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Best Flooring Ideas for Various Budget Ranges in Pakistan

Best Flooring Ideas for Various Budget Ranges in Pakistan

Looking for ideas for modern flooring in your house? Take heart! With a list of Pakistan's top flooring alternatives for every price range, we've got you covered. Although it's one of the final elements in the building, flooring isn't the last. The surface you select for your living area has an effect on the overall appearance of your home and establishes the appropriate mood for your style. You might be thinking that the greatest flooring alternatives are out of your price range at this point, but you'll be happy to learn that Pakistan has excellent flooring options for any budget. Without further ado, let's get started! 


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One of Pakistan's best modern flooring options is hardwood. If you have a large budget, these are the greatest contemporary flooring options in Pakistan: Flooring options include hardwood, granite, and porcelain tiles. In Pakistan, the average beginning price for hardwood flooring is PKR 500 and can reach PKR 2000 per square foot. Hardwood floors are the greatest choice for your home's impact and opulent feel. Beautiful hardwood flooring is available in a huge variety, depending on the hue you prefer. These flooring are frequently made of teak, pine, and ash, each of which has distinct qualities and traits of its own. Hardwood floors are the ideal flooring choice for a master bedroom or opulent drawing room because of their warmth and elegance. Given its price, hardwood flooring is one of the most luxurious options you can choose from.


Darker granite floors typically cost between PKR 700 and PKR 1500 per square foot.

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Granite flooring is a beautiful natural stone that also has additional advantages like being hypoallergenic and fairly resilient in some environments. Granite is also a flooring option that instantly raises the value of your house. When installed correctly, it also handles moisture and changing weather pretty well. All things considered, it is a perfect choice for individuals with larger finances who want to improve the present worth and appearance of their properties.One of Pakistan's top flooring tile options is granite. Given the aforementioned factors, granite flooring can be fairly expensive. Installation costs are included in the price [stated above],


Porcelain tiles typically cost between PKR 1,000 and PKR 2,000 per square foot in Pakistan. 

Porcelain tiles are another alternative on the spectrum if you're seeking for modern flooring options in Pakistan for every price range. Porcelain tiles, which come in glazed and unglazed varieties, are frequently used for flooring. They are created using denser, finer clay that is then baked at higher temperatures. The best thing about porcelain tiles is how tough and very scratch- and stain-resistant they are.



Laminate flooring can cost between PKR 175 to PKR 350 per square foot. When you have a hankering for hardwood flooring but do not have the budget for it, laminate flooring is your best bet in this regard. This is a synthetically fabricated flooring option that fuses various layers together to form a hardy and easily-maintained floor. This can be designed to simulate any kind of wood you want and give the same luxurious effect at a lower budget and with less maintenance. As mentioned earlier, laminate flooring is suitable for medium budgets, and quality does not have to be compromised. Again, ensure that you get the manufacturing company’s approved installers to put in your laminate flooring for the best effect and hardiness.


Even from reputable companies, ceramic tiles may be purchased for as little as PKR 117 per square foot. Ceramic tiles are a more reasonably priced option for flooring than laminate. When it comes to inexpensive flooring solutions in Pakistan, ceramic tiles offer the most variety. They are resilient and incredibly simple to maintain, and they can be utilised in every space. Additionally, there is an infinite selection of designs, and you may choose any colour or texture.



The price of vinyl flooring can range from PKR 55 to PKR 100 per square foot. Vinyl flooring is the most affordable and straightforward install type of flooring for homes in Pakistan. Vinyl is essentially an adhesive plastic sheet that does not need to be installed with any other layers and, with good care, may last a very long time. Vinyl flooring sheets can be customised with any pattern and colour, allowing you to acquire the perfect design while staying within your price range. In comparison to other forms of flooring, the installation costs are also less. Vinyl flooring is obviously a cost-effective alternative in every manner. 


In Pakistan, cork flooring typically costs between PKR 50 and PKR 100 per square foot. In Pakistan, cork flooring is one of the best options for families with children. Cork flooring, which is the greatest substitute for hardwood, is renowned for its softness and antibacterial qualities. In fact, it has an advantage over more modern flooring types like carpet, rubber, and hardwood thanks to its antibacterial characteristics. Not to add, because it can be recycled after usage, it is regarded as an eco-friendly flooring solution. It is worth mentioning that cork flooring requires no maintenance at all. All you need to make it appear clean and new is a dry mop. This flooring isn't the best choice for unintentional spills and stains, either. Keep it away from regions with a lot of traffic.


Marble flooring is an option that is ideal for all budgets if you're seeking the most economical flooring solutions in Pakistan. The variety and quality you select will have the biggest impact on the cost of the marble flooring. Consider that you are looking for 'Badal' marble of poorer quality; it may be had for as little as PKR 40 per square foot. On the other side, premium marble, like 'Carrera' marble, can run you about PKR 1000 per square foot. Marble floors require competent and professional installation, regardless of your existing budget. If you don't want the flooring to shatter or crack with any minor wear and tear, it is really important. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the weather in your area, marble flooring is quite vulnerable to seasonal problems. Every few years, marble floors need to be polished for maintenance. If you want to keep its sheen and keep it looking brand-new, it is important. 

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