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Complete Guide For Creating a Living Wall With Plants

Complete Guide For Creating a Living Wall With Plants

Tips to Create Living Plants Wall With Stylish Art

Walls and their designs are an important part of the house whether it is Boundry Wall Designs or inner walls designs, unlike any portion in the house, they take much of the space, thereby we notice them in whichever direction we see. Now imagine a monochromatic dull-looking wall and a multi-chromatic, decorated, and Living Plant Wall? Which one would you prefer? Of course the latter. So there are a few things, if you applied them, you would bring a sea of change in your wall ultimately to the overall look of the house. For instance, if you are as in love with plants as we are, imagine how gorgeous your home might be with an entire wall full of them. A living wall is such a gorgeous addition to a home, and can even replace a gallery wall if you are so inclined with a personalized style statement of your own.

How Do You Build A Living Wall? Here are some of the ideas that we have put together that would help you in making your wall exude liveliness and exuberance. These are also easy to implement as well.

Design for your Space

It has mostly been observed that the biggest mistake people make when they are planning a Living Wall is that they go for a chic design that overshadows the needs of the plants. For instance, if your first choice location for your living wall does not get enough light, you should be sagacious enough to pick another space to prevent your plants from dying or if it is too close to the AC unit, leading to unnecessary levels of humidity and also you should have to specify certain plants. Once you realize the actual conditions of your wall, you will certainly be able to pick your plants much easier. In case if your wall gets a lot of light, cacti and succulents would be a good fit, but if the space is humid and damp, consider tropical plants instead.

Pick Your Plants Carefully

Another huge factor in grouping various plants together is to make sure that they coexist happily. Mixing plants that do not have the same care requirements will ruin all the work that came into designing the Living Plant Wall, because of their different nurturing requirements. Essentially, whatever plants you choose they are going to occupy the same space, so they should get the requisite care and nourishment. You should go with the plants that thrive with the same levels of light, temperature, and watering routine. Ideally, you should choose the indigenous plats that go with the temperature. You could also try a few more complicated combinations like ferns or spider plants just to make sure they have the same watering schedule and light requirements.

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Consider The Space Between Each Plant

How Can I Make My Wall More Living? So here is the answer. Make sure that your living wall is truly living. This means it is going to change and grow with time, and you have to realize that right at the beginning of the installation process. Remember not to overpack the planters. Make sure to provide your plants with considerable space to grow and breathe. Space also adds to beauty instead of clustering them. After all this work, you don't want to have to change out the plants any time rather slight trimming would do. Also, make sure that you pick the plants that are displayable on the wall.

Know Your Personality Type

We would highly recommend you to realize a few things about living walls before you have one in your home. With a living wall, it is pretty much guaranteed that some plants will fare better than others, and you will have a fair time pruning and maintaining the living wall about a couple of hours per week, depending on the plants you use for that you need to pre-plan so that any negligence afterward may not ruin the whole work that you have put together painstakingly.

In case you count yourself among the perfectionists and require every plant in your wall to look absolutely top-notch at all times, then you will have to make absolutely sure that you go with the best plants keeping in mind all their characteristics. It is also important to realize you will have to swap out plants when they die along with all the maintenance. Get ready for that too.

Figure out your Watering System

In case you are afraid of the extra responsibility that comes with it especially of watering them individually, you will have to hire an expert to install Living Plants Wall Art properly so that they may get watered systematically in one go. We like modular pieces that can work as standalone pieces or in large groupings. If you choose a system like this, then once you get the hang of caring for pieces in a self-watering or integrated watering system, you can easily expand. The bonus is these kinds of systems are generally require less maintenance, but they do require professional assembly so that you do not end up with mold all over your plants.

Don’t Forget the Mounts

Most importantly do not forget to choose the mounts that go with the aesthetic of your home is vital to making sure that your living wall complements your home, rather than looking completely out of place. You need not worry as there are several options to choose from these days, from wood and cork to clay and metal. We often recommend a grouping of mounted plants as a quick and easy alternative to modular living wall systems.  Keep in mind both upright and cascading growth habits. However, these pieces are watered individually, it is a bit easier to attend to the needs of each individual plant but a bit time-consuming. Go as per your convenience.

Lastly make sure that before you start drilling anchors in the wall, you plant your wall on paper and measure it out. For a hand-watered wall, you will likely need to water once a week, for that either keep your step ladder handy or mount planters where you can reach them. We wish you a very lively and break-taking wall!

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