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Hyderabad Famous for Exploring Hidden Gems to Boost Tourism

Hyderabad Famous for Exploring Hidden Gems to Boost Tourism

Hyderabad is one of the ancient and have oldest Hindi temples in Pakistan. It is the second largest city in Sindh and eighth in the country. This city is a perfect blend of busy crowds, history, fascinating tourist sites and delicious food. Being the biggest city in the province, Sindh, that is known to preserve one of the oldest civilization, Moin Jodaro, in its lap, Hyderabad is famous for hidden gems to boot tourism and equally among all the buffs be the lovers of history of sight-seeing. The hilltop is surrounded by the legends of Sand.

Moreover, the variety of beauty that is in offer here in terms of greenish fascination and long stretched deserts that offer a very rich and diverse sight to the sore eyes. Karachits being teased and suffocated by the sweltering heat often rush to Hyderabad in order to breathe some fresh air and explore the historic sights. These sights are highly significant historically and are famous for their own peculiarities and history.

Here are some of the best and most famous historic sites and list of tourist places in Hyderabad, Pakistan that you must visit:

Famous Historical Places in Hyderabad Sindh

Hingorani Mariyoon, Tando Fazal - Hyderabad

Hingoro road Goaro is situated eighteen miles east of Hyderabad Sindh near the village Tando Fazal. A grand mosque built of old types of bricks and plastered with lime. It contains a large prayer chamber by three domes, the interior of which is ornamented with floral designs. There are three aches in the western wall near the ‘minbar’. These are adorned with floral designed tiles. The wall also contains three entrances. The northern and southern wall possesses one door – above the each door kalimah-i-Tayyaba is inscribed in elegant naksh style on the wall.

There is a vast open space (with diggings at several spots) adjacent to the mosque in the north, surrounded by high walls with window, remains of additional chambers, and a square Hujrah with one door on each side. It is roofed by a single dome and is in good condition. These remains clearly indicate that a good “Madrassa” was attached to the mosque.

There is another mosque with a prayer chamber and single domed tomb, plastered with lime contains only one entrance. The interior of the tomb is lavishly decorated with floral designs resembling with the decoration of the mosques.

A close study of these monuments show that the tomb indeed had been a magnificent one in its prime. It most probably belonged to the period of Mir rulers of Sindh.

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How to get there?

There is a regular bus service from Hyderabad to Makhan Mohri which is twelve miles from Hyderabad. From Makhan Mohri there starts a zigzag desert route which leads to Hingoro Road – distant six miles from Mahan Mohri. Only jeep can go easily upto the site.


Sindh Provincial Museum

The Sindh Provincial Museum was established in 1971. It is situated on National Highway, near Rani Bagh Qasimabad, Hyderabad. The Sindh Provincial Museum is divided into two sections in its present position i.e., Display Galleries and Open Air Section. An inside view of Sindhi Home, decorated with house hold objects and life size models representing a family in a relaxed mood and normal day life. The background depicts the old city Thatto with catches.


■ Entry to the Museums is through the main gate. Booking Office and Book Shop are situated at the main entrance.

■ Archaeological Museums are open to public on all six days of the week, (Wednesday closed) observing the following timings.

■ Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Entrance Fee:

Adult: Rs.20/-

Children (6 to 12 Years): Rs.10/-

Foreigner: Rs.300/-

Historical Tower inside Pacca Fort, Hyderabad

A very high tower was built inside Pucca Fort, which is hidden gems in Hyderabad, in the past, which may have been used as gun post or it may have served as a watch tower in the period of Talpur Mirs. Later on when the fort was demilitarized, the tower was modified and converted into a water reservoir, which still is utilized for the same purpose.

Additional Info

District: Hyderabad

Visit hours:Summer: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Winter: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Old Offices and Tajar (Treasury) of Mir's, Hyderabad

A complex of five spacious chambers is situated east of the Haram of talpur Mirs in Pucca Fort Hyderabad. The most visiting picnic place in Hyderabad, Pakistan keep the beautiful  The halls which were meant for the offices of the Mirs and their treasury was also retained in the same. Each of the halls generally covers an area of 40 feet length and 20 feet width.

The complex was used as land record office since the time of British period and as such the architectural features if any were completely defaced due to renovation work. Mosaic flooring has recently been provided in the complex and all the chambers are white washed.

At present a museum is being organized in these spacious halls, where cultural material belonging to Muslim period sites of objects belonging to previous Muslim rulers of Sindh, of Talpur dynasty would also be exhibited.

Additional Info

Area: 1099 Yrds

District: Hyderabad

Visit hours: Summer: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Winter: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Badshahi Bungalow

Badshahi Bungalow is a famous secret place in Hyderabad which belongs to Mir Hassan Ali Khan Talpur. This is a place where you can explore the Mughal era architecture and history as they are known in the sub-continent for their architectural works, so here you would see the true reflection of that.  Shahi Bngalo as the names suggests used to host the loyalty of that time, it is an Urdu phrase which means “royal guest house”.

Tombs of Talpur Mirs

The land of Sindh is known to be the first receiver of Islam as Mohd Bin Qasim conquered it on 712 and set the cornerstone of Islam, so since then there have been numerous Sufi saints and the mazars here of much importance. The second name of the tomb of Mirs is called Miran Ja Cuba. The Tomb is of the King, their wives and their children are smaller mausoleums. These tombs have been decorated by tiles from outside.

Hope that you would have a good experience of Hyderabad.



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