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Complete Guide How to Get rid of Mice and Rats in House Remedies

Complete Guide How to Get rid of Mice and Rats in House Remedies

Rats are unwelcome visitors to your home and their presence is not only an unpleasant sight but also rats carry diseases and pose a health risk to the people you love. Rats can also be incredibly destructive by chewing through walls, insulation, and electrical wiring. If you want your house to be free of these annoying creatures, the only option is to figure out how to get rid of rats fast once and for all. Don’t worry, it is possible to do this safely and effectively with the help of some very useful tips that we have brought for you. If you want a rat-free house then just read on to know How to Get rid of Mice and Rats in House Remedies.

How to Get rid of Mice and Rats in House Remedies

What Are Rats?

To start with lets with the basics of where do they live, how they choose a habitat, and what they eat? Rats are medium-sized, toothy rodents that can range from small – about 5 inches in length – to a truly frightening version that is about the size of a large housecat and can weigh five pounds or more.


What Do Rats Need?

Rats are challenging pests to control since they live everywhere and as long as they get the following three things, they will thrive:


Scientifically speaking, rats are classified as omnivores, so they eat anything available to them. Commonly rats are best known for scavenging through trash and eating food that’s left out, some rats will kill small animals like birds and lizards for food.


You might not know that rats can survive for a month or more without directly drinking water because of the consumption of water in the food that they eat. They can usually find enough water in drains, pet dishes, or the condensation in the pipes or walls which is why they prefer in such places. 


In the wild, they find their habitat in weeds, grasses, and other plants. While in homes, they take refuge under furniture, behind walls, or in dark or seldom-used corners of the house.  Now, how to find the rat infestation in the house? Here are the ways:

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Strange Smells and Sounds

The smell of rats – give off a powerful ammonia smell. Rats are also very loud – making squeaking, scratching, and rustling noises as they move throughout your home. If you notice either of these signs is an indication that is the indication of rats in the building. 

Droppings and Smears

One of the other ways to find out about rats infestation is that they leave droppings behind as they move through your home. Look for small, dark, pellet-shaped droppings along main rat pathways. You must not be knowing that rats have poor eyesight, so they also create and maintain established routes along the walls.


If you are suspicious of rats in the house take a look into a seldom-used, dusty corner of your home. It is observed that rats often leave foot and tail marks in the places they travel. Also, one ingenious way is to sprinkle a fine layer of baking soda on the floor and check for fresh tracks in the morning.


Lastly, rats mat leave a mark as they may chew through electrical cords, gnaw on furniture, storage containers, or paper, and eat food left out on the counter. By leaving droppings and urine throughout your home, they may increase your risk of exposure to diseases.

Signs of Rats in Walls

It is one of the daunting challenges to detect the presence of rats when they are living behind your walls.

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So, here are a few signs to look for:


  • You may hear strange sounds in the walls, including squeaking, scurrying, and running noises
  • Observe piles of droppings in hidden areas, such as behind the stove, in your basement or attic, or in the corners of the home
  • Find food packages, containers, or leftovers with bite marks
  • Observe smudges along the walls, which look like a mixture of dirt and grease
  • Notice nests made of insulation, shredded paper, bits of fabric, or other soft material
  • The ductwork that seems to be gnawed on or damaged
  • Also, you may also see a live or dead rat somewhere in your home. 

Damages Caused by Rats in the House

Seemingly small creatures can cause significant damage in the house. Apart from spreading diseases and threatening the health of everyone who lives in the house, rats can also do the following:

  • Cause structural damage to wood, drywall, insulation, and other building materials
  • Chew through electrical wires and increase fire and electrocution risk.
  • Ruin furniture by burrowing into cushions and ripping out batting
  • Destroy books, papers, and clothes
  • Create noise that makes it difficult to sleep or relax in your home
  • Nest in walls, below the sink, or even in appliances – like the back of the refrigerator or underside of the washer
  • While no rat damage is good, large rat populations can quickly cause expensive and irreversible damage in the home.

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Best Way to Kill Rats in House

Seal the Gaps

Rats don not need a large entry point to get into your house instead they can squeeze through any hole that you can stick two fingers through. So make sure to seal all the gaps. 

Clean Up

Rats live in a shadowy. And hideous places, so the best way to get rid of rats without poison is to eliminate their hiding places by cleaning up the clutter in and around your home and moving objects away from the walls.

Consider Trapping

Instead of harsh poisons, trapping is a poison-free method of reducing rat populations. Make sure to use plenty of them and that you position the traps in high-activity areas. Also, use peanut butter, unsalted seeds, bananas, or apples as bait.

Use Natural Deterrents

Simply, spread peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, black pepper, or cloves around the home’s exterior to prevent the rats from entering the house in the first place, and keep these deterrents in places you think is the breeding ground for them. Hope it was helpful!


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