the final process, the cap sheet layer is installed along with the final touch of asphalt. This technique is used for less sloppy roofs or completely plain roofs. However, for their plantation on roofs, skilled labour is required; one cannot do it by himself/herself. This type of heat proofing has countless benefits. First of all its tenure is 30 years. But some can last up to 40 years as well.  Its additional layers not only protect the roof from warming up and protecting the inner sheet from debris but also make the roof safe for people. So one can walk on it without any danger. 

Use Bitumen Membrane

Modified bitumen is not new. It has been present for the past five decades. It is thought to be like build-up roofing but it is not. It’s an evolved form of Pakistan heatproof roofing material. This technique is more fruitful and has applications far beyond one’s imagination. This membrane comes in the form of rolls and is directly installed on the roof without any prior layer. No adhesive is required as this material is self-adhered or one might assume that it is heat welded. For the installation of it, mechanical labour is required who can perform the task efficiently. There are just two layers of this membrane. One is the base layer that is attached first and the other is the cap layer which is attached last. But one can also apply tri or multi-layer on it as it seems much better for protection as well. It is most advantageous because its durability and strength are unmatchable and excellent.

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Use Metal Sheets

Metal sheets for heatproof roofing are one of the most widely used methods because of their less expenses. This technique is divided into separate parts depending upon the sheet usage. Corrugated, polyester, and galvanized sheets are some commonly used heatproof roofing materials. In the corrugated sheet technique, steel is used for plating roofs. They plate or coat one layer of the sheet over the other repeatedly. This practice increases the durability of the roof as well. The second most widely used metal sheet is galvanized steel sheet. This is used by dipping it in the zinc. After that coating after coating increases its life expectancy and provides long term ease. The last widely known metal sheet is a polyester painted sheet. They are not much durable so they are not widely used. In this technique, modified zinc is used for coating. Its cost is not much. But life expectancy is also short. It remains functional only for five to ten years. Its main advantage is its low price but it also challenges the heat resistance capacity of the sheet as well. 

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These all are the best heatproof roofing materials that are currently available in Pakistan and with the help of our article, you can use any material which you desire and can afford. This will benefit you in the long run and you can spend your summer without any suffering. 



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