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Asian Leopard Preservation Zone Inaugurated In Trail 6 of MHNP

Asian Leopard Preservation Zone Inaugurated In Trail 6 of MHNP

Islamabad: The federal government has inaugurated the first-ever common Asian Leopard Preservation Zone in Trail 6 of the Margallah Hills National Park (MHNP). The area of Trail 6 falls in the Kalinjer area of MHNP has been specified for this purpose. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam who inaugurated the Preserve Zone said that the conservation site would not only help the protection of the wild cat species whose existence has been endangered by the growing human activities but will also promote wildlife tourism. He added that The Inaugural ceremony was held in the visitor information center of Trail 6. Previously PM Khan Has Approved The Climate Change And Wildlife Policy to save the rare species on the extinction corner.

Earlier last year the PM in view of the growing population of the Asian Leopards Islamabad had directed the wildlife managers to set up a preservation zone for this endangered species in Margallah Hills. Ever since the wildlife Management Board (WLMB) has been working on the preservation of Asian Tiger. The PM had said, “The special leopard zone will provide a healthy eco-system to predators, permanently inhabiting the hills”. SAPM Amin Aslam appreciated the efforts put by the IWMB for the protection and preservation of the wildlife in the federal capital. He said, "Chairperson IWMB Rina Saeed Khan, Z.B. Mirza and IWMB worked a lot for making it a reality,” He added, "We did not make it (Leopard Preserve) rather the nature helped it due to the nature protection efforts and favorable environmental conditions,"

Mr. Aslam further highlighted that Margallah Hills National Park is a great gift for us by the nature and as per the vision of the prime minister the government would make it a model national park. The SAPM said that from now onwards there would be only guided tours of trail 6 due to the presence of leopards. He highlighted, "Though it’s a nocturnal animal and will not be visible during day times but through this wildlife tourism initiative, the youth and children would learn more about Leopard movement and its habitat,".Islamabad Wildlife Management Board IWMB has Started Awareness Campaign for Margalla Hills Wildlife in this regard.

Speaking on the occasion the chairperson IWMB said that her department was making efforts in this regard since 2015. She said, "Leopard has become permanent residents of Margalla Hills National Park that earlier it used to descend from upper peaks in winter and leave Margallas in summers, We did a proper scientific camera trap study and placed 20 camera traps in entire 17,000 hectares of the national park. A minimum of seven leopards have been captured and there are more probably like all of them could not be captured by cameras,". She also told that from now onward the IWMB would allow only one visit per day with a maximum of 25 people to provide safe and sound habitat to the leopards.

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