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Federal Higher Education Commission Informs Foundation Of Six China Study Centers

Federal Higher Education Commission Informs Foundation Of Six China Study Centers

Lahore: Notification of china study centers by HEC in Pakistan. The federal Higher Education Commission (HEC) has informed about  the foundation of six China Study Centers in the country and three-year subsidizing under the PC-1 named "Scholastic Collaboration under CPEC Consortium of Universities."

In Punjab, the solitary such focus will be set up at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore.

“It is an honor for our university to be selected for the project from among over 30 public sector universities in the province and we are grateful to the HEC for providing us this opportunity,” said Prof Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar, vice-chancellor, UET, Lahore while talking to the sources.


“Our faculty has several ongoing research collaborations with Chinese universities, several of our faculty members have earned their PhDs from top Chinese universities. We are already running the Confucius Set at the University for offering Chinese language courses, and the university has been selected as Rotating Chair of China-based UNESCO’s International Institute of Online Education (IIOE) for 2021,” Sarwar added.

The University will get Rs22.815 million for employing HR (instructors and authoritative staff) for a very long time to run the middle. Moreover, it's anything but a one-time award of Rs6.0 million to buy study material (books, magazines, and so on), varying media material, including programming and essential equipment, and office requirements.

Applications from universities the country over were assessed through a cutthroat cycle against specific benchmarks. These measuring sticks were identified with their contribution in CPEC-related ventures, research coordinated efforts with Chinese colleges, joint distributions and linkages through college educators who have acquired their PhDs from Chinese colleges.


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Budget 2021-2022

HEC  six china centers  are being set up as small research organizations to advance scholarly and examination linkages among the Chinese and Pakistani colleges. The essential capacity of the focuses will be to drive community oriented exercises to upgrade comprehension of Chinese framework, culture, and monetary supernatural occurrence. Colleges will be qualified for subsidizing through different drives under the PC-1, for example, joint examination undertakings, preparing and ability development, and joint gatherings, courses, and workshops through a serious choice interaction.

The chose universities are relied upon to accomplish the accompanying objective on the finishing of the undertaking to advance better comprehension of the Chinese history, culture, and monetary turn of events.

Each Center will be relied upon to distribute least three books on China/CPEC, attempt something like three effect considers identified with CPEC in a joint effort with Chinese universities, train somewhere around 100 staff/understudies in Chinese language, and interpret least 100 pages of Chinese artistic pieces as well as getting sorted out displays of Chinese progressions in science and expressions just as arrange social exercises to feature Chinese culture.


Due to the second wave of COVID-19 and further transformation of infection has expanded the spread of pandemic during the most recent two months of winter, the movement arrangements for worldwide understudies to China have not been resolved at this point. Since the understudies are as of now took a crack at Chinese universities and taking on online classes, They are encouraged to keep on going to online classes of their particular projects and keep a nearby contact with their separate Chinese foundations.

The Central Government of China in Beijing will make legitimate game plans relying on the real assessment of the pandemic circumstance for the arrival of Pakistani understudies to individual Chinese foundations.

Notice of any refreshed investigation Visa strategy will be advised as and when gotten from the Chinese side. This Advisory is informed for the benefit of the Chinese Embassy, Islamabad.

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