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What is Drone Technology in Pakistan and How We Get Benefit From it?

What is Drone Technology in Pakistan and How We Get Benefit From it?

You may have heard the phrase "drone technology in Pakistan" used frequently in recent years, but what does it mean? What is a drone in simple words? Want to get the answer to these questions and many others related to the Pakistan drone industry? If yes, keep reading. A drone is a miniature plane or aerial device that is operated remotely by a human. In other words, unlike other aircraft, a drone doesn't need a person inside to take off and fly. Human controls it immediately while remaining on earth. In technical terms, drones are defined as flying robot that uses software-controlled travel plans in their integrated devices to fly freely or under remote control. Together, these technologies operate with the device's sensor devices and a GPS.

Let’s have a look at what drone technology in Pakistan entails, what are its benefits, and how the government is responding to drone technology. 

Pakistan Drone Industry

Like in other technologies, Pakistan is advancing in the implementation of drone technology in its various sectors like agriculture, real estate, construction, etc. Due to their low cost and remote controllability, these autonomous drones have transformed numerous industries throughout the world. When exploring remote areas and carrying out rescue missions, drone missions are incredibly useful.

After the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel, Pakistan achieved the honor of being the fourth nation on the globe to successfully launch an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), another name for a drone, in a live mission in 2015. Moreover, according to a source, Pakistan is making major investments in UAVs. Researchers have witnessed significant advancements in this area during the last few years. This has proven advantageous for the Pakistan Navy and Army alike. 

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Drone Manufacturers In Pakistan


Pakistan began producing its drone after realizing the advantages of drone technology. The first drone in Pakistan is BURAQ which was developed by the collaboration of NESCOM and PAF. It's an autonomous fighter aircraft. The purpose of manufacturing the first drone in Pakistan is very interesting. Since 2004, the US was carrying out disputed operations in Pakistan's north-western provinces using its unmanned aerial vehicles (UCAVs) to target alleged militants. Pakistan had pushed the US for years to permit it to purchase the MQ-1 Predator, the primary UCAV system the US utilizes in the assaults, but such applications were rejected out of concern for the spread of technology. Then Pakistan decided to produce and launch its drones. Now there are many renowned research centers and industries in Pakistan that are manufacturing drones using advanced information and technical components and software. The prominent manufacturers of drone technology in Pakistan include:

  • Integrated Dynamics (ID)
  • SETC


How Many Drones Does Pakistan Have?


Given that Pakistan has been manufacturing a variety of drones since 2003 for various uses, the answer to this question is quite difficult to determine. For example, The PAF introduced the domestic Satuma Jasoos II "Bravo+" UAV in 2004. Another indigenous model, the Uqab P1 UAV created by GIDS in 2008, was quickly adopted by the Pakistani Army (PA). After taking into account the lessons learned from its service with the PA, the Uqab P1's design was upgraded, and the Pakistani Navy (PN) soon introduced the Uqab P2 in 2010. Since then a multitude of drones are manufactured and launched in Pakistan. 

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Establishment Of Drone Civil Authority In Pakistan

To promote the fair use of drone technology in Pakistan, the former prime minister of Pakistan had given his approval for the Civil Drone Authority to be established in the nation. It was said that to allow for only lawful drone use in the nation, the technology must be managed by an organized sector. However, there are some rules and regulations provided by the PCCA to employ drone technology in Pakistan. 


Drones must also get a NOC to be used in Pakistan, just like other industries must. According to a source, when the media inquired as to whether drones are permitted in Pakistan, the PCCA, the country's national organization responsible for drone safety, responded that they are, but only when used fairly and under the guidelines below.

Rules For Flying Drones In Pakistan By Pcaa


  • A person above the age of 18 may fly the drone in Pakistan up to 400 feet above the ground.
  • A UAS operator must be fourteen years old or older to use one. Operators who are older than 16 will need to sign with the PCAA.
  • There are limitations on flying drones over, through, or close to sensitive areas.
  • Additionally, public roadways cannot be used as a launch or landing area for drones in Pakistan without the appropriate municipal authority's consent.

Uses Of Drone Technology In Pakistan

Pakistan Drone technology had brought a revolution. Now the country is using drone technology in almost all sectors. The country is working to use drone technology as effectively as possible to address its economic, social, and health challenges. Drones are simple to control and can do a variety of jobs that were previously thought to be inhumanely difficult. A growing customer drone with a remote-controlled range of 4 to 8 kilometers is currently incredibly popular in Pakistan. Worldwide aviation authorities advise keeping these unmanned aircraft at or below 400 feet. Following are some of the many uses of drone technology in Pakistan:

  • Drones can be used in agriculture to collect incredibly detailed data using a variety of sensors. This data may then be used to assess crop health, spot pathogens, and pinpoint irrigation issues.
  • Pakistan's real estate industry is likewise making excellent use of unmanned drones. The developers can get crisp, high-definition aerial views of the development site by flying these UAVs close to real property developments. Additionally, it helps them and the real estate investors keep a close eye on how their project is progressing locally.
  • Furthermore, drones are used in a building project for a broad range of purposes, including preliminary surveys and mapping of the worksite, quantitative estimates for dig and fill tasks, progress monitoring, inspecting, spying, and site security.


Final Thoughts On The Drone Industry of Pakistan

That’s all about the drone technology and drone industry in Pakistan and how we are benefiting from it. You can now have confidence in the applications of drones and the technological developments being made in the country. Frequently visit our weblog to acquire more worthwhile and fascinating information like this.

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