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New Best Alternatives To Single Use Plastic Bags

New Best Alternatives To Single Use Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are an incredibly convenient way to carry your groceries, but their convenience comes at a cost to the environment and all life on Earth. These bags are one of the most damaging types of trash today, as they can take hundreds of years to break down and threaten marine life when they do get broken down. An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic garbage enter the water every year, harming the marine environment completely. Therefore, conserving the environment is more important than choosing a particular lifestyle. 

Giving up the usage of plastic is the first and most crucial step in this regard. However, you might be wondering what we should use instead of plastic bags.  Don't worry; we have compiled a list of the best eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic bags for your convenience. But first, let's talk about some strong arguments against using these plastic bags.

Reasons To Quit Single Use Plastic Bags


Single-use plastic bags may seem like an easy convenience, but they have a devastating effect on the environment. According to Ocean Conservancy, plastic bags are one of the most common items found during beach cleanups and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. The production of plastic uses natural resources and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that impact climate change. Additionally, it takes between 20 to 100 years for a single bag to biodegrade, which means the plastic will be around long after we're gone. As such, we need to stop using these toxic and harmful bags right away.

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The main reasons to replace Single-use plastic bags are:

  • They are harmful to wildlife
  • They occupy a vast landfill space
  • They don't decompose easily and persist for centuries in the environment
  • They leak toxins into our food and water supply when they're disposed of improperly

Cheap Alternatives To Plastic Bags

Paper and cotton bags were commonplace long before plastic. The fact that these eco-friendly options have less influence on the environment is their main benefit.  Below is a list of the top eco-friendly bags to replace plastic ones.

Paper Bags

Paper is a great alternative to single-use plastics and is both easy to store and inexpensive.  They can be easily recycled and won't degrade in 500 years as plastic does. The threat to the aquatic species is reduced by the ease with which paper bags decompose in water.However, choosing a recycled paper bag over a freshly made one is preferable. A study claims that making paper bags from scratch in huge quantities could waste water and destroy forests. Therefore they are not at all environmentally beneficial. However, utilizing recycled paper is a far better and more environmentally friendly choice.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are composed of strong materials and offer a wide range of sizes and forms. These bags are a popular alternative to single-use plastic because they're reusable and eco-friendly.  A reusable grocery tote is a must-have for any health-conscious and environmentally conscious consumer. Because they are constructed of organic fabric that is free from toxic materials, tote bags are also excellent for the planet. They don't harm the surroundings or people even if they are burned. They are lightweight, can be carried over the shoulder, and don't contribute to landfill waste.Plus, they are durable enough to last for years of shopping trips so you don't have to buy a new one every few months.

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Mesh Shopping Bags

Mesh bags, sometimes referred to as thread bags, are among the greatest replacements for plastic bags since they are stylish, practical, and reusable. They were created in the 1800s, a long time before plastic bags were developed. Mesh bags were first created using interconnecting metal rings. They are currently based on net-like constructions manufactured from filaments of nylon and other composite polymers, though, to increase usability and lighten the load. The mesh allows air circulation while preventing things from falling out so it's perfect for shopping or going on picnics.

Due to their flexibility, mesh bags are ideal for preserving fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you can use them to store many types of confectionery goods and meat products. The various uses of these biodegradable shopping bags enable people and communities to lessen their carbon output. Mesh bags are incredibly popular due to the rising trend of choosing environmentally friendly items. In Pakistan, department stores are a good place to look for them, particularly in the food sections.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags

An environmentally friendly substitute for single-use plastic bags is biodegradable bags. They are made of materials that decompose in the environment and they are lightweight which makes them ideal for carrying groceries. Nearly every single other major grocery store and hypermarket chain now provide customers with compostable, eco-friendly bags. It benefits the environment as well as helps big businesses fulfill their corporate social obligations and project a favorable image.

Recyclable shopping bags are another name for biodegradable plastic bags. In addition to having amazing breakdown abilities, they are significantly simpler to recycle. Additionally, these bio-plastic bags share many traits with polythene bags.


Final Thoughts 


Here comes an end to our list of best alternatives to single-use plastic bags. It's not just our environment that we need to consider when it comes to the negative effects of plastic. Our health is in danger too. Studies show that people who were exposed to high levels of BPA (a toxic chemical found in many plastics) have an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and cancer. The best way to avoid these harmful chemicals is to stop using any kind of plastic bag as soon as possible.  So what are you waiting for? Throw away those single-use plastics and make a difference today!


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