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Pakistan first Amazon Fulfillment and Facilitation Midpoint City Multan

Pakistan first Amazon Fulfillment and Facilitation Midpoint City Multan

Multan Postmaster General (PMG) Zulfiqar Hussain has said that the firsts amazon warehouse in Pakistan Fulfillment and Facilitation Center (AFFC) would open after Eid-ul-Adha in Multan, as per news sources. Amazon facility Punjab move will assist with advancing nearby craftsmanship in the global market.



Amazon center Multan meets the necessities of an internet business store.

The premier had ordered to make a variety of Pakistani products — either by exporters or individuals’ handmade products — compete in the international market through as many channels as possible, PMG said.
PMG said the minister was making untiring efforts pursuing his desire for Pakistani products to have access to Amazon, while the Pakistan Post was working industriously to achieve the target.
The PMG said that most of the work has been completed on the AFFC at the general post office Dera Adda and it would become functional after Eid-ul-Azha.
He said Multan officials were in contact with Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) to ensure that handmade products of South Punjab craftsmen become the identity of Pakistan on the Amazon portal and ensure that local exporters, industrialists, and traders also avail the world’s largest online retail platform after registration.

The PMG said Amazon is the world’s big market portal and made-in-Pakistan signature there would be a significant success of the government.

The initiative would not only bring much-needed foreign exchange earnings but would also improve Pakistan Post's revenue, the PMG said.

Mr. Zulfiqar  Hussain believes that Pakistan Post, MCCI, and Amazon should work together to boost economic growth in the SME sector. “We would give the business community cutting-edge amenities. The craftsmen will be able to advertise their items on a global scale by registering them on Amazon”, he continued.

The federal minister serves Murad Saeed took unique drives to satisfy PM Imran Khan's vision, says Pakistan Post authority. 
Works in progress to set up Amazon centers with distribution centers in Bahawalpur, a different locale of South Punjab.
More or less, a Made-In-Pakistan signature on the world's biggest market entry would be a gigantic achievement for the nation by and large.


One-and-a-half months prior, Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood had declared that online business goliath Amazon had added Pakistan to its dealers' rundown. Following the turn of events, Pakistani business visionaries got qualified to sell on the stage. Little and Medium Enterprises (SME), youth, and ladies business people will have plentiful freedoms to associate with the worldwide market through the Amazon stage.

The stage offers Amazon's 3P model (outsider relationship) where retailers sell straightforwardly to purchasers through the commercial center which serves brand proprietors. Under Amazon's 1P model, the commercial center goes about as a retailer while a brand is the discount provider for mass makers who need to deliver Amazon brand things.
Following the turn of events, Pakistani businesspeople got qualified to sell on the stage. Little and Medium Enterprises (SME), youth, and ladies business people will have abundant freedoms to interface with the worldwide market by means of the Amazon stage.

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