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Best Solar Ac in Pakistan and their Prices in 2024

Best Solar Ac in Pakistan and their Prices in 2024

Everyone wants to affordably cool their home during the sweltering summer months. The best way to keep a house cool is to use an air conditioner, but individuals are less likely to enjoy cool air during the summer due to rising energy costs and the rising cost of ACs. But, you can have this luxury if you purchase solar air conditioners, which lower your electricity costs and are powered by solar energy. In Pakistan, solar air conditioners come in various pricing points and require minimal upkeep. The price of solar air conditioners has skyrocketed in recent years due to Pakistan's increasing demand for them. However, Pakistan still offers reasonably priced solar air conditioners for sale. This blog will enable you to look into the quality and price of solar Air Conditioners in Pakistan in detail.

Solar AC Price in Pakistan

Due to the increased demand for cooling homes and commercial buildings during the summer, Pakistani inhabitants have become accustomed to suffering power interruptions and expensive electricity bills. The ideal solution for these issues in Pakistan is to use solar-powered air conditioning systems, as they are less expensive to operate and require less electricity. Prices for different types of solar air conditioners range from 100,000 to 300,000 rupees. They can offer cool temperatures throughout the summer without having to worry about expensive electricity bills or blackouts, despite their seeming exorbitant cost.

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Top Famous Solar AC Brands in Pakistan

While there are many manufacturers of air conditioners on the market, not all of them adhere to standards and maintain technological advancements. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of Pakistan's top solar AC brands based on both cost and functionality. The leading AC brands in Pakistan are listed below: 
[Inverex, Haier, Gree, Kenwood, Dawnance, LG, Orient, TCL, Changhong Ruba, Mitsubishi, Samsung, PEL]

Inverex Solar Inverter AC (1.5 Ton)

The Inverex solar inverter AC is a fantastic purchase if you want to use solar energy to power your air conditioner. Because the 1.5-ton Inverex solar inverter AC has a built-in T3 compressor and solar MPPT inverter, it can be linked to solar panels directly and doesn't require a separate inverter to convert DC to AC. It's an economical choice because the inverter only needs four to seven panels to run. In addition, this Inverex AC has 100% copper construction, Wi-Fi connectivity, and heating and cooling options.

Because of the integrated inverter capacity, the 1.5-tonne Inverex solar air conditioner costs more than standard ACs. It costs between 130,000 and 140,000 rupees.

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Gree Solar AC

Gree solar air conditioner inverters are a chic and inventive way to modernise your air conditioning system. They include cutting-edge technology and a stylish appearance for a convenient and comfortable cooling experience. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these air conditioners are the first heat and cool models that comply with European regulations, according to all safety and industry standards. Gree's robust generation-10 inverter guarantees excellent energy efficiency, which could result in electricity bill savings of up to 60%. Its low voltage beginning at 150V also eliminates compatibility issues and power surge worries, making it simple to install and use. 

Gree provides solar air conditioners in several ranges, with pricing varying based on your selection. Gree solar air conditioners start at 142,000 and go up to about 25,000.

Dawlance Solar AC

With the solar air conditioning systems from Dawlance, you can stay cool and comfortable even in hot weather. Because of their remarkable high-temperature performance design, these air conditioners offer optimal comfort during the warmest months of the year. In order to maintain optimal performance and increase their longevity, they are equipped with self-cleaning functions. Dawlance solar air conditioners are also reasonably priced and of excellent quality, so you don't need to spend a lot of money to stay cool. A Dawlance solar air conditioning system is a terrific option if you're looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to remain cool this summer. 
The price of the Dawlance solar air conditioner starts at Rs. 121,000.

Haier Solar AC

Searching for the whole air conditioner? For those looking for a cutting-edge and dependable cooling solution, the Haier Solar 1 Tonne DC Inverter is a fantastic option. This air conditioner is distinguished from its rivals by a multitude of remarkable features. Your comfort will not be compromised by power shortages thanks to its Wi-Fi technology and UPS feature. Additionally, the one-touch cleaning mechanism makes it simple to maintain your AC so that you don't have to deal with hassles while it's operating. 
Hair solar air conditioners start at $150,000.

Orient Solar AC

Orient Solar ACs provide a broad cooling range and are highly efficient. They include a 4D air throw and a Japanese PCB kit, and the turbo mode gives your room an additional boost. Because Orient Solar ACs have a 100% copper coating, they are strong and effective. Its low noise operation is one of its distinctive features. Additionally, the cost of all these features is reasonable. Cleaner air is provided by its catechin filters. 
The cost of an Orient solar air conditioner starts at about Rs. 144,000.

Kenwood Solar AC KES-182OS

Top-tier air conditioners like the Kenwood KES-1820S eSmart are made to be incredibly effective and energy-efficient. This air conditioner is a gorgeous addition to any area, as well as a dependable and long-lasting option, thanks to its distinctive Japanese polished appearance and 7-star rating. 
This machine's sophisticated technology, which lets you operate it from your smartphone, is one of its best features. You can operate your air conditioning system with complete ease and convenience thanks to this feature, which allows you to do it from anywhere in the room.

LG Solar AC

LG solar air conditioners are a great option for people who want to lower their energy costs and have cool rooms all day. Since LG is renowned for making high-quality solar panels, they have used this technology to improve the efficiency of their air conditioners. When it comes to beating the summer heat and cutting down on electricity costs, LG solar air conditioners are the greatest option available to Pakistanis because they use less electricity than other solar air conditioners on the market. LG solar air conditioners with triple inverter technology keep your room cool, and their auto-timer restart function makes them a dependable and practical option. 

The LG solar AC is offered for Rs. 150,000, which is a very reasonable and appealing price. 


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