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Best Honeymoon Places in Pakistan For Every Season

Best Honeymoon Places in Pakistan For Every Season

If you are the one who has recently been wedded or planning to tie the knot in near future and thinking of spending the first month of marriage with your better half in a place that is spectacular and worth-spending the days. The place that can add to joyousness and make the first month of marriage an indelible memory. You might be thinking of no options in Pakistan like many as many in Pakistan who are not familiar with the length and width of this country often think that there are not any such beautiful honeymoon destinations. We have taken time out to share your happiness and guide you about some of the exotic beauties of nature and luxurious places where you can have the best first month of your matrimony.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan

 Pakistan in this regard is full of potentials and exotic scenery coupled with some good amenities and undoubtedly is one of the best honeymoon places in Pakistan. Unlike the bygone days best holiday destination in Pakistan are not only easy accessible but also they are full of the modern luxuries of life. The infrastructure leading to these beautiful destinations has been significantly improved and mostly air travel is available to these places. Where jeepable roads have also been taken care off to facilitate the local as well as international tourists. These places have their own peculiarities and fascinations that pull crown from around the globe. Some of the well-known honeymoon destinations are listed below.

Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan is generally known as the jewel of Pakistan in terms of natural beauty. This place is full of natural bounties surrounded by sky-touching mountains and lash green valleys. In summer the milky-white crustal clear water that runs through the lakes, streams and rivers make it a place of unimaginable fascination. The greenery around that stretches endlessly presents a scene that is just magical. The weather here due to its pleasant phantasmagoria bring invaluable vivaciousness to life. Likewise in winter, there humongous mountains wear the white wrap of snow and the stillness here manifests divine tranquility.

Moreover, along with these rare benisons of nature, Gilgit Baltistan offers the best luxuries of living. Once you travel here with your better half for a month, you will have best hotels and restaurants where you will be provided with different local, national and international cuisines. Gilgit Baltistan being very diverse has a rich culture. Its culture and local dishes change in every district. All the ten districts are equally fascinating in terms of natural beauty and facilities and have many best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan. Yet honeymoon in hunza and Ghizer valley are the most visited and talked areas where huge influx of tourists visit every year. You can have all the modern hoteling and recreational facilities here. Y

You can also make you honey moon especial by witnessing the cultural festivals that go on round the year. You can travel to the length and width of Gilgit Baltistan and enjoy the unique culture of every district. Free style polo is the famous game that is mostly played over here. Also, other sports festivals for men and women are also held. People of Gilgit Baltistan are extremely polite and hospitable that further add to the good time you will have here with your better half.

You can travel via Pakistan Airlines (PIA) to Gilgit city or Skardu, Baltistan or you travel through public transport that goes via two very scenic routes. One from Besham Mansehra side and tbe other Naran Kaghan side _ through babusar top. It takes around 14-16 hours from Islamabad via bus.

Chitral Valley

The spectacular valley of Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is one of the highly recommended best honeymoon destinations to visit during your honeymoon period in Pakistan. Chitral previously didn’t get much attention from touristic point of view owing to its lack of infrastructure but now, owing to the completion of the Lowari Tunnel, one of the most famous tunnels in Pakistan, this scenic region is now easily accessible all around the year. Chitral is 4,900 feet above sea level, it is surrounded by the magnificent Tirich Mir and Hindu Kush ranges and is home to the striking Chitral River. Chitral has all the luxuries one can imagine of to make their honeymoon especial and memorable. In the lap of nature, with all the manmade facilities one can enjoy his first matroimonial month to the fullest.Historically it has been an important area. Until 1947, this town served as the capital of the princely state of Chitral. It is now the capital of Chitral District, which also comprises the famous and culturally rich Kalasha Valleys including Bumburet, Rumbur and Biriu. These valleys have significantly massive crowd pulling round the year for their unique and unusual culture and traditions.

In Chitral in winter, you can enjoy various sports. Like trekking, that is possible in winter due to heavy snowfall, it is a rather popular spot for those who love skiing. Some of the main tourist attractions in and around Chitral include the historic Chitral Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Chitral Fort, the Old Royal Fort in Mastuj, Chitral Gol National Park and most importantly, the famous Chitral Polo Ground. Apart from these the traditions and customs of Chitral are decades old. These people carry their culture and traditions with times and keep their centuries-old culture intact and preserved.

You would find many hotels and rest houses located in Chitral as per your budget. You can also entertain yourself with the eateries serving delicious local food. Traveling to Chitral during mid-December, can have an added advantage of witnessing the colorful and vibrant Kailash Winter Festival. It is an annual festival celebrated in Kalash Valley that hosts many traditional festivities.

The easiest and recommended way to reach Chitral from Islamabad and Peshawar is through an aeroplane. It would be costly though but the journey over these spectacular mountain rages is invaluable. The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) operates daily flights from these two cities. Another option is to travel through public transport. High roofs and hiaches small vehicles than buses travel to Chitral from Islamabad Peshawar and every other city. The fair of these local transports are considerably low and one can have comfortable journey.

So, the wait for you till now must be over to decide which tourist destination to visit this winter. All the places have their peculiarities and attractions that are incomparable. Pack your bag to witness the unexplored beauty of nature.

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