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Ever Best Holiday Destinations in Pakistan

Ever Best Holiday Destinations in Pakistan

When it comes Best Holiday Destinations in Pakistan, Pakistan undoubtedly tops the list. Even if you listen to foreign media, Pakistan’s name in the list of best tourist destinations becomes indispensable. Recently, a well-known international magazine placed Pakistan on top of best destination to explore. The natural beauty here in the length and width are incomparable anywhere in the world. Having been blessed with four seasons, it has a diversity of climate and landscape round the country. Where there are deserts, there are also endlessly stretched green planes surrounded by humongous mountains that are the highest in the world. Talk of northern areas of Pakistan that paint a magical beauty of nature where one feels to be at absolute peace. The facilities in Pakistan in the recent times are also improving at known holiday destinations you will find some top-notch modern amenities. The world-class facilities along with the unmatchable natural beauty of Pakistan indubitably make it a dream holiday destination where everyone would seek tranquility and peace in the lap of nature.  If you are the one who plan to spend your holidays in place far from the maddening crown and topsy-turviness of working life, then you are in the right place to decide for yourself that which place is it that awaits your arrival. If you have done the plan to visit incredible places you must to search out the room or houses on rents to spend the beautiful days. You must to visit real estate website for renting of buying the houses or home.

BeautifulHoliday Destinations in Pakistan

Hunza Valley

The exquisite Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan is yet again a must-visit place in Pakistan that can make your holidays truly memorable and cherishable.

If you are a Pakistan and know about Pakistan then it’s almost certain you must have come across the name Hunza valley. It has many adjacent villages within short distances that are known for their own magnificence. One part of the ancient Silk Road, presents some of the most beautiful sights in Hunza, noteworthy among them are:

Passu Cones

The Passu Cathedral is a natural work of art that is eye-catching and one of the most recognizable scenes in Pakistan. These cones announce their presence from miles. The cones are visible from a ways away, starting from the village of Gulmit. The most iconic view of the Cathedral is from the Karakoram Highway (KKH), about an hour’s drive from Gilgit City. The road leading to Hunza valley is truly of not-notch. The Chinese have structured and constructed the road to perfection.  The jagged peaks of a mountain range in Pakistan framed by trees in fall colours are among the magical scenes that are presented in Hunza Valley.

Attabad Lake

This lake is quire unbelievable and doesn’t look real. Even when you’re standing right in front of it. Attabad was born out of tragedy when a massive landslide occurred in 2010. The flow of the Hunza River was blocked, and the now-famous lake was created in its wake. Its bright-blue turquoise waters make it one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

Eagle’s Nest

Obviously you would want to enjoy the fullest being in the luxury of nature, so don’t miss out exploring the aforementioned sites. Additionally, want to see one of the most epic sunsets in the Hunza Valley? Head to Eagle’s Nest around golden hour! The name comes from an upscale hotel/restaurant nearby, but you can drive up to the viewpoint without going there. The Sun veiling itself behind the Passu cones is a magical moment to witness.

The roads to Hunza are quite well-managed. You can travel from Islamabad via public transport where buses gives daily service via KKH and it takes almost 14-16 hours to reach Gilgit City. Or you can fly with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Gilgit City and onwards to Hunza it takes three to four hours in a smooth and plain road.

Swat Valley

Swat valley is a green mountain valley with many tourist attractions is one of the well-known holiday destinations in Pakistan. Though it has had a rough past, where it saw some troubling circumstances but the present and future of Swat Valley are shining very bright. This stunning valley that is situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is something that takes the break away and just straight out of a fairy tale. The bright green fields and dense forests that paint glistering greenery are so eye pleasing and the picturesque villages, and rivers boasting shades of blue so clear and bright you wouldn’t have imagined of in your wildest imagination. For the first time travelers, it is a destination that works as hypnotizer and compels one to visit again and again.

Swat is surrounded by some beautiful villages among them Kalam is one. The true beauty of Swat can be found around the town of Kalam, which serves as a base to explore the beauty of the valley. Here are three must visit places you to explore during your holidays.

Boyun Village

Boyun, also known as Green Top, is at slightly higher altitude then Swat, it is a short drive or manageable up-hill walk from Kalam town. The arrival at the top, bring the break-taking panoramic view of some of the beautiful villages. These villages paint a charming scene of nature and one cannot even effort to blink an eye so that he/she may not miss this magical scenery.  Boyun is an easy day trip that makes you enjoy the sweeping views of the villages below.

Kandol and Spindhor Lakes

These alpine lakes are among the must visits and are quite easily accessible.  Kandol Lake is comparatively easy to access via jeep track and is a bit more commercialized, On the other hand, Spindhor can only be reached on a 2-hour trek. Whichever you visit both are equally worth-seeing yet we highly recommend visiting both because they can be easily access in a day.

Ushu Forest

This is home to diverse tress whose aroma is enough to make your day. This is a preserved forest that possess deodar trees and is a fabulous place to be lost for so time. This road runs through the forest continues on to several villages set along the Kalam River and an absolutely lovely place to hike.


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