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Impact of Dollar Rate on Real Estate Market of Pakistan

Impact of Dollar Rate on Real Estate Market of Pakistan

The Pakistani Rupee just lost heavily its value versus the US Dollar, falling from 235 to 280. The political unrest in Pakistan, IMF Conditions and the strengthening of the dollar against developed and emerging currency markets are factors contributing to the rupee's freefall in the interbank and open market. 

Prior to this increase in the dollar rate, the State Bank of Pakistan raised the policy rate by 125 basis points from 13.75 percent to 15 percent in order to combat inflation. The economy has suffered as a result of these two problems. The business community has also expressed its worries about the depreciating currency because it will make conducting business more expensive. learn about rupee stabilization at 200.

Effects of Rupee Increasing Dollar and depreciating Rupee

Real estate is not an exception to how these changes are affecting other industries. The finest property portal in Pakistan,, presents a detailed analysis of the effects of currency depreciation on real estate below.In the upcoming days, as the price of labor, raw materials, and transportation rises, the full effects of this currency loss on real estate will become clear. According to the figures from the previous year, imports totaled almost $56 billion. 

Oil and mineral fuels made for about 27% of the entire import bill. Additionally, the nation imported $4.59 billion worth of iron and steel as well as various sorts of machinery totaling $5.88 billion. These numbers indicate that the cost of building will probably rise as well. For example, steel and iron are utilized in buildings, and as a result of the dollar's rise, both will become more expensive, driving up the price of construction in the near future. Fuel prices will rise as a result of the rupee's depreciation, raising the price of transportation. 

Impact of Dollar Price Fluctuation on Local Buyers

For people who reside abroad and international investors, the decline in the value of the PKR is advantageous. However, the locals, particularly first-time homebuyers and investors, suffer from these currency changes. It will become harder for local buyers to buy a house when the purchasing power declines. Due to the greater returns and long-term financial security that hard assets like real estate offer, the majority of investors do so in an inflationary climate. If not, the value of the money in the bank account would decrease as the rupee continues to lose value. 

 Good Opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis

Foreign investors, particularly those in real estate, will benefit from the dollar's rise to Rs. 280 because all upscale properties will now be more affordable.  So, it is the ideal time for them to make a real estate investment. Finding the ideal property is the main challenge for international or overseas real estate investors. Furthermore, it is challenging for them to invest in the nation's real estate due to the paperwork and regulatory requirements of every transaction. 

The current value of the rupee makes real estate a profitable investment choice, provided that all these obstacles are removed and the procedure is made simpler for international or offshore investors. Foreigners from Pakistan who want to engage in the real estate market in their home country shouldn't hold off because the rupee's value may rise in the near future. It is anticipated that the currency market will stabilize once the IMF loan agreement is finalized. For this reason, Pakistanis living abroad should invest in real estate to provide a consistent stream of income.

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Effects of Dollar Appreciation on the Rental Market

Higher interest rates are a widespread problem that makes house loans pricey for the average person. They will be compelled to hunt for a rental house as a result of all these considerations. Landlords can raise the rent in response to the rising demand for rental properties because prospective renters are willing to pay more in an inflationary climate. 

What Steps Should a New Investor Take?

  • New investors, whether domestic or foreign, should exercise caution to avoid making an investment in an overpriced property that could negatively impact their returns. The following should be considered by investors as they develop their investment strategy:
  • Since it can generate a consistent stream of income, investors should purchase a home with good rental
  • Investing in a residential property is preferable to a commercial one when a currency is depreciating since the risk is significantly smaller. It is preferable to invest in a house or flat that has already been built because the price of properties that are still being built can change as a result of rupee depreciation.
  • The decline of the rupee against the dollar has a favorable impact on real estate, as more people are seeking for ways to invest their money to increase their wealth. However, you must exercise caution when making investments in these situations since you want to buy real estate that will generate sizable profits before the currency market stabilizes.


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