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How to Effectively Reduce Monthly Electricity Bill in Pakistan in 2024

How to Effectively Reduce Monthly Electricity Bill in Pakistan in 2024

Pakistan has recently been mired in an endless energy crisis. Anyone would feel depressed if they had to experience beyond-budget electricity bills, prolonged power outages, record-breaking heat, and all these issues at once. When you think things can't get much worse, your power bill shows up to ruin the summer spirit. Things are so bad in our country right now that the meme game is unreliable. People are being compelled to take to the streets by the recent rising electricity bills. We are here to significantly lower that dreadful monthly bill for you. Hereunder we discuss various ways to reduce electricity bills.

Become an Active Tax Payer

Did you know that paying your taxes on time could lower your electricity costs? Taxpayers now have a benefit thanks to a 7.5% withholding tax that was previously levied on electricity bills over PKR 25,000 per month, thanks to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). This adjustment, which was previously applicable to bills over PKR 75,000, became effective on July 21, 2021.

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You will be liable for this tax if your name is not on the Active Taxpayers List. There is, however, an easy technique to prevent it. You should register your CNIC and other information on the Ministry of Energy's Power Division website ( if you rent an apartment or have an electricity meter in someone else's name. This not only verifies that you are an active taxpayer but also enables you to avoid paying the additional


Being mindful of your power usage during peak hours is the first thing you should do (or may already be doing). The term "peak hours" describes the times of the day when demand for power is at its highest. Customers pay the highest rates during these times for each unit of electricity used. The peak time range was previously 6 pm to 10 pm, but the government recently changed it to 5 pm to 11 pm. You should be careful while using equipment that uses a lot of electricity, such as air conditioners, microwaves, ovens, freezers, irons, and water heaters, during these times. To save money on electricity, try using these appliances at off-peak times or taking breaks then.


Switch to LED lighting and inverter technology right away to make the wise decision. LED lights provide the same radiance without the high expense because they shine beautifully while using far less energy. Add this to the effectiveness of inverter technology in your air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, which guarantees that your equipment functions well even during power outages while also costing less. Imagine getting rid of those energy guzzlers and saying "hello" to savings that grow over time. It's not simply a switch; it's a powerful step towards a more eco-friendly and frugal way of life. Change now and observe the difference!

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It is common knowledge that using solar energy can result in significant electricity bill savings. But switching your entire house over to solar energy could seem like a costly endeavour that's not practical for everyone. Allocating a portion of your electricity consumption to solar panels is an intelligent strategy for managing the cost element. Consider getting a smaller solar panel and using it to power commonly used appliances like fans, lights, and outdoor lighting. Another benefit is that these solar-powered fans and lights will keep running even if there is a power loss, giving you unbroken service.


Regularly checking your electricity meter can be quite helpful in preventing excessive power consumption that exceeds your specified limitations. Based on your household size and family demands, it's a good idea to set a monthly aim for the number of units you intend to eat. You can then make the required changes to your consumption patterns once you have a good understanding of your monthly power usage.

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Employ a competent electrician to examine your home and determine which area is using more energy and why. People who have lived in the same home for a long time are inclined to neglect fixing worn-out wiring and rusted sockets. These modest but necessary electrical devices use extra energy. Fix the leaks if you want your house to be energy efficient. Your electricity costs will go down and the process will cost less.

Minimize USE APPLIANCES in PEAK HOURS          

When it's not peak hour, iron your clothing. You can see a schedule on your utility bill. The time periods when the metre runs normally and when it runs faster are suggested by this table. You ought to make an effort to benefit from the times when the metre runs normally. During these times, avoid using heavy equipment like the hoover, iron or washing machine. Don’t Charge electronics at this time.

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Cautions While Buying an AIR CONDITIONER

Make sure you get the right air conditioner when you go to buy one. The machine you pick ought to be the most appropriate for your space. The idea that a huge air conditioner will cool the space more quickly is a prevalent one. A properly sized air conditioner helps chill your space while also lowering your electricity costs. Buildings in Pakistan are typically not insulated. Additionally, the summer season lasts for more than half the year. Therefore, choosing the proper AC will result in cheaper electricity costs. Before making any purchases, do extensive research to determine which brand and size are ideal for you.

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Washing machines with a front loader use less electricity. Certain devices use more electricity than their equivalents. For instance, energy-efficient desktop computers utilize roughly 100 watts whereas laptops use about 50 watts. The display also uses an additional 50 watts of power. Because they use less electricity than desktop computers, laptops are therefore preferred over them at work and at home. The operating costs of the appliance during its whole lifecycle should also be taken into account. The price of the appliance plus the cost of fuel or electricity to operate it make up the lifespan cost. The price of maintenance is also included. Along with these suggestions, you can install a solar panel in your house to lower your electricity costs. Sunlight is captured and converted into energy by solar panels. 

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