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Top Ski Resorts In Pakistan You Need To Visit This Winter

Top Ski Resorts In Pakistan You Need To Visit This Winter

The first thing people think of when they consider winter getaways is skiing or snowboarding at the best ski resorts. Despite being small, Pakistan has some fantastic ski resorts waiting to be explored this winter. So if you are looking for an exciting winter holiday with your friends or family, here is a list of top ski resorts in Pakistan you can visit this winter.

6 Best Ski Resorts In Pakistan Of All Time


Malam Jabba Ski Resort

Malam Jabba Ski Resort is the most alluring and the first ski resort in Pakistan. With several skiing slopes, it's one of the most popular winter destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. In addition to skiing, vacationers can do trekking, hiking, or rock climbing. The mountain has a height of 9,199 feet. 
Skiers may experience many of the best skiing conditions at this location. They love enjoying skiing and snowboarding at Malam Jabba in the wintertime when the snow is rigid and stiff.
On the summit of the snow-covered peak, visitors can go skiing, ice skating, and snow tubing. There are two well-maintained 800-meter ski runs with varying difficulty levels for both beginners and experts. Plus, plenty of other activities keep you busy when you're not skiing, like hiking, shopping, and sightseeing. 

Fairy Meadows Ski Resort

The Fairy Meadows resort is a favorite among visitors because it has a stunning view of the Nanga Parbat in the distance and a beautiful meadow on one side. The ski track is surrounded by snow-covered peaks, which adds to the resort's undeniable beauty.
The resort is situated 3,300 metres above sea level. It provides beautiful sights of Nanga Parbat, the world's ninth-highest mountain summit. With its advanced snowmaking facilities and well-groomed slopes, Fairy Meadows Ski Resort is ideal for both beginner and experienced skiers. Additionally, as trekking is what Fairy Meadows is best known for, the ski resort is highly advised for people who are skilled at it. To fully experience the bliss of nature, you can spend a night camping in the approved areas scattered around the meadows.
The distance between Gilgit Airport and Fairy Meadows Ski Resort is 92 kilometers. You should plan on a three-hour drive if you're hiring a car.


Naltar Valley Ski Resort

One of the top ski resorts in Pakistan, this one is tucked away in the breathtaking Naltar Valley. It's perfect for beginners and intermediates, with various slopes to suit all levels. The resort has several slopes of varying difficulty; its highest point is 2950 meters above sea level.
It has functioned as the primary site for the Pakistani Ski Union. Additionally, it is where the Pakistan National Ski Tournament is held, bringing skiers from all around the globe to the Naltar Ski Resort to show off their skills. Snowboarding, ice skating, and ice hockey events are just a few of the winter sports practiced in this resort. 
The resort also has luxurious lodging. Additionally, the resort has ski equipment, so you can avoid worrying about carrying your own.
The winter months of December through February are the busiest for visitors to this resort because there is enough snow to keep the skiing track in good condition.
To reach this location, travelers must first arrive at Gilgit Airport. You can travel to Naltar Valley Ski Resort after 43 kilometers, which could take two hours.

Shimshal Ski Resort

It is one of Pakistan's popular ski areas. The country's northern region is where the resort is situated. For skiers of all skill levels, it offers a selection of slopes. There are several instructors available to assist you improve your technique, and the surroundings are spectacular. 
From Islamabad, the travel to Hunza would take 22 hours. You will need to continue your walk for another six hours to get to Shimshal Ski Resort. However, it takes roughly 207 kilometers to travel from Gilgit Airport to Shimshal Ski Resort.
Shimshal Ski Resort has also hosted a ski training program for foreign skiers from Austria. In a 10-day skiing course in 2016, ski instructors Stefan Ager and Andreas Gumpenberger taught novice skiers the necessary abilities for the well-liked winter sport.

Nathiagali Ski Resort

One of the most well-known ski resorts in the nation is Nathiagali Ski Resort, which is located in the Nathiagali region of the Pakistani Himalayas. Beautiful mountain views may be seen from the area. Guests can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on its slopes all year round. Mushkpuri and Miranjani mountain peaks are visible from the resort, perched on a 200-meter slope. Since the slope is relatively modest and the trail is simple to navigate, the resort is ideal for beginners. For thrill-seekers, there are also opportunities for heli-skiing or extreme skiing with off-piste routes and terrain parks. 
Given that it is only a two-hour drive from Islamabad, this Pakistani ski resort is ideal for individuals who wish to experience skiing without traveling far into the country's northern regions. The best time to visit this exciting place is somewhere between January.  
If you're looking for a breathtaking ski experience, add Nathiagali Ski Resort to your list!

Astore Valley Ski Resort

Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, and the Astore Valley Ski Resort is one of them. This resort offers stunning views of the killer mountain, Nanga Parbat, and various skiing and snowboarding trails for all levels.
The Astore Region is also home to the tiny community of Rattu, which has a natural skiing slope and adequate training facilities for winter activities. It is one of Pakistan's top locations for beginning skiers. However, visitors and tourists are few in the resort because of its alien presence in Gilgit-Baltistan. For those who prefer a more tranquil environment, this makes it perfect. 
The distance between Gilgit Airport and Astore Valley Ski Resort is around 160 kilometres. You may need to travel there in a jeep for about four hours.


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, with its breathtaking scenery and excellent snow conditions, Pakistan is quickly becoming a top destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The best thing about Pakistan's ski resorts is that they have something for everyone - whether you're looking for long runs with spectacular views, groomed slopes with plenty of turns, or lively après-ski parties. What are you looking for then? Get ready and travel to one of these top ski resorts in Pakistan! They'll make the most memorable winter break ever.


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