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Top Areas For Buying Houses In Karachi A Complete Guide

Top Areas For Buying Houses In Karachi A Complete Guide

With a population of over 20 million, Karachi is a bustling metropolis. The largest city in Pakistan's huge urban terrain is made up of a large number of buildings separated into numerous zones and districts.  As a result, finding an inexpensive property in Karachi can be difficult. However, you need not worry. With our comprehensive guide to the top areas for buying homes in Karachi, we are here to assist you. Consequently, you will be able to invest in the best places buy Houses  in Karachi with all the necessities nearby. The big city have a lot of opportunities Houses for sale in Karachi is now have a big list.  


Best 5 Residential Areas In Karachi



Due to its enviable location in the heart of Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauhar has emerged as a popular choice among potential homebuyers. One of the main factors contributing to the neighborhood's appeal is its vicinity to some of the city's premier universities, including NEDUET, SSUET, Karachi University, and Bahria University. Gulistan-e-Jauhar is additionally connected to some of Karachi's busiest roadways, including Rashid Minhas Road.  The prominence of this region is further increased by attractions like Millenium Mall, Nueplex Theaters, and Darul Sehat Hospital.

Most importantly, Gulistan-e-Jauhar is well known for being a center for residential buildings. Gulistan-e-Jauhar, on the other hand, is well known for being a center for residential buildings. If you are looking for homes for sale in the region, you will also come across some respectable choices like a 120 sq yd house.

Prices Of Houses For Sale In Gulistan-E-Jauhar 


This real estate option has a pricing range that starts at PKR 70 lakh and extends up to PKR 3.3 crore.  250 square yard homes in the area cost between PKR 1.5 and PKR 5.5 crore. Moreover, budgets between PKR 3.5 to PKR 10 crore are required for anyone interested in purchasing a 500-square-yard home in the Gulistan-e-Jauhar.



Another well-known area for buying a home in Karachi is Gulshan-e-Iqbal. It is also linked to some of the most well-known structures in the city, such as the Expo Center, Civic Center, Karachi's National Stadium, etc, in addition to being in a very advantageous location. Besides these buildings, this area is also a hub of many recreational places. Moreover, residents will not have to face any difficulty with transportation availability. The existence of the extremely well-known NIPA Chowrangi, which connects with virtually every renowned shuttle bus passing through the area, helps the locals with their travel needs.

Prices of Houses for sale in GULSHAN-E-IQBAL


If purchasing a home in the area is on your list of priorities, there are likely to be several acceptable investment opportunities. In Gulshan-e-Iqbal, home costs are also affordable. For instance, the cost of a 120-square-yard house in the neighborhood will range between PKR 1.1 to 3.5 crore. On the other side, a 250-square-yard house in Gulshan-e-Iqbal typically costs between PKR 2.5 crore and PKR 6 crore. Lastly, a 500 square meter house may cost you between PKR 4 crore and 12 crores.


Dha Karachi

Based on the most recent searches on (Pakistan’s No. 1 property portal), DHA Karachi is an elite community with top-notch amenities and a solid infrastructure that is the best pick for property purchasers in the city. You may live a convenient urban lifestyle owing to the housing options in Defence, Karachi. A sizable network of roadways with guiding signboards connects the entire neighborhood for the ease of residents. Additionally, the upscale neighborhood is divided into seven sections, each of which was built with plenty of urban open space and greenways. 

Most importantly, DHA Karachi is home to several well-known business districts, including Bukhari Commercial and Zamzama Commercial. People from many areas of Karachi frequent their eateries and commercial shops.

Prices of houses for Sale in DHA Karachi


Due to its extreme popularity, Defence's home prices are a little high. A 120-square-yard house typically costs between PKR 2.4 crore and PKR 6.5 crore. You will need to set aside between PKR 4.3 and 10 crore to buy a 250-square-yard home in the neighborhood. Similar to this, purchasing a 500-square-yard property in DHA Karachi can typically cost you between 5 and 25 crores.

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Bahria Town Karachi

Another best and most expensive residential area in Karachi is Bahria Town. It is a master-planned housing complex that provides its members with all the benefits of living in a private residence.  Moreover, it is the biggest Bahria Town in Pakistan, with a total area of 16,000 hectares. It is one of the finest residential developments to date in Karachi's suburbs, featuring top-notch architecture and all contemporary amenities. Because of the cutting-edge layout, Bahria Town's zones have large, well-paved streets with signboards directing drivers in the right direction.

Midway Business is a developing neighborhood of residential buildings for commercial activity. It is possibly connected to Bahria Town's main gate and is close to the primary Jinnah Avenue. Additionally, it is the location of Pakistan's first-ever global grade day and night zoo, the extremely well-known Danzoo.

Prices of Houses for sale in BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI


A 120-square yard home in Bahria Town Karachi may be purchased for anywhere between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 2.5 crore, making it easily affordable for a large number of people. Similar to this, you should spend somewhere between PKR 80 lakh and 5 crores for the purchase of a 250 square yard home in Bahria Town. Lastly, the typical price range for larger 500 sq yd homes is between PKR 2.2 and PKR 7 crore.

  • SCHEME 33

Scheme 33 has grown to be one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Karachi for homes for sale due to the accessibility of affordable housing options. It is a relatively recent housing development that is split into districts.

Prices of Houses for sale in scheme 33


As already mentioned, Scheme 33 is well known for its inexpensive housing options. As a result, you could likely purchase a 120-square-yard home in the region for anything between PKR 60 lakh to PKR 3.4 crore. You will require a budget between PKR 1.1 crore and PKR 5 crore to purchase a 250 sq yd house in the community. The price range for 500 sq yd homes in Scheme 33 grows slightly higher, starting at PKR 3 crore and extending up to PKR 6.5 crore.


Final Thoughts 


This concludes our complete guide on the top areas for buying houses in Karachi. The information we've provided above will be useful to you as you look for a place to live in the sprawling city. Moreover, according to the amenities present in and close to these localities, all of these areas are rated as ideal to invest in.

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