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House Main Door Creation Guide

House Main Door Creation Guide

A Complete Guide about the Main Door of Your House

Just like the main gate and Unique Boundry Wall Design, the Main Entrance Of The House also has a special significance as it is the introducer to all other internal parts of the house. The first glance one will cast upon entering the premises is the Main Door Of The House, so that needs to be aesthetically pleasing and a style statement. There are some very useful guidelines about the position, direction, size, and even the color of the Main Door that if you follow will surely have a grand impact on the overall look of your house. The ideas we have compiled here are tried and tested ones that are surefire charmers for House Front Doors. They will bring peace, harmony, and an influx of positive energy to your space along with aesthetic beauty.

The Ideal Main Door Direction

The Best Direction Of The Main Door could lie in any of the four directions i.e. the north, east, north-east, or west directions as they have constant exposure to the sun. Sun is a very prominent source of energy according and having an entrance in the direction of its movement acts as a harbinger of positive energy, it is believed.

The Perfect Main Door Size

To make your entrance easily distinguishable, it is should be considerably spacious with enough space for the proper influx. Ideally, make your entrance the biggest in your home and try having a double door. Ensure that the entrance space is well defined and de-cluttered.

Moreover, the Main Door Entrance should always be above ground level as steps or stairs leading to it add extra elevation. The perfect number of stairs in front of the main door is preferred to be odd.

Main Door Color

Always choose compliant Colors For the Main Door. There are a plethora of options like grey or metallic, earthy organic shades like wooden brown, bright shades, black, etc. but you should consider the compliance with your overall makeup of the house. It should harmonize with and compliment all other components of the house.  

The Main Door Position

In the Pakistani context, the position for placing your main door is considered more auspicious than others. This is determined based on the position of the sun, the flow of the air, and other such environmental factors. So, you should decide as per the direction of your house. You may seek the guidance of elders in the family for this.

Main Door Decoration

To start with, high-quality wood is preferred to make the main door. Stone or metal should be avoided. Just Like Ideal Home Decoration, Same as for Main Door Decoration, you can use potted plants to welcome with much positive energy. It is very important to make sure nothing obstructs the path to the main entrance. Moreover, it is ideal to have a simple, visible nameplate on the door in a way that it is visible to anyone approaching.

You Should Avoid These Things

  • Avoid automatic doors.
  • Avoid intersecting roads in front of the entrance.
  • Avoid central orientation for the main door.
  • Preferably, black Colour should be avoided.
  • Avoid any blockage to the path of the entrance
  • Avoid any obstruction in front of the entrance. No trees, poles, or any such obstructions.

Main Door Design Ideas

Here are some of the Most Trendy Main Door Ideas:

  • The beauty of wood meets the raw character of exposed brick. Remember wood remains one of the most versatile natural materials
  • Ever thought of opting for a door with a touch of dazzle is worth considering.
  • We just love to recommend the stainless-steel finishes on the main door.
  • Try as to how subtle yet stylish simple metal and glass look like
  • Create a rustic-like façade for your main entrance. We just love the eclectic-like vibes that manifest when contemporary front doors are mixed into rustic, rural-inspired designs.
  • Nothing like some glazing on the side to neatly frame a front door.
  • Don’t underestimate the style power of a vividly colored door.
  • There is something about a super modern design that offsets with a lush space and a front garden.
  • If you want simplicity, keep it straight, simple, and to the point
  • The linear design has a strong impact, try this one.
  • It is not often that we see a white front door, which makes it all the more unique.
  • Nothing like double doors to announce your presence in style.
  • A front door in strawberry red? Even better when it comes with stainless steel touches.
  • Who says a door can’t be privy to your façade’s modern ambiance. Create one.
  • Block designs ensure some detail without overdoing it.
  • Door the main gate of your own favorite color
  • We just love the elongated look of this double design.
  • A bit of a curve here and there never hurt anyone, go for it.
  • A metal door framed by a stone-clad archer is a clever design.
  • Front doors don’t need to stand out, yet they also mustn’t become complete wall-flowers.
  • Modern design when it meets rough exposed brick.
  • It is all about contrast with this swirly design.
  • Off-white hue is the perfect choice for a modern model.
  • Royal blue with a touch of stainless steel ensures a rich, almost nautical vibe here.

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Now you are aware of the best material, color, and ideal size to choose based on the direction of your main door. These tips can be followed by anyone at home to enhance their main door elevation and make their home an attention-grabber. One of the paramount things that you need to remind yourself is that no matter how much you have spent on the interior decoration of your house and how palace-like look it radiates inside, unless and until it has a complimenting main door it is almost futile. This main door works as a personal style statement of your own by creating a first impression on the minds of the visitors. It not only introduces your house to the visitors but also announces that what to expect inside. A fancy and beautiful one will of course have a great first impression about you and the house. So, do not employ misery while choosing mate gate for your home!


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