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Top Brunch Places In Karachi For A Mouthwatering & Affordable Breakfast

Top Brunch Places In Karachi For A Mouthwatering & Affordable Breakfast

Want to have delicious crepes, bagels, and hot cups of coffee in a cozy restaurant setting in Karachi? If so, then keep reading. Our list of the top brunch spots in Karachi has everything you need to add a special touch to your weekend. This list contains everything you require whether you're looking for something simple and inexpensive or want to visit a beautiful, high-end spot.
So, let’s start exploring the Best Brunch Places in Karachi.

Cote Rotie

Côte Rôtie is a wonderful place to eat the best Sunday brunch in Karachi because of its gorgeous interior and peaceful ambiance. This upscale restaurant is housed in Alliance Française, a French academic and social events hub in the city. It is well-known for its wonderful cuisine, which will temporarily make you forget you are in Karachi rather than some classic French cafe. The food menu at Cote Rotie features a variety of appetizers, such as baked french cheese with honey and peaches, smokey fish roast, Moroccan chicken sandwiches, and sticky mango shrimp. A delectable selection of egg dishes, including omelets, poached eggs, boiled eggs, bread pudding, and more, are also available at the restaurant. If you don't like these foods, the restaurant also serves salads and burgers. Not to mention, the restaurant is well known for its amazing coffee and tea variety. Additionally, you can sample their juices, mousses, milkshakes, and other drinks.

Theatre Live Bakery & Cafe

The Theatre Live Bakery & Café is one of Karachi's top brunch spots. The restaurant's magical atmosphere is further enhanced by its well-lit lounge area and mood lighting, while its savory cuisine and first-rate culinary arrangement do not fall short.
Theatre Live Bakery & Café provides two menus: a café menu and a baking menu. All-day morning savories are available in abundance on the Café Menu, including casseroles, pancake melts, bread pudding, toast, waffles, and omelet buns.   Steaks, French toast, tacos, and other foods are available on the daily brunch menu. However, the restaurant's bakery menu offers a remarkable variety of pastries, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, fluffy pastries, handmade bread, candies, and savory items. Additionally, there are macarons, eclairs, mousse jars, and a selection of delicious drinks.

Floc – For The Love Of Coffee 

The restaurant is renowned for its specialty coffee, craft drinks, and baked goods—the three components of any breakfast menu that should not be overlooked. The FLOC offers a variety of dishes, including cheesy mushrooms, chicken wings, chicken jalapenos, crunchy chicken wings, and more as starters.
A selection of egg brunches, poached eggs, and fried eggs are available on the breakfast menu. A side of crunchy fries, a toast basket, marmalade, and cream cheese are included with each of these dishes. In addition, you may have granola bars, French toast, and waffles for a full brunch experience.
Along with an extensive menu including black coffee, mochas, cappuccinos, iced lattes, tea, cocoa, and French press, the restaurant also provides keto-friendly cuisine options.

Lal Qila Restaurant

If you're seeking a desi breakfast in Karachi, you should add Lal Qila to your list of places to eat. Its stunning building is strikingly similar to the Mughal Empire, and its alluring interior design is an exquisite fusion of modern style and classic accents. Its position in the center of a significant economic and residential area also makes it a well-liked hangout for foodies in the city.
To satisfy a range of appetites, this Saturday brunch buffet in Karachi offers a vast selection of classic, Western, and Chinese foodstuffs. Besides the barbecue items, spaghetti, grilled cheese, fruits and veggies, and much more, it offers sauces, sandwiches, varied pastry, Danish desserts, burgers, French cucumber sandwiches, crepes, pancakes, and a packed English breakfast.

Koffie Chalet

This restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best breakfast buffets in Karachi for friends and family because of the chic decor, friendly staff, and delectable food. You should visit this brunch spot if you are seeking a cheap breakfast in Karachi.
Chicken maize casserole, fruit broccoli bowl, chicken mozzarella goujons, chicken fried wontons, fried fish and chips, waffles, cold burgers, live scrambled eggs, pocket chicken, Thai jalapeno chicken, chicken marsala spaghetti, thyme steak, chowmein, pasta, cumin rice, chocolate lava cake, and your choice of chai or herbal tea are all included in the buffet, which costs PKR 1295 plus tax.

Necos Natural Store And Cafe

This restaurant is a fantastic addition to this ranking because of the serene ambiance and excellent service that only serve to further its appeal among Karachi's cuisine enthusiasts. The restaurant, which has three locations spread across the city, is popular with individuals trying to kick off their weekends well. It is also among Karachi's top brunch places. The restaurant's All-Day Brunch menu offers all from scrambled eggs and sandwiches to waffles and granola. You may also enjoy their stews, sandwiches, chips, fries, chicken and meat steaks, pancakes, omelets, pies, spaghetti, prawns, milkshakes, and other dishes. Additionally, Necos offers a unique keto menu that features salads, burgers, rolls, chops, and drinks.


Xander's is one of Karachi's best brunch spots since it is a fine dining establishment with delicious food, a calm atmosphere, and knowledgeable service. This restaurant is easily accessible to individuals from all around the city thanks to its locations in DHA, Clifton, and PECHS. It is also well known for its simple, healthy dishes that may make your day better with just a single bite. 
The all-day brunch menu at Xander's, which offers a wonderful assortment of every egg dish possible, is one of the elements that make it one of the top brunch spots in Karachi. The egg delicacies at this eatery will definitely wow you, from classic scrambled eggs to roasted eggs and more.
If eggs, however, are not your taste, Xander's offers a sweet brunch menu that is available all day. It covers all from cereal bowls and waffles to butter croissants and chocolate.  At this restaurant, you may also have salads, beef and chicken main courses, hamburgers, fish, pizza, toast, pastries, and much more.

The Patio

The Patio deserves to be included in our list of the best brunch spots in Karachi because of its creatively designed menus. You should visit this eatery if you want a Turkish breakfast in Karachi. Those who like brunch over typical breakfast or lunch fare will find one of the tastiest meals at The Patio. While this hotel's breakfast trays are very delicious, its pancakes and spaghetti are the real standouts. Along with a wide variety of other foods, the restaurant serves a variety of egg dishes, delicious bakery items, soups, burgers, steaks, fish, fillets, and much more.


The Bottom Line

Now, our list of the top brunch spots in Karachi has come to an end. Due to their relaxing atmosphere and delicious food, all of these establishments are highly known and beloved by Karachi residents. Furthermore, you can almost always find something at these brunch spots. Visit one of these eateries the next time you have brunch with family or friends. Don’t forget to share your amazing experience at these brunch restaurants with us in the comment section below. 

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