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All about Faisalabad International Airport

All about Faisalabad International Airport

A Complete Guide About Faisalabad International Airport

Situated on Jhang Road, some 10 kilometres southwest of the city core of Faisalabad in the Punjab region of Pakistan, is the international airport known as Faisalabad International Airport. The airport provides service to the citizens of Faisalabad as well as several other cities, including as Jhang, Tandlianwala, Kamalia, and Jaranwala.

Owing to the substantial number of Faisalabad living overseas , the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has opened up the city to more airlines by implementing an open policy. Additionally, the airport is home to two flight schools that train new cadets and aviation enthusiasts on a regular basis using the airstrip. A comprehensive guide to Faisalabad International Airport has been produced by 

Location of Faisalabad International Airport 

Located in the centre of Pakistan is the well-known aviation centre, Faisalabad International Airport. It connects Faisalabad to important cities across the globe, acting as a crucial entry point for both domestic and foreign travellers. Ever since its inception, Faisalabad International Airport has been instrumental in promoting travel, commerce, and business ventures within the area. 

 Facilities on Terminal Available at the Airport

You will find a contemporary, well-designed terminal that meets passenger demands at Faisalabad International Airport. There are several facilities and services available at the terminal to make your trip enjoyable.  To guarantee the comfort and convenience of travellers, Faisalabad International Airport offers Passenger Facilitation Services (PFS), also known as "Passenger Porter Services." These services are offered around the clock. Porters are on hand to help you get where you're going as fast, easily, and economically as possible.

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Though it's not exclusive to them, travellers with bulky or heavy bags will find the service very helpful. Baggage might be the most difficult part of travelling, particularly if you're with kids or in a big group. To ease your experience, AIIAP provides a range of services. 

From the baggage claim area to the pick-up lane and from the drop lane to the check-in desks, porters are on hand to assist you with your bags. The Porter Service Desk is located in the concourse hall if you are leaving. As an alternative, they are located at the Arrival Lounges next to the baggage area. Please get in touch with the CAA Facilitation Desk if you need help. 

The following fees apply to PFS/Porter services: 

• Passengers travelling domestically: Rs. 200; those travelling internationally: Rs. 400

Passenger Guide/Advise for Travelers:

 • Obtain porter services exclusively from the assigned PFS Counter as previously specified.

• Don't forget to ask the counter staff for a new Copen Slip.

• Ensure that the Porter Slip is correctly completed.

 Special Assistance for Senior Citizens 

Senior citizens and privileged special passengers have access to a separate facility. The facilities are denoted with symbols that are widely recognizable worldwide. It is recommended that travellers with special needs notify the relevant carriers in advance. In order to obtain wheelchair services at the designated counters found in the Arrival, Departure, or Concourse Halls, they can also get in touch with the relevant airlines. Extra features include wheelchair-accessible ramps, dedicated parking spaces for people with special needs, and fast-track services for accelerated arrival and departure processes. 

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Check-In Counters

The airport offers a quick and easy check-in procedure with counters specifically designated for each carrier. The helpful and courteous personnel will walk you through the check-in procedures and ensure that your trip gets off to a hassle-free start. 

Handling of Baggage 

Baggage security and comfort are top priorities for passengers using Faisalabad International Airport. The airport uses cutting-edge baggage handling equipment to make sure your possessions get to your destination safely. 

Customs and Immigration Counters

Smooth procedures for admission and leave are made possible by effective immigration and customs counters. You can anticipate a quick and simple process with designated lanes for both domestic and international travellers, freeing you up to concentrate on your trip arrangements. 

 Amenities and Services Available 

The Faisalabad International Airport goes above and beyond to make sure visitors enjoy their stay on the airport grounds. The following are a few facilities and services that can improve your time at the airport: 

Duty-Free Shops at the Airport

Treat yourself to some shopping therapy at the airport's duty-free stores. You can find a wide variety of goods to satisfy your requirements and preferences, from high-end labels to regional handicrafts. 

Refreshments and Dining 

There are plenty of food options available at Faisalabad International Airport, whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or a leisurely supper. There is something for every appetite, from world cuisines to regional specialities. 

 VIP Lounges and Business

There are VIP and business lounges at the airport for the discriminating traveller. Before your flight, these lounges provide a calm and cosy setting where you may unwind, catch up on work, or sip on a refreshing beverage. 

 International Connections of the City

The city of Faisalabad is connected to numerous nations through the international airport. For those on a business trip or a globetrotting excursion, the airport provides a variety of foreign connections to meet your requirements. Connectivity to foreign destinations across continents is effortless at Faisalabad Foreign Airport, as airlines operate regular flights to key global hubs like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, and more.  There are convenient non-stop flights to well-known international locations from Faisalabad, which eliminate the need for layovers and shorten travel times. 

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