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Best Restaurants in Hyderabad Pakistan 2024

Best Restaurants in Hyderabad Pakistan 2024

Pakistan has been worldly acknowledged as International holiday destination, according to “Conde Nast Traveler”, a luxury and life style travel magazine of United States. The country has received this honor due to its heavenly places like Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan, and Kashmir etc. Hyderabad, Sindh is among the glorious cities, which have contributed to the country to get this international glory. Hyderabad in this regard has been a great contributor, there are many beautiful places and best restaurants in Hyderabad Pakistan which are popular among tourists local as well as international. 

Hyderabad Famous Food Places 2024

Chronical of Hyderabadi Cuisines

Hyderabad, the second biggest city, of Sindh province, is very appealing city to live and visit. It is a truism that Hyderabadi cuisine is the mash up of different cultures, religions and ethnic groups because Hyderabad is the junction point of Punjabis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Mohajir’s, and Memon’s. All of them have marked their stamp on Hyderabadi cuisines. The cuisines of Hyderabad have been influenced by both Muslim and Hindu Cultures.

 So, let’s discuss some of the restaurants of Hyderabad which serve many local to international delicious cuisine to their guests. Hyderabad best restaurants offer exquisite blend of different meats, fish, vegetables and spices to create mouthwatering tasty local specialties along with some high-end international cuisines. I suggest the following restaurants to all the visitors to visit and enjoy the yummy Hyderabad food points.

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Popular Hyderabadi Restaurants

Shareef Briyani

Address: Gul center Hyderabad

This is a best Hyderabadi biryani center, which is like a heaven for Biryani lovers. Biryani lovers feel love in the air when when they get a whiff of appetizing shareef bryani. No any other bryani center can beat the mind-boggling spicy and succulent taste of sharif  bryani.  Don’t forget to order “Double Masala” if you are a spice lover.

Salateen Hotel

Address: Hala Naka, Hyderabad

The smokiness of fresh stir-fried chicken in the in the spices and masala by the Salateen Hotel inspires and motivates a passerby to try the best karahi.

They offer different sorts of karahi, such as Brown Karahi, Green Karahi and various items in BBQ, such as Tikka, Malai Boti etc.


Shama Tikka House

Address : Unit No7, Latifabad, Hyderabad

Shama Tikka House is very famous for Seekh kabab, Bihari kabab Malai Boti and Chicken Tikka and best Hyderabadi food point. The taste of tikkas become double with fresh parathas and hot Naans.


Maghaz Nihari

Address:  Tower Market, Hirabad, Hyderabad

I must say that if you do not taste Maghaz Nihari from Hyderabad, your trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without this best Hyderabad food hotels. It is the special dish of Hyderabad and its hallucinating spice turns you on, literally. By eating with your hands you can perfectly enjoy its taste and I bet, you will lick your figures at the end of it.

Breeze Fish Point

Address: Giddu Chowk, Main Auto Bahn Road, Hyderabad

In Hyderabad fish is not considered as winter-must and weekend-cooked type dish. Hyderabadis enjoy the spicy fish fry with their family and friends most often. Breeze Fish Point is very famous for fish related recipes. A visitor must try South Asian coated and marinated “Palla  Machi”  to make the trip memorable. Moreover, you can enjoy the taste of Rao Fish, Finger Fish, or Pawn Fish from Breeze Fish Point.


Falooda - Liberty Falooda House

Address: Hyderabad

After having a natural and yummy Falooda of “Liberty Falooda House” which is filled with fruits, nuts, basil seeds, vanilla ice-cream, red sharbat you will feel your presence in the most sweet and creamy world.

Pizza 20 - Home Delivery

Hyderabad is home to super delicious Pizza Huts which has many other various meal offers other than their mind-boggling pizza, like Bihari Roll, Chicken Wings, Maggie Pizza which is kids special etc. Pizza 20 is considered as the Mafia of Pizza Industry because it is the first to launch the mighty 20 incher pizza in Hyderabad.

Burhani Bakery

Address: Risala Road, Hyderabad

The Bakery has variety of highest quality delicious cakes to make your special occasion even more special an unforgettable. They also offer a variety of other bakery products of same fine quality.


Address: Near Pizza Hut, Thandi Sarak

Ziafat Restaurant serves high quality Pakistani and Chinese Cuisine to those type of foodies. The restaurant environment is also very excellent due to its air condition and free wifi facility and baby friendly environment.

 La Moosh

Address: Hyderabad

This spacious restaurant offers steaks, burgers, chicken, seafood, and many other dishes and cold drinks

  • The Royal Taj Restaurant
  • This hotel serves barbequed item, snacks, and delicacies from chines, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, and Mexican cuisines. It is famous for its buffet.


Lal Qila Restaurant

Address: Autobahan Road,

It is the competitor of the Royal Taj Restaurant. It offers its clients with fabulous food and a big screen T.V.

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The list does not culminate here rather there are many more equally good in all aspects but these are the prominent few that among the lot. The magnificent city of Hyderabad is full of historicity as well. If you happen to be a first-time visitor then you must spare major chunk of your exploring the historic places of Hyderabad and the taste of  food after a fatiguing tour of historical sights not only redoubles the taste of the food rather facilitates good digestion as well. It is advisable to check out the Hyderabad street food, hotels, restaurants, food places as well because they offer the unique indigenous taste and probably missing out on local dishes may not serve the purpose of the visit. Every area is popular for its own specializes cuisines and these cuisines are mostly served in these small shops.

You would see a scores of masses occupying spaces inn these small shops. Importantly, these shops are also affordable as compared to the restaurants. Perhaps, occasionally, they might surpass in taste as well. One of the reason of recommending these shops is because of the home-made dishes available here. These shop-runners make the food and home and serve it here on road side in order to attract more customers. Lastly, along with sight of historic sites and enjoying the good food, it is also cherishable to capture those beautiful moments.  So, do not forget to carry a good camera with you.

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