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Construction Cost of a 5 Marla Grey Structure in 2023

Construction Cost of a 5 Marla Grey Structure in 2023

In this article we will discuss the cost of the 5 Marla Grey Structure includes labour, bricks, sand, crush, and rori; cement, kassu, and rebar; plumbing and wiring; grills, gates, and Chougat steel; and other expenses.

It's not simple to construct your ideal home from the ground up. You must comprehend the full procedure, the financial commitment, and the raw resources needed to complete the project. Don't worry if you are starting the foundation for a five-marla house and are unsure of the estimated cost; this blog is intended only for you. We have listed the price of building a 5-marla house's grey structure for your convenience.

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To determine the cost of building a five-marla house in 2023, you must first ascertain the cost of constructing the grey structure. Two major categories comprise the cost of construction: Turnkey construction costs (the approximate cost to build the house) and grey construction costs (anything that looks grey after completion).

The most recent 2023 prices and the approximate cost of building a 5-marla house's grey structure will be discussed in this article. Our five-marla, two-story home will have 1,975 square feet of covered space. There are 910 square feet of covered space on the ground floor and 890 square feet of covered space on the first floor. There is 175 square feet of covered space on the second floor. The home features three bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, two kitchens, and a mumtee.

The cost of building a five-marla house's grey structure in 2023

Total Cost:              53 Lacs

Material Cost:       42.5 Lacs

Labour Cost:          10.5 Lacs


We must first calculate the cost of labour hired to calculate the building cost of the grey structure of a five-marla house. The workmen will charge about PKR 1,000,000 (10 Lacs) for the foundation, structural, plumbing, and electrical work on a five-marla, double-unit house. The grey structure of a five-marla house will cost PKR 1,000,000 in labour in 2023.


When building the grey structure of a house, utilise Awwal bricks. The quantity and cost of bricks are important factors in determining the cost of building a five-marla house's grey structure. The aforementioned 5-marla house will require about 56,000 bricks. Selecting high-quality bricks, sometimes referred to as Awwal or first-class bricks, is advised. Based on current market prices, the cost of the bricks and rori would be approximately PKR 1,50, 000.

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A five-marla house's foundation must also be laid with sand, specifically Chenab and Ravi sand. Sand is essentially utilised in concrete mixtures for building a house. Either river beds or coastal beaches are used to extract sand. Sand from riverbeds typically the grey structure of a 5-marla house in 2023 requires about 3,052 cubic feet of sand, for PKR 90 per cubic foot. This indicates that PKR 250,000 cubic feet of sand are consumed overall. 

Every floor of the house has a base layer made of crushed stone or gravel. Although Sargodha gravel can also be used, Margalla gravel is preferred by constructors and builders. Roughly 1,721 cubic feet of gravel, or Bajri as it is more often called, are needed. Since the charge is PKR 146 per cubic foot, approximately PKR 251,266 would be needed. PKR 20,00000  ( Two Million) is the cost of the bricks, sand, crush, and Rori.


A five-marla house's grey construction is made of reinforced steel bars.

Ghassu, also known as kassu, is a unique combination of sand and mitti (clay), primarily utilised for earthfilling or plot filling. The approximate price of Kassu would be PKR 85,008. The main material needed for practically all types of construction projects is cement. There are just minor differences in the amount of cement per bag across all brands.

About 605 bags of cement, costing PKR 1,220 a bag, are needed for the type of house we are discussing. Cement would have cost PKR 738,100 in total for a 5-marla house's grey house structure. In the meanwhile, building a 5-marla house will require about 3 tonnes (3,000 kg) of rebar or 60-grade sarya. The cost of Sarya used would be PKR 780,000, with a rate per tonne of Sarya being PKR 260,000.

So the total cost of Cement, Kassu and Rebar is 1,600,000

 WIRING And Plumbing

Plumbing work includes any construction that deals with gas, water supply, sewage, or drainage systems. Among the vocations in grey construction, it is one of the most technical. It functions as a conduit that supplies water and gas to every part of the house. An estimated PKR 700,000 is needed for the plumbing in the home. Grey construction also includes electrical cables. Wiring is a skill that needs to be handled by a professional. Hiring a competent specialist who can handle the house's wiring is advised. For the wiring, about PKR 150,000 is required.

Total Cost of Wiring & Plumbing = PKR 820,000

Miscelleneous and Invisible Costs

Termite and waterproofing the house, as well as insulation for the roof, are additional expenses. Since termites like to live in areas with high levels of moisture and dampness, controlling their infestation before the building starts can be quite beneficial. PKR 8,500 is roughly required to prevent termite infestation. In the meantime, roof insulation would run you about PKR 40,000 and waterproofing your roof will cost PKR 20,000 for a five-marla house.

Total Grey Structure Cost of Miscellaneous Items = PKR 60,000

 A five-marla house would cost roughly PKR 5,300,000. Thus, PKR 5,300,000 would be needed to build a 5-marla house with a grey structure in 2023-24. You can build a five-marla house at a reasonable cost if you are willing and determined to do it. If you want to purchase land before constructing your home, continue reading Blog, a leading construction and real estate blog in Pakistan, if you're interested in learning how much it costs to build a 5-marla house in Pakistan.

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