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Top Interesting Facts about Skardu Airport Pakistan

Top Interesting Facts about Skardu Airport Pakistan

Skardu airport Pakistan is located 11miles from the city in the NW direction. Passengers experience a stunning view of the mighty Indus River and snowcapped mountains surrounding the Skardu airport. There are two runways at Skardu airport one is abandoned and the operational runway has a PCN of 40 and a length of 12000ft. At apron up to 3 B737 can be parked. Skardu airport is a Fire cat 6 airport equipped with the latest Oshkosh RFF vehicles. PIA connects Skardu with the capital city Islamabad with the help of two ATR42 flights seven days a week. Recently flights from Lahore to Skardu have also been operational and in its first flight almost all of Pakistan flocked to Skardu and there were literally no rooms in hotels to stay. All the planes in the first week were chock-a-block and the visitors expressed great joy at this new opportunity.

 Every year Skardu airport welcomes a large number of Pakistani as well as foreigner tourists who come to experience the beauty of Satpara Lake, Shangrila resorts, Kachura Lake, Manthoka waterfall, Deosai plains, Shigar fort and Khaplu fort. Skardu airport is equipped with spacious Arrival, Departure and VIP lounge to cater to the needs of passengers. It takes 45 minutes from Islamabad to Skardu is the best route to reach the destination. There are many development schemes are in process to better facilitate the airlines and passengers. The natural beautify of it with being nested with snow-crusted mountains and crystal-clear rivers, it offers a perfect sight for a picnic and most of the Pakistani prefer to stay in Skardu and whole Baltistan in the days when the sun in the down planes become harsh. 

Why Skardu is Most Sought-After Place?

Skardu is the capital of the region of Baltistan. As Gilgit and Baltistan make up Gilgit Baltistan, the tourism hub in the north of Pakistan. Baltistan region in comparison to Gilgit is cooler and perhaps Skardu is the coolest place in Pakistan especially in winters. Since it is very cold in winter and the area gets covered with snow, so the flights in winter do not remain operational except in summer while the airport in Gilgit City that is much larger than Skardu airport and caters more traffic remains operational round the year.

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The mountains here remain covered with snowflakes around the years and perhaps that accounts for its coolness. In the summer season amid the sweltering sun elsewhere in Pakistan, Skardu is the place to be. Owing to the humongous snow-covered mountain ranges of Himalaya, Hindukush and Karakoram, the scene you get to observe while landing and taking off is just break-taking. If you happen to be a down-planer, you witness a world that is mesmerizing and different altogether. Who would not want to enjoy the company of nature that is absolutely serene and tranquil, obviously everyone would, and Gilgit Baltistan in general is the best spot to visit in summer.

Facilities at Skardu Airport

As talked about earlier, comparatively this airport is small in size yet it has all the basic facilities that are required for a comfortable and standard journey. In order to ensure hustle-free and quality travel, it is equipped with up to the mark arrival and departure lounges, a spacious park, and a segregated VIP lounge. Moreover, you can also have the facilities of bathrooms and café. But remember one thing; since the flights here are limited and once in a week so you have to make sure to book your ticket on time. Also, do not forget to arrive the airport half an hour earlier.

Code of Skardu Airport

The International Airport Transport Association, also known as IATA, caters to the smooth Skardu airport flight schedule in order to ensure safe and smooth flight operations in the world awards a unique code. The IATA code of Skardu Airport is KDU.

In the same vein, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) also designates special codes for flight operations and the code of Skardu in this regard is OPSD.

Contact Details of Skardu Airport

Here is the complete details to facilitate you:

Address: Airport Road, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority can be contacted to know any further details or information regarding anything there.


Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 0330-0786786

Phone Number: 021-99071111

Make sure to Contact PIA Contact Center to reserve a ticket for yourself and again the sooner the better.


Hotel Facilities in Skardu Airport

There are quite beautiful hotels in Skardu Airport with enchanting scenes and cozy settings in the lap of nature. The stunning lakeside Shangrila Resort is undoubtedly the most popular place to stay in Skardu among tourists and adventure seekers alike. The naturally-created Lake in the middle and with unique Tibetan-inspired architecture and top-notch amenities make it an ideal place that is simply matchless. Had it been for man to create such an environment, it would not have been possible, but it is only the Lord Himself who has created such a mastery of His creation.

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Likewise, Hotel One Skardu is also in the option you can check and explore. This too has its own natural aura and beautiful surroundings. Skardu being the birthplaces of fairies, you kind of feel the vibes when the whispering air caresses you and you can also experience sleeping in the open air if you like. The hotels are ready to adjust likewise.

Furthermore, Mountain Lodge Holiday Home, Hotel Himalaya Skardu, and Hotel Reego are also among the top-rated hotels in Skardu that can be explored. Each one of these is unique of its kind and there cannot be one favorite yet the setting and surrounding may make you choose one over the other.

To sum it up, it is always advisable to visit Skardu in the summers from April onwards until October. Between these intervals, you can arrange your trip anytime and explore this wonderland on the surface of the earth. Taking a good camera along would be the wisest idea because when you click a photo in the background of three mountain fits of rage you literally feel like summiting them.





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