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List of Top Famous Beaches in Karachi 2022

List of Top Famous Beaches in Karachi 2022

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is considered as the most important country in the world because of its geostrategic location.  World Travel and Tourism Council ranked Pakistan as 47th best country for tourism among 200 countries in the world. The FORBES Magazine also enlisted Pakistan as the second most favorite tourist destination for vocations in 2020. In addition to this, we all know that the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is ranked as the second most beautiful capital after London, among the capitals of the world. All these titles came under the honor if our beloved country because of the magnificent mighty mountains, recreational amusement Parks, archeological sites, natural green valleys like Gilgit Baltistan, lakes and rivers, roaring waterfalls, delicious foods, tremendous Islands and virgin beaches etc.

There are number of splendid beaches in different cities of Pakistan which are the source of tourist attraction. Karachi is home to too many beaches where locals as well as tourist pay their visit to enjoy some memorable time with their family and friends. Some of the best beaches in Karachi which are following:

List of Top Beaches in Karachi

Clifton Beach, Sea View Karachi

The name of Clifton pop ups in our mind, when we hear the phrase Karachi sea view It is because, Clifton is the most visiting and the most famous tourist spot in Karachi. Clifton which is generally known as "Sea View" is a must visiting place for Karachiites, as kaba is for whole Muslims and Jerusalem is for all Christians. Moreover, Karachiites do not get tired of visiting Clifton Sea view frequently mostly in summer. Furthermore, among the silver- Sand beaches in the world, Clifton remained most famous in 20th century, but its reputation as famous sand beach affected in 2003 due to an oil spill incident. Because of this incident we strongly non-recommend this beach for swimming. You can see the most tremendous sunset scene of Karachi from Clifton beach. There are many interesting entertainment opportunities here for tourist such as Camel riding, horse riding, amusement Park and most of the people go for swimming as well. That’s why you can find the bustle of thousands of public in this beach throughout the week.  People of Karachi visit here to defeat the scorching heat strokes of summer.

Manora Beach

Second in our list is Manora beach. Manora beach is also famous as Clifton beach, situated in the south of Karachi port, Sindh Pakistan. A historical site of 19th century Hindu Temple is also located in this beach, which attracts more and more Hindu tourist from all over the world towards this beach. Manora is actually a cluster of Islands spread along the coastline of the sea. A magnificent light house was constructed during the British period on this beach Island, which is another attractive point of this place. Be careful while swimming in this water because the strong cruel tides and hazardous water pollution can be dangerous for your life. Another bad news about this Island beach is that, that photography is totally prohibited because of security concerns. But you can enjoy the delicious fried fish from the various stalls which are located in Manora Island for your service.

Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay, the exotic and one of the most popular tourist places, is located in South - West of Karachi. You can reach there after completing 20km distance via Mauripur road. "Hawke" was one of the popular governors of Victorian time and this beach was named in the honor of that governor. Most of the tourist consider this place as heaven for themselves because of its clean and amicable environment. Moreover, the crystal blue water of this beach makes it the best place to spend some memorable time with family and friends. In addition to this you can enjoy camel riding, horse riding, swimming as well as fishing on this beach.

Not only human beings but also rare animals like reptiles and green turtles like this place very much. They move to this place for breeding during breeding season, that makes this place very unique as compare to other beaches which are located in Karachi.

French Beach

In the mid of Paradise point and Hawke's Bay, the magnificent French Beach can be found. French beach is heaven for the swimmer and its fresh clear water attracts tourist from all over Pakistan. The beach is actually a small fishing village and locally known as "Haji Ismill Goth". The elite class use this top beach in Karachi frequently to spend their weekends. This is privately owned beach and most of the huts and property in the territory, belongs to people. It is very important to get permission from the people who own these properties before entering this beach. This less crowded rocky beach is an ideal place to spend beautiful evenings especially on weekend. Besides being a best place for domestic tourism. It has become the major attraction of foreign tourist in recent years as well.

You can enjoy scuba diving, surfing and swimming in this beach.

Paradise Point

Paradise point is located on Arabian Sea and it is considered as one of the famous beach in Karachi for family outing and. The tourist who love to get entertainment from swimming, horse riding, Camel riding should visit this park to fulfill their wish. Local people of Karachi most often visit this place to resurrect their lethargic body, mind and soul. Via Mirpur road (Hawkes Bay road) from Karachi you can reach this tourist paradise to feel yourself refreshed.

Given below beaches are also located in Karachi which are also worth visiting,

  • Charna Island Beach
  • Cape Monze Beach
  • Manora Beach
  • Gadanj Beach
  • Bhit Khori Beach
  • Turtle Beach Beach
  • Cape Mount Beach
  • Sandspit Beach
  • Russian Beach
  • Tushan Beach
  • Nathia Gali Beach
  • Kund Malir Beach
  • Ibrahim Hydari Beach
  • Korangi Creek
  • Mubarak Goth
  • Sunhera Beach
  • Devils Point
  • Blue Sea Resort

Now, it is the time to get yourself free from you busy schedule and hit the road towards one of the given above heavens to make some everlasting memories with your family and friends.

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