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Wooden Doors, Their Types and Rates in Pakistan

Wooden Doors, Their Types and Rates in Pakistan

Wooden Doors, Their Types and Rates in Pakistan

You can choose from a wide variety of interior and exterior door types on the market, including fibreglass and composite doors. However, you want to think about installing wooden doors in your home if you want to give it a bit more richness and elegance. Wooden doors not only improve your house's overall aesthetic but also offer superior insulation and durability compared to most other door materials. In short, wooden doors have long been a popular choice for both interior decorators and homeowners in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the majority of people also choose to get wooden doors because they are more insulating and very lasting than most other types.

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The rationale behind choosing wooden doors for your house

Wooden doors are far stronger and less likely to crack or dent than doors made of any other material used to build interior and exterior doors for homes in Pakistan. Because of this, they are durable and a wise investment. 

Furthermore, a new coat of paint or shine can easily conceal small fractures and surface damage. Wooden doors may add value to your décor and are slightly more expensive, but you can't deny it, especially since they can be customized to your preferences.

Aspects must be taken into account AS YOU CHOOSE WOODEN DOORS 

Because natural wood has a high moisture content, it cannot be used for building. Natural wood originates directly from trees. Even though the moisture content varies throughout wood species, professional drying is typically required before wood's use as a building material. Timber is the common term used to describe the removed wood.

Therefore, to prevent any long-term damage, residents of areas with high levels of humidity should adhere to a few basic door maintenance guidelines, such as routinely polishing the surface. The moisture in the air can also cause the wood to swell, compress, or warp.

The risk of a termite infestation should be taken into account while installing wooden doors in Pakistan. 

 Types and Latest Rates of Wooden Doors

The most common kinds of wooden doors and their most recent prices are listed below. Price per cubic foot for the type of wood is given below,

  • Partal: PKR 3500;
  •  Deodar: PKR 8500
  • Mahogany PKR 8500,
  • Oak PKR 9500,
  • Kil Wood PKR 4000,
  • Ash Wood PKR 10,500

 As of Nov. 2023, these are the most recent wood pricing in Pakistan; quality-related variations may be seen. Please be aware that depending on where you live, the pricing listed above may vary significantly. PROS AND CONS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF WOODEN DOORS IN PAKISTAN.

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Traditional wood doors can give your home a luxurious, refined appearance. Himalayan Cedar, or deodar, is among the nicest kinds of wooden doors you can get for your house. This wood, which is harvested from Pakistan's national tree and is colloquially referred to as "Diyar," has an even grain and is perfect for exterior doors. Let's quickly review the benefits and drawbacks of diyar, or deodar. The smooth texture of deodar is guaranteed by its fine, straight, and equal grains. Diyar doors have a more appealing appearance than doors constructed of other kinds of wood. However, In Pakistan, deodar doors cost a little more than other wood door varieties.


In Pakistan, partial wood is frequently utilised for interior doors.Partal is one of the least expensive kinds of wood used for doors in Pakistan; it is taken from Himalayan spruce. It is typically white, but as it ages, it becomes a very light shade of brown. Partal is a typical choice for interior doors since it is a softer wood with low bending and crushing strength, making it an affordable option. Additionally, window panels, furniture, and even musical instruments are made with it. The main benefit and drawback of partal wood is that it frequently comes in various designs.


Ash is a softwood with straight grains that is prized for its texture, durability, and flexibility. It is one of the most well-known kinds of wooden doors in Pakistan since it is reasonably priced and typically imported from the US and Canada. It is most likely the greatest wood for doors in your home if all you want to accomplish is uplift the look of your décor. Ashwood is typically coloured a light or creamy brown. Even so, the colours may eventually grow dimmer. Here are some of the main benefits and drawbacks of ash wood. Ashwood has a modest crushing and bending strength and is comparatively strong. Compared to most other wood varieties used to make doors in Pakistan, it is more expensive. The starting price of Ashwood in Pakistan is Rs. 5000 per cubic square foot


Wood surfaces should always be cleaned using lint-free cloths. Another inexpensive option for internal wood doors in Pakistan is poplar. It has a medium hardness and is typically found in greyish-white or greenish-yellow hues. This kind of wood has closed grains and sporadic purple streaks. It is also a well-liked choice for doorwood in houses because of its uniform grain. In addition, poplar is used to make a variety of products, including kitchen cabinets, furniture, frames, and pallets. The following are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of utilizing poplar for outside doors. This kind of wood has exceptional insulation qualities, so it keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

 KAIL WOOD (Local)

Pakistani homeowners are likewise fond of using kail wood for their doors. Local kail wood, also called pinewood, is a reasonably priced interior door solution derived from pine trees. It is typically available in white or pale yellow tones and is commonly utilised in home construction. While the market offers a variety of imported pine wood varieties, specialists typically favour native kail due to its superior elasticity and resistance to swelling or shrinking. These are a few of the most notable advantages and disadvantages of using locally-produced kail wood straight grains and relatively lightweight of Kail wood. However, It's not as robust. Thus, it's inappropriate.


Mahogany doors are extremely unlikely to expand and contract over time. In Pakistan, mahogany is regarded as one of the greatest wood species for external doors. This highly sought-after wood is utilised not only for doors but also for furniture and cabinetry. Due to its strength, texture, endurance, and thickness, mahogany ranks among the priciest wood selections for doors in Pakistan. It is also typically available in dark crimson or brownish-red hues and has a fine to medium texture. Because this kind of wood is less likely to rot, it is ideal for people who live in humid climates or places


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