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Complete Guide To Make Childproof House

Complete Guide To Make Childproof House

How to Make Your House Baby Proof?

One of the most important things in our lives is the safety of ourselves and our children in the house. There is nothing paramount than this and it may seem a daunting task to make a Childproof House but just a few simple steps can make it safer. It is imperative to make sure that your children in the house are absolutely safe even in your absence. There are no such things as naked wire or fire around that can be hazardous to your children anytime and as you know children are not conscious enough to hold themselves back. So it is your responsibility to make sure that you have absolutely made Baby proof House and the vulnerability factor of children in the house is zero.

You might be thinking of something complex and complicated being recommended, but rather we have come up with small and easy steps. In case if you didn’t have a baby previously and are now expecting or welcoming one in the house, bear with me. Read the article carefully and follow as stated to ensure that the newcomer in your house is completely safe.

Here are some of the measures that you can take:

Identify Your High-risk Zones

To start with, problem identification should be the very first step. It is your responsibility as parents and guardians to find out the root cause of the problem initially and then go about ameliorating or curving it.  

Some of the risk-involving areas in this regard are:

  • Kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms, hot tubs, Slippery Slopes
  • Stairs or unsupported raised surfaces
  • Near the heat of a kitchen stove, fireplace, or barbecue grill
  • In a raised bed, under the kitchen sink, in a medicine cabinet, in the garage or shed, or in any place where medications are kept are all potential toxic sources.
  • There is a possibility of a fall on balconies, slippery floors, high windows, or tipping furniture
  • Exposure to anything sharp within the house, if not properly placed etc.

Basic Measures to Ensure Safety

Search any kind of potential dangers around you i.e. furniture, stairs, household items, etc, and install protective measures where necessary.  For instance, you would need to:

  • Make sure children do not have excess to unnecessary exits/entries in the house by covering doorknobs and locking doors, and let adults open the doors.
  • Get the support of anchors to prevent appliances and furniture from falling over, including ovens and TVs.
  • Get bumpers for corners and edges of sharp objects, such as coffee tables and fireplaces.
  • Make sure children’s safety gates; protect them from accidents such as falling down stairs or entering rooms with potential hazards.
  • Make use of the cordless window coverings to help prevent strangulation. The inner cords of the blinds to raise them are safer without dangling pull cords, which can be a safety hazard.
  • Set the water heaters to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and faucets should be fitted with anti-scald devices.

Additional Precautionary Measures

One of the biggest intrigues of the children are stairs and Attractive Staircase Designs, especially the exploring children always intend to ascend or descend stairs and in this process, they fall. So, the easiest way to avoid accessing a stairwell is to close the door to the stairwell and importantly make sure your baby won’t try to climb up or downstairs by getting a baby gate on both sides of the stairs. Also, you can prevent it with zip ties that can be used instead of drilling.

The most practical step is to ensure that your stairs are equipped with a handrail that your child can use and teach him or her how to safely navigate the stairs, even if that means sliding down one at a time until they have grown old enough to use a handrail. How about carpeting? Carpeting on the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs can make an enormous difference if your child falls. If you don’t have carpeting then to prevent falls, you will want to wipe up spills. Lastly, make sure there is enough light and avoid darkness or gloominess.

Safety Measures To Take In Bathroom

Baby Proofing requires you to have some Baby Proofing Products like a cover on the tub faucet in order to protect your toddler from bumps and bruises with spout covers. Always keep the temperature of the hot water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit so that your child in case of contact doesn’t get burnt. Simply you can also install an anti-scald device on your faucet if you live in an apartment building and cannot adjust yours.

One another thing that is common observation is that we store the bathroom trash in a plastic grocery bag, the toddler could suffocate by putting the bag over her head. A towel that can be draped over the top of a door is the best way to avoid the fingers and thumbs of kids in the door.

Fireplace Gate

Since winter is around it is cozy yet necessary to have a fire going on a cold night but the protection of children is equally important. So, a fireplace grate is a good way to keep the children at bay from the flames. Also, make sure that you are in attendance with children when your fireplace is burning.

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Measure With The Car

It is as necessary to ensure the baby’s safety in the car as you yourself ensure with a safety belt. Children, in particular, are to be aware of while driving because they can cause serious harm. For instance, they may fall if the doors or windows are not closed properly. Without safety best, they may get hurt if brakes are applied or they may play with the gears while you don’t attend to them. In this case on the highway, it is not only your lives that are at risk but also you may jeopardize others’ lives as well. So, be extra cautious while driving with children with you. We hope that this article helps you and your kids grow into a safe and healthy life!

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