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A Step by Step Guide: How to Apply for Online Driving License in Punjab

A Step by Step Guide: How to Apply for Online Driving License in Punjab

The Punjab government has made things easier by offering a straightforward method for obtaining a learner driver's license. It's time to bid those lengthy lineups farewell and welcome to an easy online system. No more wasting time in dull offices or sifting through complicated paperwork. All you now need is your phone or computer to get started. Being tech-savvy is not necessary; it's just like ordering pizza online. With just a few clicks, apply online for a license!

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This online system was launched in response to Mohsin Naqvi, the interim chief minister of Punjab, who made a wise observation. After observing large groups of people and hearing grievances regarding sluggish processing times and poor networking at Lahore licensing offices, he pushed for the introduction of this service, which revolutionized the process of obtaining a driving license.


Simply go to, the official website of the Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS), to start the process of obtaining your learner's license.

Sign up – Creating Your Passport to the Roads

Making an account on the DLIMS licensing website is the first step. The application procedure will be accessed by you through this personal portal. All you need is a strong password and a few basic data.

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Form the Foundation – File out the Application Form

Filling out the application is the next step after creating an account. This phase is meant to be easy to understand and involves creating a virtual document that contains all the necessary information regarding your identity and driving eligibility. You can now move closer to getting your learner's permit with a simple method rather than having to figure out complicated forms.

 Document Your Identity and Upload Essential Documents

Paperwork is being replaced by pixels in this era of digitalization. Upload a scanned image or copy of the front and back of your original CNIC. This step fits in perfectly with the paperless revolution while guaranteeing the legitimacy of your identity.

 Generate PSID and Make Payment

You don't overlook the money side as you move through the processes. The next step is to generate a Payment Services ID (PSID), which will enable payments via ATMs, internet banking, and mobile banking, among other channels. You now have the authority to select the payment method of your choice. Briefing on Online Learners' Licenses by Punjab Safe Cities Authorities


Make sure you have the necessary paperwork available before you begin your application:

• A distinct image that accurately captures who you are.

• Scanned images or copies of the front and rear of your original CNIC.

• To ensure that your health doesn't stand in the way of your progress towards becoming a proficient driver, if you are over 50, you must obtain a medical certificate endorsed by a government physician.


The introduction of Punjab's online learner's permit application process is a sign of advancement. It not only resolves historical issues, but it also signifies a dedication to effective public service in the future. As you proceed through the procedures, picture the path ahead: one devoid of bureaucratic obstacles, where getting a learner's permit is a straightforward process rather than a difficult one. Set off on this virtual journey, and before long, you'll be driving around Punjab's lanes and by-lanes with assurance, having acquired the skills and expertise to drive safely. With just a click, Punjabi driving of the future may begin.


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