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Seven Tourist Resorts to be Set up in Balochistan

Seven Tourist Resorts to be Set up in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: In a move to fulfill the requirements of local as well as foreign tourists, who want to explore the coastal beauties of Baluchistan, The government of the province is planning to set up seven tourism resorts in coastal areas at the cost of Rs1069 million. Nine resting spots are also under consideration by the government. The government of the largest province of the country under the vision of Prime minister Imran Khan has long been working on the proposal of making the city one of the best tourist resorts in the country that should attract not only the local population but also the international tourism.

To promote tourism in the coastal areas, the government of Baluchistan has formulated a full-fledged, “Baluchistan Coastal Development Authority” which is working on providing all possible facilities including hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps, and rest areas. The government has also posted 215 safeguards to assist and facilitate the tourists. The government of the province believes that a 750 km long coastal belt has a great potential to fascinate the tourist that can contribute a great deal in the government revenue apart from entertaining the masses.

"The province has several coastal areas like Gwadar, Jiwani, Pasni,

 Besides, Baluchistan has numerous historical, religious,

 environmental and beautiful sites which can be developed into mega tourist sites "Baluchistan is the largest province in the country that is full of natural beauty. What is required is to promote its nature and history. The governor of Baluchistan has urged the writers and journalists to help the government to promote the scenic beauty of especially the coastal area. “By promoting tourism, we could draw the attention of tourists to the beauty of Baluchistan and especially to archeology, “he said.

By promoting national tourism in Baluchistan we can provide an

opportunity to the people of other provinces to see the largest

province of Pakistan .it will also enable the government to promote

peace and harmony among the people of the country along with a huge

contribution into the national exchequer.


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