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PM Inuagurates Kamyab Pakistan Program, The poor TO Get Rs 1400 billion

PM Inuagurates Kamyab Pakistan Program, The poor TO Get Rs 1400 billion

 ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the ambitious Kamyab Pakistan Programme (KPP) under which the government has a plan to disburse loans worth Rs1.4 trillion to 3.7 million families. The massive micro-financing program, a brainchild of the finance minister Shoukat Tarin, has five essential components namely, micro-financing for farmers, an Rs 500 thousand financing to start a business, easy installment financing to build low-cost houses, Kamyab Hunarmand, and Insaf Sehat Card are also attached with the program.

 The KPP is believed to play a vital role in poverty elimination in the country. In the first phase the masses from Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK), Baluchistan, Gilgit- Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the most dejected districts of Punjab and Sindh will benefit from the program. Finance Minister Shoukat Tarin said it is the first program of its kind in the history of Pakistan to empower the most dejected segment of society. The poorest of the poor, he said, would be connected to banks through microfinance institutions. This huge program the Minister believes would change the lives of the people.

In line with PM’s vision of empowering the most depressed and dejected segment of society, the government has taken multiple steps to realize his dreams in letter and spirit. Provision of affordable housing, employment opportunities to the masses, Insaf Sehat Card, and now Kamyab Pakistan Program is a milestone to take the country to the mounts of affluence. The much-needed support to millions of families whose cumulative average monthly income is less than fifty thousand would help the low-income group to improve their lifestyle.

The government believes that under the KPP the low-income group would learn how to catch a fish rather than being provided with it. The most innovative financing structure of the program would help out the less-privileged to a great extent. The program will be connected to NADRA and AHSAS data for verification purpose. The “bottom-up approach” would enable the poorest of the poor to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty and play his/her role towards sustainable economic growth as envisioned by the premier.

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