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Top Restaurants Food Places in Gujrat 2024

Top Restaurants Food Places in Gujrat 2024

Gujrat is the 20th largest and the 17th most populated city of Pakistan. It stretches alongside the Chenab and Jhelum River of the northeastern and north western side of Punjab province. The cities of Punjab province; Gujrat, Gujranwala and Sialkot creates a ‘Golden Triangle’ of Industrial cities with export-oriented goods and economies. Gujrat mainly exports brass ware, carpets, footwear, furniture, pottery, cotton goods, electric fans etc. to different cities of Pakistan and also many countries round the globe. Its economy is dependent on both industrial and agriculture sector. Moreover, you find some mouth-watering food places in Gujrat, Pakistan. You can hit the road via Grand Trunk Road to reach Lahore, Peshawar or Islamabad respectively from Gujrat. Moreover, the city has the honor to be known as ‘The City of King Porus’.

History of Gujrat

According to General Cunningham, a British Historian, Gujrat was invented by Raja Bachhan Pal Gurjar around 460 B. C. Furthermore, history reveals that Gujrat city was also present during the time of Alexander the Great who challenged Mong’s prince, Raja Poros at the bank of the Jhelum River. That’s why the city has the honor to known as "The City of King Poros"

When Sultan Shahab-ud-Din Muhammad Ghauri subjugated Punjab in 1185, Gujrat came under the Muslim Sultanate of Delhi. The city was reconstructed second time during the reign of Sher Shah Suri after being demolish by Mongols in 1303. In the honor of Suris Gevernor of Rohtas, khwas Khan,the city was first known as "khwaspur". The Gujrat fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar the great in 1580 and local Gujjars started to settled in the city around 1596-97.

As a symbol of tribute to Gujjars, Great Akbar changed the old name if this city into ‘Gujrat’ in 1605. This city came under the territory of many dynasties thereby came across many ups and downs and destructions and developments simultaneously according to history.  Mughals used to use this road to visit Kashmir during the kingship of Emperor Jahangir.

 Mughal emperor Jahangir died in Gujrat when coming back from Kashmir. His abdominal organs were taken out and silently buried in Gujrat by the well-wishers in order to avoid any chaos in the empire. From that day onward, a festival commonly known as "The Festival of Jahangir" has been commemorating in Gujrat every year.

 Right after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, Mughals never remained strong enough to defend the empire.  At last Turk-Iranian ruler Nadir Shah gained benefit of their weakness and took the heat of Delhi Empire in 1739.

After Nadir Shah, Gujrat came under the control of Punjani Gakhar tribesmen for a short period of time. Between 1748 and 1767, this city was also attacked eight times by young and Energetic Durrani crown head, Ahmed Shah Durrani.

Gujjars of Bangi Misi dethroned Punjabi Ghakars under the supervision of Muqqarab Khan and made alliance with Ranjit Singh who erected the Sikh empire after the defeat of Afghan forces by the hands of Sikhs in the battle of Gujrat in 29 April, 1797.

 At last the game of thrones over and Gujrat came under the control of British when British Empire took control of Punjab by dethroning Sikhs in second Anglo Sikhs war on 22 February 1849.


When the subcontinent bisected into Pakistan and India in 1947, many Muslim refugees from Jammu, Haryana and east Punjab started to settle in Gujrat city of Pakistan. The city can be enlisted among the most cities of Pakistan because of its economic contribution to the country’s GNP.  On the other hand it is also considered as one of the best tourist destination of Pakistan because of its historical importance, luscious traditional food and generous hospitality.

Best Food Eating Places in Gujrat 2024

You can find famous Gujarat food places for restaurants, grills, fast food stalls, eateries in Gujrat but I am going to enlist some of the top rated food places of Gujrat.

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Top Restaurants in Gujrat Pakistan

Marinate the Restaurant

Location: Grand Trunk Road Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan

It is the most favorite food place of tourist and visitors. According to the reviews and feedback given by the tourist from all over the world this is one of the best food provider restaurant of the city. Other than quality of food, the customer service, behavior of the staff and home like environment is also applaudable. Affordable rates, diverse flavours gujrat menu, exciting promotions for all tastes and family deals of the restaurant attracts all types of best food in gujarat which you would not ignore.

Marinate grill, Pulao kabab, tandoori kitchen, Salad bar, and Soup, are some special food items of “Marinate the Restaurant”.

Gujrat Grill

Location: Grand Trunk Road, Bypass, Gujrat, Pakistan

This well decorated and spacious family restaurant is famous for its hospitality. A professional and hospitable staff can be seen at the entrance who is there to welcome you to their restaurant. Not only hospitality but also the spellbinding taste of the food fascinates the visitors.

 Tourists’ unconsciously suck their figures at the end when they try Chees kabab, boneless chicken, and mutton handi of this restaurant.

Palatial Restaurant Gujrat

Location: Grand Trunk Rd, near Chinab Tool Plaza, Gujrat, Pakistan.

4 trophies have been awarded to this place for the following reasons for famous food of Gujrat Pakistan.

  • Top rated vagan Restaurant in Gujrat
  • Top rated Bars and Pubs
  • Top Reviewed Vegan Restaurant
  • Most reviewed Bars and Pugs

The lush green lawn, amicable environment and attention catching background sound resurrect the soul, body and mind of the visitors. If you want to enjoy some relax hours with your family or friend, I strongly suggest you to visit this restaurant. Including environment, the yummy and scrumptious food of this restaurant is quiet enough for you to get the feelings of heaven on this earth. They offer snacks, continental and Pakistani foods to their guest. Don’t forget to order their special dish Malai Boti handi and Mutton green karahi, if you are Pakistani food lover.

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Super Kabana

Location: Service Road, West Shayan Center, lalamusa, Gujrat Pakistan

Attention Biryani lovers! I am going to mention the best restaurant Biryani in Gujrat for you. Yes! It is the Super Kabana restaurant which is very famous for its most delicious biryani and delectable Chicken steam roast.  Don’t forget to order double spice if you are a spice lover. They offer Middle Eastern, Asian and Pakistani cuisines to their guests.

Gloria Jeans Coffee and Restaurant

Location: Main Gt Rd, Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan

The most and top Restaurants in Gujrat, Pakistan provides delicious Gujrati foods all the day, must visit this restaurant to enjoy their special Cappuccino coffee. Its taste can proofed to be the antidote to your tiredness and stress of all the day. You can enjoy their other special fast food items like, Molten Lava cake, desserts, waffles, wings and sandwich etc.

Other than mentioned above restaurants, there are number of many other restaurants in Gujrat, every one of which has its own uniqueness. Noona Halwai, Bhatti Restaurant, Goga Nashta center, Madni Restaurant, Rehmat Nann Shop and Restaurant are also considered as the top rated restaurants of Gujrat.

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