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prime 232 Square yards  plot for sale  in Precinct 10 ,bahria town ,Karachi
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prime 232 Square yards plot...

DHA City Karachi - Karachi

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PKR4 Crore

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DHA City Karachi - Karachi

Updated on 27-07-2023

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Plots for Sale in DHA City Karachi

In the world of today, social status and class have become the defining yardstick of one’s position in society. Your prestige is judged against the monetary value and you are dealt as per the brand of your clothes, car or more importantly the area you live in. Material possessions have outvalued every other societal yardstick. This has obviously led two different classes in the society. What Marx said ‘bourgeoisie’ and ‘proletariat’ and we call them the lower strata and upper strata, the elite. Those who earn handsome first look for a decent living. This trend has initiated a race of quality living. People who have enough wherewithal are ion the lookout for a sophisticated living that has ultimately led to the boom in real sector.

Housing societies with time are endeavoring to bring innovation to suit the needs and demands of their customers. DHA is one such housing society that has been in the real estate market for a long time now, providing the most modernized amenities to its customers. DHA is an upscale area situated alongside Clifton. It lies on the southern side of Karachi and is known for its robust infrastructure and superior urban planning. It was initiated in the 1950s by the retired servicemen of Pakistan Army and continuous to serve under the disciplined facilitation of Army. DHA has 8 phases and it continues to expand each year. The area stretches over 8,797 acres and every phase is sub-divided into blocks, sectors, and streets. Plots for sale in DHA Karachi are of varied degrees as per the location. Properties here are considered exclusive primarily because of their prices. It is a safe and secure location compared to other areas of the city, so if you are planning to invest in plots within Karachi, DHA Defence is undoubtedly the best choice along with other societies like Bahria Town and Gulberg Karachi.

Variety of Plots for Sale in DHA Karachi

Since it is strictly and systematically managed by the Army, Plots in this area have a limited variety because of the society’s regulations. Residential plots range from 120 sq.yds. to 1000 sq. yds. Within this range, 240 and 500 sq. yd. are the two most popular area sizes. Price index trends of 500 sq yd plots also indicate that there is a steady increase in the value of land in the area and the costs are expected to keep on increasing. These plots are situated in the center of the city and are of some value. You can either buy a plot for investment in DHA city Karachi latest plot prices or you can build your dream house on the purchased land. If you decide to build a house, you can hire your own architect and/or builder and pick your own building materials as there are no restrictions from DHA authorities, quite unlike other popular residential schemes e.g Askari. Though there are strict planning regulations but not for independent builders. Once you purchase a plot, it is solely your discretion to do whatever you want to i.e. re-sale it or build an apartment.

Hospitals and Educational facilities in DHA Karachi

Residents of DHA have easy access to top-notch schools like The Educators, The City School, The C.A.S School, St. Andrews High School, and Beaconhouse School in their neighbourhood. For higher education, DHA administers its own Suffa University. There are a number of other private universities in the area as well like Iqra University, Greenwich University, and Themis School of Law. DHA Karachi also features some well-equipped hospitals that provide high-quality health services to patients.

Re-sale value of Plots in DHA Karachi

DHA being the most coveted residential place has very high re-sale value. Some phases of DHA are densely populated and plots here might cost more than those in other parts of the city. This fact also applies to the older phases that are fairly developed. The DHA city Karachi plot for sale price range of 120 sq. yd. residential houses for sale in DHA Karachi is about PKR 1.6 to PKR 4 crore and 240 sq. yd. plots cost buyers anywhere from PKR 2.4 crore to PKR 6 crore. For investment in 500 sq. yd. plots in DHA you must have a budget of PKR 3.5 to 9.5 crore. Lastly, 1000 sq. yd. plots are priced between PKR 7.4 crore and 17.5 crore. Firstly, acquisition of plots here are daunting itself owing to price value and rarity but if you bought one then the re-sale is equally profitable. Perhaps most beneficial then other housing societies.

Safety and Security in DHA Karachi

Safety concerns in DHA Defence Karachi are relatively low as it is a high-security area. However, people still opt for private security guards, just as an extra security measure. DHA is located near the sea, but residents, quite ironically, face a lot of water supply issues here. They have to hire water tankers most of the time. For recreation, there are many parks, mosques, clubs, community centres, art galleries, cinemas, golf courses, spas, and libraries in the area. Moreover, people can also visit Defence Authority Marina Club where they can hire a boat, yacht, and play water sports.

Restaurants and Malls in DHA Karachi

DHA has countless markets and bazaars. If you want to shop for high-end brands, you can head to Forum Mall, Ocean Mall, Dolmen Mall, and Zamzama Mall. The most famous supermarkets in the area include Imtiaz, Springs, Sabzi Phal, and Agha’s have huge numbers of flats for sale in DHA Karachi. Restaurants in DHA also have a long list. From cafes to dhabas, the options are endless. Some of the most visited restaurants here are BBQ Tonight, Café Blue Ginger, Club Genova, Mirage, Rotisserie, Chai Khaana, Chotu Chaiwala, Sam’s Place, and Do Darya, which features several fine dining options dotting the shoreline.

Lastly, after having talked in length about the state-of-the-art facilities and standard living it goes without saying that DHA is the most coveted housing scheme in Pakistan. The one with a thick pocket will definitely want to count himself among the elite by securing a plot here in DHA. If you are thinking of some change in your living standard then DHA is unmistakably the place that awaits your arrival.

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