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Complete Guide about Solar Panels Installation in Your Home

Complete Guide about Solar Panels Installation in Your Home

Solar Panels For Homes Complete Installation Guide

Given the electricity outings and energy shortfalls in Pakistan, Solar Panels For Home are fast becoming the favorites of Pakistanis. The Usefulness of Solar Energy In Pakistan is increasing every day. Not only it provides the best alternative for hydroelectricity but also it is more reliable and environment-friendly. With time, more and more homeowners are opting for solar panels to supplement or replace their grid-based energy case you are sufficient in energy yet, prefer a backup plan in the form of these panels in the case of power failure, or simply want to save a little on your monthly electric bill, the benefits are numerous and highly efficacious. We have put together all the information related to them from A to Z, in order to better facilitate you, have a look:

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels capture and convert the energy of sunlight, which is Free Solar Energy that often goes unused, to power your home. They can store excess energy in batteries or feed it back into the electrical grid, resulting providing you with the required energy any time you need. Preferably Residential Solar Panels should be roof-mounted, although they may also be set up in a field or other area that gets direct sunlight.

You would find panels in different arrays of sizes and power levels. Generally, most of the residential Rooftop Solar Panels are about 3-1/2 feet by 5-1/2 feet and produce about 250 to 300 watts per hour of sunlight. Roughly a 300-watt panel exposed to five hours of sunlight would produce 1,500 watts, or 1.5 kilowatts (kW) but it is not the same everywhere. Solar panels are described by their total hourly production, so an array of ten 300-watt panels is known as 3 kW and you can have an array that you wish and require on your rooftop.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

The working of these panels does not involve any complex mechanism, residential solar energy usually features an array of them. These Photovoltaic Lightweight Rectangles rest on a supporting rack, facing the optimal direction to capture the sun’s rays. It involves some chemistry as when light strikes the solar cells in the panel, it excites the electrons in the cells and generates Direct Current Electricity (DC). An inverter transforms DC into an Alternating Current (AC), allowing it for you to use at home. Most residential systems lack a large enough battery system to keep the house running overnight, so your electric bill features a net power drawn/given to the energy grid commonly known as “net metering”. It is this technology that has made solar more financially sensible for homeowners.

Do Solar Panels Save Money?

Initially, it does cost much but in the long run, solar panels definitely save money for most homeowners. Now a billion question is how long it takes for the savings to surpass the added initial cost. Most professionally-installed Solar Panel Systems pay for themselves after a few years but the size and the timeline will be due to a number of factors, including:

  • The amount of sunlight in your area.
  • The cost of electricity in your area.
  • Energy tax or rebate incentives.
  • Whether your home was pre-wired for solar.
  • The condition of your roof prior to installation.

Moreover, many of these factors depend on the weather and policies where you live. Net metering is not available in all areas. Ideally speaking an investment in solar will quickly pay off in a region with high electrical costs and net metering, even if it is more overcast than other parts of the country.

Pros and Cons

Like any technology, solar panels have their own merits and demerits:


  • Great for the environment.
  • Frequently comes with tax or utility incentives.
  • Relatively DIY friendly.
  • Increases home value by about $14,000 according to a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study.


  • High up-front cost.
  • Becomes less effective as the panel's age and technology improve.
  • Makes roofing repairs and replacement more difficult.
  • That last point is an interesting one. If you love having the latest and greatest technology, know your panels will only be cutting edge for a year or two after you install them. After that, the latest models will likely be less obtrusive and more effective. 

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Consider these factors to determine if installing these panels is right for your home.

In most areas, a technician is required but even if it is not technically required where you live, we will highly recommend you to bring in an electrician so as not to screw up with it. An expert eye looking over your project from start to finish will ensure great benefit. You will not need to worry about making a small mistake in your usage calculation, resulting in an underpowered array.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Unlike the conventional complex electric system, these panels involve no moving parts. The only maintenance involves cleaning and inspections.


Naturally, any obstruction that blocks sunlight will lower the efficiency of the panels which means it needs regular direct access to sunlight. If you get consistent debris or dirt accumulation, you should plan on the occasional cleaning and if you live in a snow-heavy environment, you may need snow removal, although a small amount of snow may melt off shortly a large one needs cleaning. Given the sturdiness of the roofs in Pakistan without an expert's help, you can easily do it yourself but always with great care.


It is recommended that inspect annually to ensure there is no damage from falling limbs or hail, and that the roof remains intact beneath the panels. Mostly you will not have any issues as these are surprisingly durable. But if you do, you are much better off knowing about it as soon as possible and getting it fixed in time.

Lastly, given the conditions of energy shortfalls in the country, we would highly recommend to install in your house and getting rid of the persistent outings of electricity!

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