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Beautiful Home Decoration Ideas in Pakistan to Live Lovely

Beautiful Home Decoration Ideas in Pakistan to Live Lovely

A home is a starting place of love, hope and dreams. No doubt, the story of everyone starts from home. We can say that home is actually a hard disk that stores memories. The empty square room cannot be home at any coast, it is your feelings that make a place home for you. A famous American interior designer Albert Hadley says that make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living. There's more to life than decorating. It is a suggestion that no one should wait to become a millionaire to decorate a home, if you do that it means you are wasting time.

One should decorate their home on time according to the demand of his feelings. It is because home is not a place only, but also feeling. To decorate the home is the quality of liveliest people because by decorating home they show that their life is more interesting than that it seems. Those who are decoholic, convert their home into paradise. It is necessary to build your vision before starting the decoration process. You need to decide, where do you want to hand pictures? How do you want to select a location for your double bed or single bed setting? What kind of essence do you want to get after decorating your home? You need to know the answers to all these questions before getting into details. All I need to say is there must be an abstract decoration plan before practical implementation.

Let’s explore together, the most interesting home decoration ideas in Pakistan from the idea book which is given below. You can get the most interesting decoration ideas for your homes in e following idea book,

Best Pakistani Home Decor Ideas 

1. Transform Old Furniture

Polish your old furniture with new paint. It is one of the best ideas to give your interior an eye-catching look. It would be best to select a such color for your furniture that suits the interior color of your room. You can paint every article of furniture like tables chairs, cabinets, cupboards,s, etc. to give them a new look. Replace your old traditional curtains with new fancy curtains.


2. Wall Hangings

Decorate your home with a variety of wall hangings because these hangings beautify your home without occupying extra space. Blue pottery plates, antique designs, pottery vases, and frames of abstract art are some wall types of wall hangings items that give an aesthetic look to your interior. Wall hangings are the best home decoration items in Pakistan for many years. The best item of wall hanging is your own pictures. Most of the people affix their pictures with the walls and mirrors which gives a unique look and makes the interior memorable.


3. Indoor plants

Different indoor plants with various colorful pots inside the room enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Furthermore, with the help of your favorite colors, you can paint the plant pots to give a new look to your internal environment. For many years indoor plants for home decor in Pakistan are most common to decorate houses. Not only indoor plants but also artificial plants can be used to maximize the interior beauty of your home.

4. Wrap up the Stuff

The interior designing industry has been upgraded to many new ideas like the pasting of wallpapers, from traditional wall paintings. It is one of the best ways to transform your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. and it is affordable as well. Walls, as well as mirrors, Cabinets, and windows, can be decorated with different wallpapers. If you want to give a contrasting look to your door, decorate it with unique wallpaper.

5. Handicraft Designing

 A creative person made and decorate an object without using any modern tool is handicraft. These hands made items give a fine look to our homes. Moreover, the articles hanging from your wall have the magnetic attraction to catch the attention of your guests. The handicrafts of Gilgit Baltistan and home decoration craft ideas in Pakistan are very famous all over the world. If you want to give your home an attractive look, try to decorate it with the handicrafts of Gilgit Baltistan.

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6. Modern Furniture

Furniture industries have made many modern designed furniture which are very helpful to give an attractive look to the interior of your home. It is best to select the color of modern furniture that suits the color of your interior.

Furthermore, you can find all the details about the furniture market (online and offline stores) in Pakistan in our previous blog.

7. Mirror Design

You can decorate your home with cut pieces of mirrors by pasting them on the walls.

It is also considered as one of the best ideas of interior design. There is the so simple and cheapest home decoration pieces in Pakistan, which can make your house more attractive. People must place big, small, and grinding mirrors on the walls and doors.

8. Chandeliers

There are many shapes, designs, and shapes of chandeliers that best suit the interior of your home. All the glittering lights rays coming out from chandeliers gives a heavenly look to your home. Every part of the house can be decorated with it such as, Bedrooms, Patio, Kitchen, Living rooms, dining Rooms etc. The lighting of chandeliers has the power to change the mood of the house owner.


9. Book Shelf Wall


The bookshelf wall can be the main focus inside your room. Instead of making an internal library that occupies a huge space of the home, it is best to create a common wall for books. The wall of the book can give an intellectual look to your home.


10. Wood Paneling Walls

Wood paneling is one of the best decoration ideas of 21 century. This idea has been revivified after many centuries.  In ancient times people used to decorate their homes with wood paneling with limited ideas. But now, the paneling idea has gained many shapes. This idea has become the standard style if designing for the elite class of society. No doubt, the interior with wood paneling looks very magnificent and attractive. The floor, ceiling as well as walls can be decorated with wood paneling.

Home is home, it does not matter it is big or small, must be decorated in such a way that it depicts a complete story of your personality and your favorite collection. Furthermore, it should smile at you when you look towards it after a hectic schedule.


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