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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rawalpindi

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rawalpindi

Pakistan as a whole is beautiful creation of Almighty. It has a four beautiful seasons in a year that are equally charming in their own peculiar way. It has bustling modern cities, deserts, natural bounties and some of world’s humongous mountains. Among the bustling Rawalpindi is one that has some very captivating attractions. Some of the best tourist places to visit in Rawalpindi are so famous that people not only from the country but around the world come to see.

Rawalpindi commonly known as ‘Pindi’ situated in the northern region of Punjab. It is base to a lot of industries, manufacturing plants and military central headquarters of Pakistan’s armed services. Rawalpindi is famous for its moderate climate with plenty of rain, mountain pathways and rich valleys tracked by Mountain Rivers. The inhabitants here are hardworking and busy 24/7. It is home to a large number of people from Gilgit Baltistan especially students. You would find many hostel in every nook and cranny filled with those students. The most Rawalpindi famous places include:

Jinnah Park

To start with, Jinnah Park is a beautiful park situated on Jail Road. It is full of plentitude of attractions for people of all age. To your great pleasure, this park not only provides sources of recreation inside but also in its vicinity you can have the services of McDonald’s dealership, Diva restaurant and Cinepax exhibit. The endlessly stretched lush green grass here is just unparalleled. Jinnah Park has a devoted child’s play arena, springs, lawns, natural, flowerbeds and a jogging path extended crossed the boundary wall. It is so vast that there are even play areas. Kids and families love to visit this public property for their amusement and entertainment.

 Rawalpindi Golf Club

Golf Course is specifically is an area of great recreation. It is situated close to Ayyub National park and it was completed in 1926 by Rawalpindi golf-club. Rawalpindi golf-club is among the most historic or old golf-clubs of Pakistan, established on 2 Nov 1885. Initially it was built as the 9-hole course but now it is metamorphosed into the 27-hole course. It has a very beguiling natural scenery.

The consecutive Chief Executives of Pakistan are sponsoring the golf-club. The gracious club presents a fantastic scene of Faisal Mosque, the Golf Course and the twinned cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Some Outstanding domestic golf game tournaments are entertained here on a regular basis yet it is the game of elites, so masses do not show up in huge numbers.

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 Ayub Park Rawalpindi

Though there are many parks in Rawalpindi but Ayub National Park is an exceedingly glorious and biggest park. It has fascinations like, there is a river, hills, a zoo containing a lot of lovely birds and numerous wild animals inside the Park. Along with the aforementioned recreations, it has several amusing attractions for everybody. It’s places to visit in Rawalpindi with family and friends. It is also offers the facilities to go on lake hiring boats at a cheap rate for self-entertainment. This park provides a lot of recreational attractions for children like slides, swings and many other. Simply put, you can have all the facilities of recreation what a park anywhere possibly can have.

Benazir Bhutto International Airport

Benazir Bhutto International airport, the third biggest airport in Pakistan, is located in Chaklala, Rawalpindi. Previously named as “Islamabad International Airport” but later on replaced by  “Benazir Bhutto International airport” by the then Prime minister of Pakistan in 2008 in the memory of first lady prime minister of the Muslim world, Benazir Bhutto. Representing the important airport for the capital of Pakistan, it frequently receives officials and citizens from another country. The flying field is distributed with the shipping and link squadrons of Pakistan air force, which relates to that as PAF ground Nur Khan. There are many shops and restaurants along with wide spaces for people waiting for their dear ones. The airport presents a great picnic point, you must visit.

 Saddar Bazaar

Saddar Bazar has all the variety and options to assuage your shopping thrust. It is a most Rawalpindi visiting places for shopping is situated in Cant area, Rawalpindi. It’s situated adjacent to Mareer Chowk where you’ll be able to find out large shopping centers and fair costs for both intermediate and elite groups.

The bazaar has special days on which things are displayed on a very affordable sale. Saddar Bazar is the most flexible, advanced and well reachable market of Rawalpindi. It is linked to the main route on one side, urban center to other, and train station on the 3rd side. Saddar bazaar holds reliable better-looking centers, banking companies, entertaining homes for kids and holds a couple of recreational parklands for youngsters.

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

The only international ground in the twin cities, Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is situated in Double Road in front of Iqbal Park. Cricket is a truly significant sport in Pakistan due to which the significance of this Stadium can’t be ignored while visiting Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium can accommodate approximately twenty-five thousand viewers. The First match hosted by this stadium was played in 1993.

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Numerous International Matches have been played in this stadium by several teams. Rawalpindi cricket sports stadium is connected to the famous food Street of Rawalpindi which is best places to visit in Rawalpindi. The stadium did not host PSL matches yet it has recently hosted the international matched between Pakistan and South Africa after many years.

Raja Bazaar

Lastly, Rajah Bazaar is the extremely crowded and famous place in Rawalpindi, situated in Rawalpindi. You can have almost everything here at a much discounted rate as compared to other areas. The concerning thing regarding this bazaar is that it remains crowded with people every time especially in the late in daytime when there are too many people for buying necessary goods. Nearly all trade goods and necessary things mainly fancy clothes are in stock at affordable prices. This bazaar is also very notable for its chart and dahi-bally which you can find on roads in small carts.

Hope, this blog was helpful in making you know about some of the best tourist places in Rawalpindi that you must visit. Have you plan made, head towards your first destination, see you next time!

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