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Pakistan All Set To Introduce New Airlines to Boost Tourism Sector

Pakistan All Set To Introduce New Airlines to Boost Tourism Sector

The newly-launched airline in Pakistan has been set to bring more tourists to the country, mainly in northern areas. Pakistan's tourism industry has been performing well despite frequent terrorist attacks and militancy in different parts of the country. For the past three years, Pakistan has been rated 83rd on the global travel and tourism index. However, there was a slight decline in the number of tourists in Pakistan in 2020, mainly due to the pandemic. According to travel statistics, the number of tourists visiting Pakistan in 2020 was 765,000,000, a 22.88% decrease from 2019. But that's not enough to compete with the increasing traverls in developing countries. Lack of infrastructure and inadequate visitor services have been causing issues for Pakistan's tourism sector. By keeping this in mind, the government of Pakistan is taking steps to improve the nation's tourism sector. If you are an enthusiastic traveler and want to know about tourism in Pakistan, keep reading.

Importance Of the Airline Industry for the Tourism Sector

Airlines play an important role in tourism by connecting tourists with destinations they are interested in visiting. The travel and trip sectors are considered one of the main engines of economic growth worldwide. The spending of international travelers who arrive by plane directly supports over 6.7 million employees worldwide in the tourist sector. Air travel and tourism are complementary industries. While the transportation sector depends on tourism to create demand for its services, the tourist industry depends on transport systems to bring in tourists. The expansion of the traveling sector has a direct impact on aviation. 

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Pakistan is home to many popular tourist destinations like Skardu, Kalash, Islamabad, Karachi, Gilgit Baltistan, and other Northern Areas. Tourism has declined since terrorist attacks, and natural disasters have deterred tourists from visiting. However, many officials hope this new airline in Pakistan will improve the situation because it will provide more flights within the country, making travel easier for foreigners. Moreover, with the introduction of new international airlines in Pakistan, it will be easier for international travelers to visit these attractions while enjoying airfare discounts. In turn, this will help stimulate the tourism industry of the nation.

Benefits Of Tourism In Pakistan

  • It generates foreign exchange earnings, export and import trade growth, new market development and investment opportunities, and employment generation.
  • Employment generated by tourism is one of the most obvious benefits. It includes positions impacting tour guides, hotel personnel, bus drivers, and restaurant workers.
  • Trips also provide indirect employment to others, such as shopkeepers who provide goods and services needed by tourists. Increased spending by domestic tourists can help local communities to generate higher incomes.
  • Tourism contributes significantly to GDP. In 2021, travel contribution to Pakistan's GDP was 8.8 billion US dollars. It makes up approximately 2.3 % of the total GDP.

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Launch Of New Airline In Pakistan 2022

The CAA has granted the TPRI license to a brand-new, privately owned airline called "North Air". According to reports, this new airline in Pakistan plans to run flights to a few significant northern cities, such as Gilgit, Skardu, and Chitral, as well as the developing port city of Gwadar in the south. All these places will initially be served by flights offered by North Air from Islamabad. Moreover, the airline's headquarters will be located at the New Islamabad International Airport.

Here Is The Latest Update On Tourism In Ajk


On a day-long visit to Azad Jammu and Kashmir, President Arif Alvi launched Kashmir Air. This facility relies on commercial helicopter flights to help travellers and promote tourism in the region's uplands. The president complimented the "immense natural beauty and tourism prospects" of the AJK region while speaking to the public at the inaugural ceremony. Following the news article, the private company also intends to increase the number of its business helicopter flights to up-country tourist destinations.

International Airline Ips Airways


Pakistani travelers had been relying on foreign carriers like Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines, with their flights connecting through Dubai. But now, they'll have their carrier, which will be able to provide direct flights among major Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, and international destinations like London and New York City. A brand-new airline from the UK called IPS Airways intends to start direct flights between Lahore and Islamabad and the UK's Leeds Bradford Airport and East Midlands Airport. The new IPS airline will begin offering Airbus A330-200-powered direct flights between the two nations this fall.

Latest Private Airlines In Pakistan

Three private airlines, namely Q-Airlines, Fly Jinnah, and Jet Green, have begun operations in Pakistan. After carefully examining their operation models, the CAA is granting these airlines their Regular Public Transport (RPT). 

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Air Arabia and Pakistan's Lakson Group have partnered to create Fly Jinnah Airlines. The stakeholders in this new airline claim that the initials "FJ" and its red-focused visual brand design reflect the airline's youthful and contemporary nature. 

Fly Jinnah Airline


On November 1, 2022, Fly Jinnah started operating domestic flights. Fly Jinnah begins daily flights from Karachi to Quetta, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Lahore. There are two flights per day planned from Karachi to Islamabad, one at 7 am and the other at 6.50 pm. Two planes planned to depart from Karachi for Lahore, one at 12:45 and the other at 6:00. Every day at 2:45 pm, a single flight connects Karachi and Peshawar. Flights from Karachi to Quetta are scheduled to depart on different days.  Fly Jinnah aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities to its passengers. To guarantee the safety of the passengers, they regularly monitor all the recommendations made by the PCAA, ICAO, WHO, and pertinent health authorities. You can read more about Fly Jinnah's website is their site. 

How Can Tourism Improve in Pakistan?

  • For Pakistan to see an increase in tourism, public infrastructure needs to be invested, such as airports and tourist attractions.
  • Introducing the latest international carriers will help provide more options for tourists visiting this beautiful country.
  • The provision of suitable facilities is a requirement if the government and other entities are interested in expanding the tourism industry and domestic tourism.
  • Proper security arrangements should also be made to ensure the safety of tourists visiting the country.
  • Apart from these, there need to be proactive measures taken by the government and private sector so that visitors have a good experience when visiting Pakistan.
  • Moreover, it would be helpful if the government focused on developing human resources within the tourism industry through training programs, particularly on hospitality services at all levels.
  • There also need to be awareness campaigns about what Pakistan offers visitors - including cultural sites, nature reserves, and some great opportunities for adventure sports activities like caving and mountaineering in different regions across the country.

Final Thoughts

That's all we have to say about new airlines in Pakistan and their impacts on tourism. The new airline will help people get around more efficiently, which could lead to increased visits by tourists who want a better view of this beautiful country. Another advantage of the company's establishment is that it will create jobs for locals, helping to strengthen their economy. These factors may make Pakistan an even more attractive tourist destination.

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