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How to Become a Real Estate Photographer 2021-22

How to Become a Real Estate Photographer 2021-22

Real estate photography or called architectural photography seems quite easy, but it is not everyone’s piece of cake. It seems simple that you only have to capture some images of rooms and houses for income, but there are some complications that many people willing to step into this field face. There are many steps you have to take from setting your whole set, communicating with clients, and providing a satisfactory result to your clients. These are the reasons why we have started to write this article. We will guide you with the basics and some special tips that can help you in reaching your goal as a professional real estate photographer. We will explain the practical skills that you can use to implement in your real career.

How to Become a Real Estate Photographer

Step. 1: The Right Gear

As you know photography equipment is a bit expensive. You do need some excessive equipment for being a professional real estate photographer, but the best thing is that none of the equipment is much expensive or costly. The main reason is that basic photography is the same and also pay a good salary, you don’t need to spend a lot of cash on a pricey autofocus lens, all you need is a tripod stand, and if anything, else is required that would be an extra-wide angle lens.

Step. 2: Get Image Editing Software

Although you invest a lot of amount in the equipment, you still need to learn advanced image editing skills. Always have an eye on the HDR(high-dynamic range) of your camera. RAW format is mostly used for professional photography, as you can always extract the best details out of an image. In real estate photography, you might have to work with simultaneous real estate projects at once, there are some professional real estate management software’s that you can use in your whole photography journey. Adobe Photoshop and adobe lightroom are the ones that can do pretty much everything, you can also use Photomatix Pro for HDR features.

Step. 3: Practice Real Estate Photography

Before you get hired as a real estate photographer, we highly recommend you do your homework for good prices. Take your camera and go out, capture plenty of images of real estate, it will not only help your skills, but infield you will have plenty of exposure regarding scaling, cropping, and set up of images. You will be surprised to see the improvement of the final project that you deliver to your client, which will be a huge plus to your photography career.

Step. 4: Building a Portfolio for Your Real Estate Photography

This is the most complex step whenever you want to start some work, how can you build a portfolio and get hired for professional work? Are you also facing the same? Well, we hope our tips might work for you with this problem. You can always start your real estate portfolio from your home by applying all the necessary tricks in your work. Next, you can go out to explore and start working on your samples and learn from your mistakes. Remember, you always have the option in hand of calling your real estate marketers in your area to arrange a place, they can have a chance to promote their property and you can go for your portfolio buildup.

Step. 5: Charge for Your Work

Are you ready to charge for your work, but don’t know how to proceed? Well, we got you here. You can always go for some agent owners in your area who are looking for some assistants to hire. You can also try the internet to put up your portfolio online and look for clients. This way you can learn from a lot of people with a global influence, although it might take some time. SEO experts are looking for real estate photography projects they can pay you a really good amount for your images. Whatever you do, always remember to keep trying is the key to real estate photography.


We hope with our tips you are ready to step into real estate photography, you can start your practice, and soon you can charge for your work. If you want to keep learning more about real estate photography you can follow our further articles. In case of any query, you can always comment below.

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