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Top Driving Schools In Islamabad To Help You Get Behind The Wheel

Top Driving Schools In Islamabad To Help You Get Behind The Wheel

Driving is something that everyone has to do at some point, and whether you're going to college or have a job, it's always good to know how to drive. And when it comes to driving in the most civilized city of Pakistan, i.e., Islamabad, you should be aware of all the essential driving rules. The capital boasts a vital infrastructure, including clear roads, functional traffic lights, well-built pedestrian walkways, and numerous road signs to promote public safety. So, you should be a pro driver if you consider residing in or visiting Islamabad. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top driving schools in Islamabad To Help You Become A Safe And Skilled Driver In No Time!

7 Best Driving Institutions In Islamabad


Since its founding in 1996, King Driving School has taught many people how to drive. Currently, this institution provides distinct courses for different kinds of vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, etc. You will receive theoretical and practical training, which will help you develop as a good driver. The school offers a pickup and drop-off service during practical training, particularly for female students. This driving school in Islamabad accepts applications from all genders for its training programs and courses. CNIC and a learning license are required for enrollment in this school. Depending on the specific vehicle, the fee packages range from PKR 10,000 to PKR 30,000.
CNIC and a learning license are required for enrollment in this school.

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This institute, like several other famous driving schools in Islamabad, will help you obtain a license that will never expire. Men and women can take specialized driving classes at this school to hone their driving abilities. Islamabad Driving School won't accept you as a qualified driver unless you successfully complete the driving test. You will receive training by conducting theoretical and practical training sessions at the driving school in Islamabad.


Iqra Driving Institute is one of Islamabad's best driving schools. The courses offered here can help you become a more skilled driver. Students are taught to drive using vehicles appropriately equipped with safety safeguards under the direction of skilled and experienced teachers. Iqra Driving Institute offers various driving classes for all types of vehicles, from light pickups to large hatchbacks. It is open to both men and women.

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Five Star Driving School has a superb reputation in Islamabad because of its team of skilled instructors that train drivers using contemporary methods. Five Star Driving School offers many kinds of driving license training depending on the vehicle type. To get the title of a qualified driver, you must complete a variety of theoretical and practical training sessions after applying for a specific driving course, including a final driving test. Since it began serving the twin cities, it has trained and developed hundreds of its pupils into capable drivers.


Another best driving school in the city is Shaheen Driving School. It employs highly qualified instructors who can teach you how to drive in Islamabad. The driving license program requires you to complete a few theoretical exams and practical lessons. After enrolling in the Shaheen driving school, you will master all the essential guidelines and legislation for contemporary driving. They offer driving training to both sexes. Depending on the candidate's prior experiences, this school offers several packages. For different packages, the costs range from PKR 3,500 to PKR 30,000.

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It is the ideal location for you if you want to learn how to drive in Islamabad. It is owned by the Traffic Enforcement Commission of the capital city. The driving courses offered by this organization apply to both men and women. Additionally, getting your driver's license won't be difficult for you if you get training at this school. The Islamabad Highway Patrol Driving School provides a variety of motor training programmes depending on multiple vehicle kinds.


Makkah Driving School offers basic, adult, and female driving lessons. Additionally, it offers an online driving school program that teaches you the fundamentals of driving before your license. There are also pickup and drop-off services for female students during practical training. It is widely regarded for its pleasant staff so you can communicate easily with the crew regarding any issues during training.


Before registering in a driving school, there are some considerations. It will assist you in selecting the best alternative for your needs. 
• To start, you should confirm the driving school's credentials. It is crucial to guarantee that the school complies with requirements and that the curriculum is current. 
• Study up on the courses the driving school provides. Pick a training center that offers both theoretical and practical instruction. 
• Ensure that the vehicles the institution provides for training are licensed, insured, and properly plated. 
• Lastly, ask if they provide transportation services. If not, you should include the overall cost of travel when determining the amount of capital required for that institution.

Final Thoughts

Driving gives you much-needed independence, but it also carries a lot of responsibility, so you should get the proper training before driving. You won't be disappointed with any of the top driving schools in Islamabad that are listed above. Each has particular benefits, so it's crucial to do your study and pick the one that's best for you. You'll be on your path to developing into a cautious and experienced driver no matter which school you select.

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