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How to Visit Wagha Boarder Lahore 2021

How to Visit Wagha Boarder Lahore 2021

Lahore, “The City of Gardens” is the capital city of Punjab province and the second largest city of Pakistan.  It is also known with multiple names due to its variety of remarkable attributes such as; The Heart of Pakistan, Paris of the East, City of Gardens etc. It is also considered as the historical and cultural center of the Punjab region. The Mughals, Sikhs, and the British have ruled Lahore one by one in the history that’s why one can easily find the aesthetic sense of all these empires in the culture of Lahore. Wagha border is one such destination that is full of aesthetic site along with cultural exuberance. You’d be think how to visit Wagha border Lahore, then here we will in guide you in depth about it.  

It is an undeniable fact that education plays an important role in the development of any country. Likely, Lahore is presenting its remarkable contributions to help the country on its way to progress. It produces huge number of Professionals in the field of Science, Technology, IT, Engineering, Medicine, Nuclear Physics, Telecommunication, Biology etc., that’s why it is also known as The city of Education”. The city has the honor to be labelled as Major Center of Qawali” andThe Home to Pakistani Showbiz Industry” as well. It has given birth to the euphonious singers and legendary actors like Noor Jahan, Atif Aslam, Ali zafar Fawad khan etc who have taken the entertainment industry of the country to the next level. By keeping all these characteristics in mind the Lahoris always say that Jinne Lahore Ni Vekhiya O Jamya-e-Ni(one who has not seen Lahore has yet not born).

History of Wagah Border Lahore

A trip to Lahore would be incomplete without seeing the Wagah Border Pakistan, just as a trip to India is incomplete without a visit to The Taj Mahal. Wagha, the geographical Boundary between India and Pakistan, is 24 Km away from Lahore and 32 Km away from Amritsar India. It is regarded as the most popular tourist spot in Lahore due to its flag-hoisting and lowering ceremonies and parade march which takes place every evening at Pak-India boarder since 1959.The ceremony commenced as a symbol of peace and friendship in the beginning when there were no conflict between both countries. Along with flag-hoisting and lowering ceremony a March activity also takes place which is known as the “Silly Walk Ceremony”. The Patriotic passion of civilians from both side is worth watching during both ceremonies. It would not be wrong to say that “The Beating Reatreat Drill” which takes place every evening before sun set is not only a drill but also a controller of the heartbeats of the patriotic Pakistanis and Indians. If you visit there you will see hundreds and thousands of men, women and children singing patriotic songs and chanting patriotic slogans on both sides of the wagha border crossing.

History of the Name of Lahore

There are many mythologies about the name Lahore”. According to some historians Lahore was founded by Lava, the son of Hindu God Rama that’s why it is named as Lavapuri (the city of lava in sansakriit). Because of this history a small temple “Loh-awar” or“The Fort of Loh” was entitled in the honor of Lava.

Ptolemy, a 2nd century Egyptian astronomer and geographer, has mentioned a city called “Labokla” between the Indus River and Palibothra (Patna). It stretches along the rivers Bidastes or Vitasta (Jehlum), Sandabal or Chandra Bhaga (Chenab), and Adris or Iravati(Ravi). It could be te reference for Lahore.

Another authentic reference about Lahore has been mentioned in Hudud –i-Alam(The Regions of The World) written in 982. In this collection the writer describe Lahore as a shehr or town inhibited by non- Muslims surrounded by enormous orchards, extended markets, and especially “impressive temples”.

While Lahore does not have a long history but the historians and archeologists have traced the city’s   history back to 2000 B.C. Even the 7th century Chines Pilgrim Hieun-Tsang has mentioned Lahore in his writings. There are numerous old names of Lahore like, Laha-war, Laha-Noor, Samandpal Nagiri etc.

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Even if you belong to any of the country of the world and your emotions of patriotism are dying you need to visit and watch wagha boarder flag hoisting and marching ceremony to resurrect your emotions for your country. These ceremonies will make you so proud of your country.

How to Reach Wagha Boarder?

You can easily find multiple ways to see Wagah Border Lahore Parade. Some of them are following

  • Book a Cab

Thre are many taxi services from where you can effortlessly book a cab to reach the most popular tourist spot wagha Boarder. Fares will undoubtedly differ according to your venue. 


  • Tour groups and originations

A number of tour groups and organizations organize guided bachelors and family trips to facilitate those who want to visit waga boarder as a tourist. You can find many contacts and websites of tour organizations and groups from google.


  • Double Decker Bus Service

Double decker bus service is the initiative of Punjab Government to promote tourism in Pakistan. This service started its operation from 9 December 2017. The bus starts its journey from Qaddafi stadium Terminal at 2:30 pm daily and returned back at the same stop at 6 pm after seeing the spell-bonding ceremony at Wagah Boarder. The bus passes through different stopovers which includes Boulevard, Ring Road, Lahore Canal, GT Canal, and Wagah Boarder. Furthermore, a single bus can carry up to 60 passengers per round. The round trip is jam-packed with excitement and adventure. In a single trip a visitor can visit 36 landmark tourist spots of Lahore alongside enjoying free wifi in the buss.


  • Lahore-Wagah Shuttle Train

After 22 years of break, Pakistan railways resurrected the Lahore-Wagah shuttle train service recently. Rail Car, The shuttle, offers an easygoing service to the visitors and tourist on just 30 pkr who are eager to spectate the chauvinistic Wagah Border Lahore parade.

On daily basis the shuttle carries three round trips and make a stop at Jallo Park, Moghalpura and Harbanspura station.

Recently, three passanger coaches has also been renovated by Pakistan railways to facilitate tourists and visitors. It can carry 181 people at a time.

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Wagah Border Ticket Prices

You do not need to pay any charges to see the Wagah Border fight (Flag hosting and lowering ceremony and Marching Parade ceremony), because it is totally free for Pakistanis as well as for Foreigners. It is very important to carry your National Identity cards or any other identification document to enter the site. The foreigners need to carry their passports on the other hand. However, if you want to grab the best seat you need to reach the site as early as possible.

Wagah Border Timing

Wagah Boarder Parade Timing during winter: 4:30 P.m.

Wagah Boarder Prade Timing during summer:  5:30P.m.































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