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Best Solutions for Water Leakage from Roof

Best Solutions for Water Leakage from Roof

Complete Guide For Fixing Roof Water Leaking

A Leaking Roof is understandably a source of constant frustration. Nobody likes to have water dripping roof creating not only health complications but also causing serious damage to your property. Roof Leaking is more dangerous than House Drainage Leaking Problems, and may well lead to decay very fast in the foundations of your house, so needs immediate attention. To that end, you have to be very careful about taking the necessary precautions while finding a permanent solution for Roof Leakage. However, it is not rocket science but can be easily repaired and require a bit of expertise. We have put together some of the easy ways to stop Roof Leaking In The House.

To start with, it is important to find the main spot of the leak. Note that a leaking roof denotes a broken shingle or patchy walls. It is important to note any crack in your ceiling will not start leaking immediately rather Roof Leakage takes time to form and find a place to drip. Sometimes even normal wear and tear can lead to a leaking roof if not taken care of properly.

Finding the correct spot and repairing is important. Once you have narrowed down on the main spot of the leakage, below are the step to go about How To Stop Roof Leaking?

  • Find the leak spot
  • Replace the shingles
  • Repair damaged roof with Caulk
  • Apply roof leakage products
  • Fix the patch yourself with tar

These might seem complex but don’t you worry, they just sound complicated. Having a permanent water leakage solution for your roof is very easy, just follow as stated.

Fixing Water Leakage from Concrete Roof

You would agree that, comparatively, a concrete roof is more prone to water leakage due to the formation of scales and cracks over time. You must be wondering why to use a concrete roof if it is so much prone to water leakage. Hear me out! It is because, a concrete roof is highly durable, cost-effective, water and fire resistant and offers easy cleaning. It just requires timely maintenance if any problem occurs and works for ages.

Paying attention and investing in timely repairs in case of Leaking Concrete Roof is always availing. In this regard, Water Proofing is also a good investment. It helps in learning how to arrest Leakage In Concrete Roofs easily. Go with the steps given below for a permanent solution:

  • Find the leakage spot
  • Replace the broken shingles
  • Apply a patch to the broker roof.
  • Use waterproof coating

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Fixing Water Leakage in a Cement Sheet Roof

In Pakistan, cement sheet roof is yet another common material widely used because of its durable and resistant nature. It is quite easy to fix a Cement Sheet Roof Leakage. Go with the steps below and you have the perfect Cement Sheet Roof Leakage Solutions:

  • Find the exact spot of leakage.
  • Clean any mold or dirt around the crack using a sandpaper
  • Apply a water-resistant patch to the crack
  • Add tape to the edges for sealing
  • Finish off with a waterproof coating

Fixing Cracks on Asbestos Roof and Water Leakage

You might not be familiar with the term Asbestos, it stands for a mineral found in nature that is resistant to chemical degradation and can be easily molded into any desired shape. Although recent reports have highlighted the safety hazards of using asbestos in your roof, if you already have one, and it is leaking, we have some simple and easy fixes below:

  • Find the damaged area
  • Stop the leakage and remove anything covering the crack.
  • Replace the asbestos sheet and replace with a new one.
  • Apply mortar
  • Seal with waterproof paint coating

Fixing Leakage from RCC Roof

Like concrete and cement, Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) is also widely used in Pakistan. It is a type of concrete that uses metal slabs to add tensile strengths and durability. To its value, cement is not very tensile and hence the use of metal adds an added layer of strength to the roof. Despite the string materials and technology, RCC Roof too is prone to Water Leakage and needs timely maintenance and repair. In most cases, Constant leaking of the Water Tank leads toward the roof leaking so you should have to find the Water Tank Leaking Solutions, then after, go for the roof leaking solution. Here is how to find the possibilities:

  • Find the exact area of the leak.
  • Clear any dust or mold using a brush or broom
  • Change the broker or damaged shingles
  • Apply mortar
  • Apply a layer of waterproofing coat
  • Seal with paint

More Tips to Prevent Water Leakage from the Roof

As talked about earlier fixing a leakage is not very complicated and can be done easily if you have little knowledge of handling the tools and mixing the chemicals. However, prevention is always better than cure, and the same holds for roof leakage. Here are some tips for How to Prevent Water Leakage From The Roof? and make it more durable.

  • Make regular inspections every two weeks or at least once a month. It is a common observation that most of the time roof leakage is a result of neglect over a long period.
  • Always waterproof your ceilings, roofs, and walls.
  • Keep the area clean. Don’t let water collect over the roof. Clean the tanks regularly and inspect the surrounding areas for cracks.
  • Repair any crack immediately with mortar
  • Don’t hesitate to call a professional
  • Keeping these simple tips in mind can help you make your roof more durable and resistant to physical wear and tear.

Lastly, Roof Leakage is apparently a very complex thing but once the spotted is identified repaid is quite simple as we talked about above. These simple and easy-to-follow solutions will help you mend any damage to your roof and stop the leakage immediately. However, keep in mind that most of the time if a roof is leaking, it is due to a crack inside the ceiling that should be repaired correctly. A waterproof ceiling is a must in this regard. We wish you enjoy a leak-less roof!

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