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Important Tips To Keep Your House Dengue Free

Important Tips To Keep Your House Dengue Free

How to Keep your House Dengue Free

With mosquito-borne diseases on the escalation, it is paramount to take safety measures against this menace. It comes at a heavy cost of some health issues and monetary value along with disruptiveness in normal life. To avoid Dengue Fever, Hygienic Homes work as a bulwark against it and release positive energy making the environment mosquito-proof. For this, Proper House Insulation plays a vital role in this regard. It is also very crucial to make sure that there is no breeding ground for mosquitoes in your house. Besides sweeping the house daily, one should also adopt a weekly routine by thoroughly cleaning all the corners in the house; cleaning carpets and dust-laden ceiling fans with religious punctuality. Also, swimming pools should be cleaned regularly, and fogging should be done frequently.

It is very important that you make absolutely sure that there is no slightest chance of mosquitoes developing their breeding ground and if in case they do so, it is certainly going to be very nocuous for you and your family living in the house. Mosquitoes can have breeding both inside and outside your home. Inside the home, these mosquitoes commonly breed in ornamental and other containers, plant pot trays, plates, and canvas or plastic sheets. Whereas on the outside of the home, they can breed in perimeter drains, gully traps, and discarded containers. Therefore it is highly important to consider the precautions inside and outside your home to prevent mosquito breeding and contribute to dengue prevention. 

For Dengue Prevention And Control you can take the following precautions to Protect Your House From Mosquitoes: 

On Daily Basis

  • Use Insecticide Sprays in dark corners (under the bed, sofa, and behind curtains) and burn repellent oils inside your home
  • Turn over all water storage containers when empty and store them under a shelter
  • Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use
  • Loosen the soil in potted plants to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water on the surface

On Alternate Days

  • Change water in vases/bowls
  • Remove water from flower/plant pot plates

On Weekly Basis

  • Clear fallen leaves and stagnant water in scupper drains and in the garden
  • Clear any stagnant water in air cooler units

On Monthly Basis

  • Clear fallen leaves and other blockages in roof gutters
  • Use sand granular insecticide in gully traps and roof gutters

In view of its ravages, an increasing number of homeowners are now appointing specialized cleaning services for their homes. Along with the Corona pandemic, Dengue Pandemic is another epidemic that needs your complete attention. Instead of panicking you should find ways through which you could get rid of those mosquitoes. Here are some very useful tips that would help you make your house a dengue-free zone.

Keep Bathroom and Kitchen Dry

Make sure that these places are the generally damp areas of the house that can likely invite the mosquitos into your house. For these areas not to be the breeding ground of the disease-causing dengue, make sure that you check the bottom of your refrigerator, empty out the cooler (if you are using one), clean out the dish rack tray, cover toilet bowls, and trash bins, throw away wet kitchen waste and mop the floor on regular intervals. Basement Waterproofing is another step to keep yourself safe from Dengue.

Look Out for the Holes in Your Window and Door Screens

The cool breeze is of course an absolutely necessary but it should not cause the mosquitoes to find a way too. For that, renovate broken screens and keep doors closed to prevent their entry. It is availing to stay indoors and if you have an air conditioner, now is the right time to utilize it. Mosquitoes find it very difficult to survive in cool spaces, so ensure coolness. Line your window with screens or a net. It is suggested to sleep within a canopy that covers the enter circumference of the bed without any slightest loophole for the dengue to enter.

Use Mosquito Repellant

Repellants as the name suggest keep the mosquitoes at distance and give added protection by reducing your chances of getting bitten by a mosquito. It is a preemptive measure that you should take as repulsion, in case if there exists any dengue that could launch an attack on you at any time.

Spray Pesticides in the Corners

Mosquitoes mostly make dark places their breeding ground. In order to mitigate any such chances of their breeding, spray anti-pest sprays in the dark corners of your house, like under shelves and in the pans of your Beautiful Indoor Plants to keep it safe from dengue attacks. Being out of sight these areas at times carry dampness and moisture that contribute to the breeding of the disease-inducing mosquitoes. Therefore, make sure no nook and cranny of your home go without proper spraying. It is like a vaccine against Corona. As the anti-Corona vaccine can protect you against panic, likewise spraying does the same with dengue.

Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

Perhaps you might not know that mosquitoes hate oranges and the smell of citrus, so one of the ways to keep them at bay is to have your own mosquito repellent by burning orange peels. The oil present in the citrus is flammable and releases a smell that repels the mosquitoes. You can also use orange peels and pour boiling water over them for the smell. Let it be cool. Store the water in a spray bottle and use it as a natural mosquito repellent spray in corners, under the bed, and in areas where you think it could be more useful – the relatively dark and damp areas of the house.

Moreover, you can also use essential oils, like neem oil, peppermint oil, and lemongrass oil as a repellant to Keep Mosquitoes Away. One of the easiest ways is to have ten drops of neem oil in a quarter cup of coconut oil and burn it in an aromatherapy burner. The fumes act as a natural mosquito repellent for your home that you can place anywhere in the house. These might seem not-so-important or useful tips but rest assured that these have proven to be useful against the dengue. Whether you opt for spraying repellent, your own version of repellant, or any other method but make sure that you do take precautionary measures!

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