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Best Places in Northern Pakistan to Visit in Winter

Best Places in Northern Pakistan to Visit in Winter

Pakistan is home some of the most fascinating scenes in the world. According to a reknown international magazine Pakistan was ranked amongst the top tourist destinations in 2019. Especially the northern part of Pakistan is hub of world-famous tourist resorts. If you are thinking of having some respite from the quotidian drabness then there should not be two opinions about visiting Northern Pakistan. Best places in Northern Pakistan to visit in winter are plenty in number with some of the most exotic scenes of nature. Your trip this time should be the greatest trip ever so, there is no two way but to pack the necessary stuff right away and head out towards North. People around the word flock to Pakistan to witness these bewitching scenes of nature that are treat of sour eyes. The greenery and ambiance here has its unique and hypnotizing effect that transforms a person to the next world. Needless scribble general verbosity, so lets explore them one by one:

Malam Jabba Place in Northern Pakistan

Malam Jabba, hill station, is a spectacular scene of nature that is situated in the Hindu Kush mountain region and one of the exotic snowfall places in Pakistan. It is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and at a distance of some 47 Kilometers from the capital city (Saidu Sharif) of Swat Valley. It is best place to visit in northern Pakistan during winters. The roads leading to it and the vicinity is full of natural scenery. People from the country and across the world swarm to Malam Jabba in winter season to enjoy the bounties of nature here. Additionally, it has the reknown ski resort in Pakistan. Its popularity among the nature lovers increases with time.

The famous Ski resort in Malam Jabba is owned by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)  and maintained in ever possible way to facilitate tourists. It has a ski slope of 800 meters. It is most famous for its peak slope that is almost 9,000 feet above sea level. The recreational facilities in the form of chairlift here provide a thrilling experience. The chairlifts swing from one end to the other offering fascinating scenes of the snow-crusted valley during winter season. Moreover, Malam Jabba also has a trekking facility as it has two famous trails leading to Shangla top and Sabonev valley respectively.

Furthermore, Malam Jabba is an all-season tourist destination. You have the best hotels and restaurants available here. The overwhelming number of tourist over the recent past has led to huge dynamism as you are bothered in finding the best civic amenities here.

Routes to Malam Jabba

As it is in the North, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, district of Pakistan approximately 55 kilometer away from Mingora, a city in Swat District. From Mingora you have to drive for around two hours to get to the top of Malam Jabba and Mingora city is three hours away from the province’s capital Peshawar. It’s one of the best Pakistan holidays destinations. If you want to travel by the local transport then a number of buses travel from Islamabad, Peshawar and Swat Valley.

Murree Best Winter Place

The name is pretty familiar to you if you are Pakistani and especially from the twin cities of Islamabad or Rawalpindi or even from Lahore. Murree is one of the most popular and crowd-pulling destinations that makes the vacations and weekends of above mentioned dwellers lively and vivacious. Situated at an altitude of 7,000 feet it presents a captivating opportunity to unburden yourself from the fatigue of busy working days. People in massive number travel to Murree in winter season.

Murree in winter becomes a wonderland, having been surrounded by the mighty mountain peaks and lush green snow-crusted pine trees, it presents a break-taking scene. The snow covering the age-old buildings and trees sparkle upon the reflection of light in the day. The picturesque hill station is bastion of tourists round the year. The chilly yet pleasant weather, vibrant lifestyle and scenic bounties make Murree an ideal place to spend some time with family during Winter vacations. Moreover, as soon as the year begins, it turns into a lash greenery donning more bewitching attire. If you are looking for places to visit in Pakistan during winter that aren’t too far from the city and offer all the latest amenities, this breath-taking hill station is undoubtedly your top priority. It’s breath taking honeymoon Places in Pakistan. Importantly, the weather in Murree doesn’t get as severe as in many other parts of northern areas, making it the best of options.

Some of the major tourist attractions in and around Murree include the Mall Road, Pindi Point, Kashmir Point, Chattar Park, Bhurban, Ayubia and Patriata. Moreover, Murree boasts a number of budget-friendly and upscale hotels, guest houses and resorts. As for dining options, you can find something for every palate here.

Some of the most popular restaurants and cafes in one of the top winter vacation destination,Murree, include Des Pardes Murree, Usmania Restaurant, Thaali Restaurant, Murree Tabaq Restaurant and Red Onion to name a few. Branches of international food chains such as Pizza Hut, Gloria Jean’s Coffee and KFC are also located in Murree.

Routes to Murree

From Islamabad, if you travel via Islamabad-Murree Expressway it usually takes about an hour and a half to get to Murree. However, if you travel via Islamabad-Murree Road, which is comparatively more scenic, you’ll reach your destination in about two hours normally yet at time s traffic gets very heavy here.

If you were indecisive about the apropos destination, now it must be crystal clear that there is no two way to look away in in face of the exotic destination of Murree and Malam Jabba. However, there many more in the northern part of the country that equally are fascinating and heat-warming destination. Which we will be covering in our next blog with details.  


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