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Raheem Yar Khan Famous Places to Visit in Every Season

Raheem Yar Khan Famous Places to Visit in Every Season

Rahim Yar Khan is the hub of Agricultural and commercial activities. It is considered the biggest contributor of Cotton to the cotton industry of Pakistan. You can find the District of Rajanpur in the west of Raheem Yar khan, Bahawalpur in the east, the river in the north, and the Indian State of Rajasthan in the south. All the major roads towards Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan passee through Raheem Yar khan that’s why it is known as the "Gateway to Punjab" and there are many famous places in Raheem Yar Khan. Thus, we can say that it is the junction point of all the major cities. The 11,880 sq km area of District Rahim Yar Khan is home to four tehsils, like Khanpur, Raheem Yar Kahan, Saqudabad, and Liaquatpur, and more than 5 million population. It has been one of the magnificent world historical cities, known by different names such as Patan, Pholwada, Alwar, and Naushera.

Nawshera is the old name of Rahim Yar Khan and it was named Rahim Yar Khan in the honor of Prince of the State "Rahim Yar Khan" who died in 1881 in the fire accident that occurred in the State's Ammunition Depot. The city has a rich mixture of modern as well as ancient civilizations.

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I am going to enlist the most attractive spots of Rahim, which are being liked by every tourist nowadays.

List of Rahim Yar Khan Famous Places 

Famous spots which are masterpieces of modernization are:

  • Sheikh Zayed Airport
  • Khawaja Farid Khan's Abu Dhabi Palace
  • Khawaja Farid University of Engineering and Technology
  • Sheikh Zaid Medical College


Sheikh Zayed Airport

The tremendous Sheikh Zayed Airport is located in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab Pakistan. The airport is commonly known as Rahim Yar Khan Airport.  Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan supported financially to the construction of this airport that’s why it is named in the honor of its financer. This airport is constructed according to modern technologies, which makes it the best to visit.


Khwaja Farid Khan Abu Dhabi Palace

The astonishing Khwaja Farid Khan Abu Dhabi Palace is the best place to visit as a tourist. The palace is constructed according to the ethics of modern technology which makes this place safest and most attractive as compared to other tourist spots. Most of people come from different areas to see this masterpiece of modern architecture.


Khawaja Farid University of Engineering and Information Technology

It is one of the best Public universities in Rahim Yar Khan. The Ex. Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif initiated this University in 2014. This university is a symbol of love for one of the most famous Sufi poets, scholars and writers of the 19th century Khwaja Ghulam Fareed. The University is spread over 275 acres on Abu Dhabi road. Moreover, it consists of 8000 students, and 200 teaching staff. Must visit this beautiful, attractive, and magnificent, Palace if you are a student educationist, or affiliated with academics.


Sheikh Zaid Hospital and Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan

Sheikh Zaid Medical College was initiated in the month of March 2003. This Public Medical College is situated in the territory of Rahim Yar Khan. It is the symbol of honor of the royal crown Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who supported a lot for the completion of this project. This is the only biggest hospital in Rahim Yar Khan district which has a space of 2700 beds. Furthermore, this medical college is recognized for postgraduate and undergraduate studies by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Islamabad. Via the channel of the University of Health Sciences Lahore entrance test, SZMC gives admission to 150 students on open merit every year.

It is also a must visiting place in Rahim Yar Khan. The eye-catching splendid building attracts many tourists every year.

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In addition to modern visiting places, there are many other ancient historical Places in Rahim yar khan which are evidence of Rahim Yar Khan's past glory. The given below places are also worth visiting places located in Rahim Yar Khan,

  • Bhong Mosque
  • Baghala Fort
  • Sassi's Proposed city Bhatta Vahan
  • Mau Mubaraks Fort
  • Ancient Pathan Minara
  • Islamgarh Fort
  • The Tomb of Bibi Karam Khatun
  • Fort of Bijnot and Machhki
  • Machki Fort
  • Derawa Fort
  • Pleasure Land
  • City Park
  • Cholistan Desert
  • Khairgarh Fort


Bhong Mosque

At a distance of 18 km from Sadiq Abad Tehsil, and 50 km away from Rahim Yar khan District, you will meet a beautiful and calm village, Bong. The magnificent architectural beauty, exquisite design, intricate decorative patterns, and applaudable calligraphic work attracts a number of tourists not only from Pakistan but also from all over the world to its lap every year. The well-known Agha Khan award was won by this architectural site in 1986 for its extraordinary architectural skills. The construction was supervised by Master Abdul Hameed (Kamboh) who kept everything under his control regarding construction and made it the landmark of Pakistan.


Patan Minara

At a distance of 8 km south of Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan the popular Pathan Minara (The Patan Minaret) is located. In history this famous visiting place Pathan Minara is also known as Patanpur. Some of historians believe that the city was active and inhibited even before the time of Alexander the great. Furthermore, the area of patanpur has been a hub of Buddhism and Hinduism in history. The roaring river Hakra is dried up now because of climate change which has flowed alongside the bank of Patanpur.


Islamgarh Fort

Another famous name of Islamgarh Fort is Bhim War Fort same as Attock Fort. In 1965 Raja Rawal Bhim Singh build this fort. The State of Jaisalmer provided material and stones to this fort while bricks were locally produced by the laborers. When Ikhtiar Khan conquest this fort, he changed the name into Islamgarh in 1780. Because of being very close to the Indian border, the fort is badly damaged by the Indian shelling in the 1971 war. The city of Kishangarh of India is located on the other side of the border which is very close to Islamgarh Fort.


Pleasure Land

Pleasure land is one of the famous recreational parks in Rahim Yar Khan City.  It is the best place in the district for those who want to spend quality time with their friends. In addition to this, the rides, horse riding and other entertainment opportunities make it the ideal place to go for a weekend outing with family and kids. You can enjoy the delicious traditional food of Rahim Yar khan from the restaurants which are located inside the Park. Different jokers in the park play the roles of favorite characters and mostly cartoon characters such as Batman, Spiderman, and mucky mouse to amuse the visitors. The price of an entry ticket is 150 per person.


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